Why setting reasonable goals for your online business can make you successful

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Why setting reasonable goals for your online business can make you successful

When it comes to making money online, you'll need to set reasonable goals.  Online businesses that don't have reasonable goals will just start to die off sooner than later.  countless items there are new start ups setting goals like "We want to make millions of dollars every year and rule the world!" which isn't very reasonable if you ask me lol.  Getting rich online is a great thing, but not always the case when it comes to new business owners.  You'll need to set reasonable goals if you want to be successful, but it takes time.

Setting reasonable goals makes you more successful
It's not unreasonable to think that someone who is more organized and sets goals is going to be successful.  If you set goals for yourself and your company, you can see them as stepping stones to success and each little goal is another win towards endless riches lol.  Setting a goal such as "Sell 1,000 items a day within 1 month" isn't exactly reasonable.  But if you set it to 1 year, that's a bit more reasonable.  Now you'll have to structure your goals in a way so that you can actually see the progress throughout the year. 

Month 1 - 100 sales per month
Month 2 - 250 sales per month
Month 3 - 500 sales per month
Month 4 - 1,000 sales per month
Month 5 - 2,000 sales per month
Month 6 - 3,000 sales per month
Month 7 - 5,000 sales per month
Month 8 - 10,000 sales per month
Month 9 - 15,000 sales per month
Month 10 - 20,000 sales per month
Month 11 - 25,000 sales per month
Month 12 - 30,000 sales per month

Doing this will progress you throughout the year and if you're bootstrapping your profits you can likely get to this amount of sales each month as long as you stick with it.  Each month will be set up as a different goal to achieve, and if you're hitting 2,000 sales by month 3 or 4 then you're ahead of the game and will likely have an easier time hitting all your goals.

Good For Moral
Hitting your reasonable goals is a great way to build the moral of your workforce.  If you have managers working with employees you can have specific goals for everyone.  Your employees can have a goal of say, 500 emails answered per month and your managers can have something along the lines of staying within budget for payroll.

When your team hits their goals, they should be rewarded.  Sure it's a great thing to hit the goal, but you're the only one that will feel rewarded since it's your business.  Your managers and employees will want to see some sort of small bonus for hitting goals Why setting reasonable goals for your online business can make you successful

Helps with scheduling tasks
If you own the business you're setting goals for, you'll notice that it's easier to schedule task because you will want them done in a specific time frame in order to hit your goals easier.  Scheduling and goal setting needs to be a yin and yang type deal, you can't have one without the other.  If your goals are to make $10,000 a month but you have no schedule on what to do, your team may be all over the place and unorganized.

Keeping your team on the same page will be like oiling a finely tuned machine.  Your goals can determine what you need to get scheduled, and that will in turn set your team up for the month in order to finish up the work you layed out Why setting reasonable goals for your online business can make you successful

In conclusion:
Setting up your goals so that they are reasonable and scheduling tasks will make your more successful in the long run.  If you start noticing that you are ahead of the game when it comes to hitting your goals, you can adjust them to something more difficult just to keep your team pushing towards more success Why setting reasonable goals for your online business can make you successful

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Thank you for sharing this. I agree with setting reasonable and measurable goals for whatever job we are doing, and especially in business. It serves as a compass that will lead us to where we want to be and it motivates us as well. As you said, when it's a teamwork, it also helps to keep everyone on the same page and prevent anyone from falling off the wagon too.

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Goals are very important in every work be it business or personal life. Setting up targets is important for every business be it online or retail. These goals help us to achieve a steady progress month by month. This indirectly results in a good annual results.

Setting small goals and achieving them fills us with a feeling of contentment that further stimulate us to perform better in the future. Every company big or small sets targets for all it's employees. These targets ensure constant growth.

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Goal should be always reonable. If you set a goal something like "replace facebookwith your business model and become richer than Mark Zuckerberg" you are being unrealastic and you will never reach that goal. However, if you set a goal something like "earn at least $50 every month the website," you might achieve that. Instead of making big goals such as earning $1000 in a month, you should first focus on small goals like earning "earn $10 a day in first few months, and then increase to $20 a day."

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In any endeavor, having a goal is important. What are you without a goal? You are nothing but a living creature. With a goal, you have something to look forward to, you have something to work on and to strive for. There are short term and long term goals that can give you the direction to your career or even to your life. And in business, the goal is usually related to the profit and progress of the business which will be your spark plug every day.

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