Why offline businesses need a website

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Why offline businesses need a website

Offline businesses need websites for many reasons, and they may be apparent to most online marketers, but not to the business owner.  I recently was talking to a business owner who had a physical location but never thought about setting up a website because he claimed "I never needed one in the past, so I don't need one now" and that's just an old way of thinking.  If you're not evolving your business to stay up with the trends, you're just going to get left behind. 

Having a website for you business doesn't mean you have to monitor it all hours of the day and watch your sales.  Hell, you don't even have to sell anything on it!  Almost 100% of the time lawyers and dentists use their websites for lead generation tools in order to get people into their offices to go over what will be done, and they don't have any "Buy Now" buttons on their pages lol. 

If you don't have a website up and running, you could already be getting your leads taken away from you by your competitors, and that means your business will die pretty soon.  With all the technology updates and how easy it is to get a website up and running, there's no excuse to not having a website for your business today.  Some business owners will complain about the sky high costs of setting up a website and getting it designed, and that's mainly because they've only talked to web design companies and not someone like an Online Marketer who knows how to set up a super fancy website for $100 lol.

Let's get into the meat and potatoes of this discussion, shall we Why offline businesses need a website

Why your offline business needs a website

1. First line of attack (not defense)
When it comes to having a website up and running for your offline business, you must see it as your first line of attack.  Some people will say "defense" but that's just wrong because you're not backing down and letting others overtake you Why offline businesses need a website   It's your first line of attack because you can get all your information out there in order to get traffic from various sources.  By doing this you will get a wave of leads every month and that means more money in your pocket Why offline businesses need a website

2. Acts as a business card
A website is similar to how a business card works.  It's the first impression people will get of you even without exchanging words.  If your design is low quality or looks like it was made 20 years ago, people will think that your services and products are the same way.  Having a well designed website will not only increase your sales but it will make your visitors see you as cutting edge and on top of your game. 

People will be able to find your phone number, email, mailing address and decide to give you a call if they really want to.  If you don't have a website for your business, you're just giving away those phone calls to the next runner up where you should have been.

3. Builds trust through research
When people come to your website they can then read through all of your content to figure out if you're the right person to contact or purchase from.  You may have people notice your store as they walk past and think "I'll check them out later" and when they do, if you don't have website they won't know everything about you.  This results in a lost sale every time that someone wants to look at your website when you really don't have one.  How many sales do you think physical locations are losing when they don't have a website?

People will begin to trust you because they can see what others are posting about you on facebook, google +, twitter, etc. just by doing a search for your business name.  If the comments and posts people are making about you are positive, then you're likely going to get a phone call or a purchase through your website Why offline businesses need a website

4. Publicly visible reviews
When it comes to getting reviews, you normally think of going to some place like Yelp or SuperPages to see what has been said by a random person about a business.  But what if you had all those positive reviews on your website already and people could just read them there?  Well if you don't have a website then they have to rely on what people are saying elsewhere lol.

One great thing about reviews on your own website is that people will see them without having to leave your pages and that always results in a larger amount of sales for the month Why offline businesses need a website

5. Sell all day and night
Another great thing about getting a website for an offline business is that you can be selling your products all day and night.  You don't have to worry about locking your doors and losing a sale after business hours because your website doesn't sleep.  If you set it up using paypal or any other payment setup you prefer, you can capture a sale while you're sleeping and either mail it to the client or give them the option to pick it up during the week.

6. Can always be contacted
When you have your business hours set for 9am to 9pm then people will know they can't call before or after then.  When you have a website up and running you'll always have a "Contact Us" form or a chat box ready to take all inquiries.  You will obviously not be able to respond right away if you're sleeping, but at least you captured the question and you can respond when you wake up Why offline businesses need a website

What do you think is another good reason for a physical and offline business to get a website?

Do you own a physical location and not have a website up and running?

In Conclusion:
A website for your physical and offline business will show a tremendous value in a short amount of time.  If you set it up and do the proper optimization you will notice that you can get a good amount of random sales from people out of your area looking for what you're trying to sell Why offline businesses need a website   Set up a website and it will treat you well for years to come Why offline businesses need a website

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  1. To gain visibility
  2. To achieve respectability and an aura of professionalism

Offline shops need a website because we are living in the digital world where everything has been digitised or attached to the internet and mobile. Most of young and working people use mobile compare than other electric gadgets. Today, we are performing all kind of life's activity through online app or internet. Offline shops consume time and do not give comfortable shopping experience.Whats more, you can access clientelle from disparate zones.

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It is true that if you promote your offline business through some website then it will give an exposure to your business. You don have to keep open your business point for 24 hours but you can still be available online to sell your products and service. You will get visitors and buyer from all over the world. By providing a secure payment system, your online sale will go through the roof.

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Offline businesses need a website for the simple fact that their customers use the internet.

Today, even if a company is local, it is vital that there is a minimal amount of referrals about it on the internet.

I particularly do not do business with anyone without first checking the internet about the company and I believe most people do that.

There are several other reasons to be online, but in the beginning, this is the main reason.

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Certainly, it pertinent that offline businesses takes advantage of online presence to keyed in and also make a kill.

With online presence, more sales can be made.

The business can easily be contacted.

money can made even in sleep.

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I have noticed that a lot of those sites need the presence. And this way they can rank better for the local search. If you check out for the local search demand. You can find that the keywords and the amount of efforts required to rank are not that easier. And people have to try many was to build their business strong. That's what I have noticed.

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As always, great advice! If a business can't reach the new consumer base which is currently online 80% of the time they are doomed to fail.

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I remember in the olden days when we travel to the province. I would be looking out the window to check where we are. My haunt are the signage of business establishments that has the phone number and address at the bottom. But now, there is a 3rd element which is more potent, that is the website address and sometimes a social media page too. Truly things have changed in business and online commerce has also affected the offline commerce. Whether your business is purely offline, you still need to indicate an online connection for easier communications to your prospects.

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