Is SEO important for B2B websites?

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Is SEO important for B2B websites?

I recently gained a huge client in the beauty industry business. They sell pretty much anything that falls into body "care" category.
They want to develop two types of websites, one is a shop selling products like any other online B2C web store and one will be a B2B type shop that is destined to attract other businesses in buying their products in bulk.

All fine and great until I did some research on the products they are selling. I found a lot of keywords having a lot of searches for the B2C websites but little or no keywords for the B2B website.
Did some digging and discovered that most of their B2B transaction are made the old fashion way: with a salesman and a catalog going from businesses to business making deals.

Now, what am I supposed to do in such a situation?

I figured that a B2B shop haves a few advantages and I want to list some of my main actions, fill free to suggest more in the comment section:

1. They may still get some organic traffic even if it isn't very targeted, they have very good pictures and pig descriptions for every product. Let's say some organic users do end up on the B2B website but of course, they don't want to buy in bulk, so maybe I can lead them from the product page with a button that redirects them to the B2C version website and still make a profit and convert something.

And I'm sure not all of them will be B2C users, some of them will be business owners and maybe they'll want to buy in bulk eventually. Even though I didn't found any relevant keywords with a lot of searches, lots of LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords variations came up which give me the idea that there are people searching for B2B type purchases but the way they actually search is very varied and they don't really focus on a particular keyword enough to make it rise in the number of average monthly searches.

2. I want to implement the business phone number on EVERY page of the B2B version. This may seem strange for some people, who may want to make a business deal or transaction over the phone, right? Well, wrong, there are a lot of business owners that want to break the ice first, have a conversation, get more information and generally get more familiar before making big businesses related actions. You don't want to let these people search for the phone number themselves because time is important for them and they'll ain't gonna waste it.

3. Develop some SEO based landing pages that can also be promoted via PPC campaigns. As far as I know PPC doesn't work very well for B2B websites, it gets a lot of the same problems SEO haves, but I think if you are focused on developing a good landing page, that creates zero distractions, focuses on the benefits and leads the users into a well-thought click to action both the SEO and the PPC can profit from such a landing page.

4. Since this company will not eliminate their salesmen immediately, I think they should focus on pushing their current B2B customers into buying the products, in bulk, from the B2B version. The web transaction is cleaner and faster than any traditional way of selling stuff and clients must be aware of this.
This will ensure some extra traffic on the site as well as some big link building opportunities that will lead into an increased authority and a better SEO altogether.

Anyone here familiar with doing SEO for B2B websites? This is my first time dealing with a big B2B website that wants to sell bulk products in large numbers, like over 5k different products in total. It feels a little bit overwhelming and because the client made little to no explanations on what exactly the direction is I kinda have to figure out things on my own at the moment.

This is why I think we should share stories and tips about doing SEO for B2B website. What is the extra stuff we need to consider? Let's discuss in the comments below!


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Have a wonderful day.

Keyword based traffic generation rate from search engine to a website is 85%- but there have a condition- the content should need to be unique. SEO need for every types of website. White hat seo generate huge traffic for any types of website. You have to do the SEO works for your website- white hat SEO- on page and off page ootimization. Than after 90 days when the white hat SEO works for your website will be finish than you will get real keyword based specific types of trafgic from search envines for the life time which will be sales lead for you.


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Behind every company there are humans who search Google for information to improve their business. Thinking about it, I think B2B SEO is as important as B2C SEO.

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I think apart from SEO traffic email marketing is lot better. Many people are making use of the social media traffic. I know this because I have found that some of the people doing the twitter and facebook ads. You can see that some of such options are working out for those people. So in turn this can be a good option for those people.

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For B2B, I guess that’s already in the big league because my mind can only comprehend the business-to-consumer type. But anyway, I understand that the SEO work you have done for the B2C may or may not be applicable to B2B type of business and more likely, you need to overhaul the keywords you are using in order to be effective for the business-to-business approach of your SEO work.

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