How effective is Pinterest for Shopify conversions

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How effective is Pinterest for Shopify conversions

I was considering branching out to Pinterest with my Shopify store. Has anyone else had any success and if so how would you suggest I go about it?


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Pinterest is the best pucture based social media. At pinterest you can create a board by a specific name and you can give the website address to upload all pictures and you have to give some hashtag keywords. When anyone click on the picture than the peoples will go to your website. Enlisted your all pictures to specific category and sub category based - will give you huge traffic for the life time.


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Pinterest based users are not much into purchase. But they are very heavy on list based shopping. So those boards where you have the list of things to do. In such places you can make use of products on your shopify site. And that can make you get a lot of traffic. I have used pinterest mostly to get viral traffic for my amazon based site. But so far not much luck from what I know, it takes a lot of time for pinterest to convert.

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I think Pinterest has another purpose than selling because my research showed that Pinterest is more for the promotion of a website like blogs and forums. With Shopify I guess it is best to cultivate the social media because that is one of the most fertile place in terms of users. Particularly Facebook, I know of some people who are focusing their effort in Facebook because they easily sell.

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