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Free Trafic Sources!

Hi everybody! I got into affiliate marketing recently and I was wondering if any of you know any reliable source of free traffic for my affiliate links. Since I'm just starting out I don't have much money to invest yet, so a free traffic source would be awesome. If you can't think of one free traffic source you could recommend me a cheap one. It has to be reliable though. Thank you very much!


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If you are thinking of getting free traffic then there is nothing can be better than different social media sites. You should have start with that to whether you may get potential visitors from them or not!

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You're totally right! I'm going to start doing that as soon as possible! Thanks so much for the tip mate. Do you have any advice? Like, what social media do you think is the best to start, or what niche works better for that social media specifically. A response would me much appreciated.

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The best free traffic sources are the different social media platform, signup with as many as possible and start promoting your affiliate could also advertise in blogs and forum, just add them to your signature and if possible add Email marketing to it.

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I agree with the various social media platforms. Although, you would need to run tests, you can purchase premium solo ads in your niche. There is an art to email marketing. If the affiliate has run good testing of their emails, then solo ads would be a good option. Another one to try is ad exchanges. There are free and paid options for this. I have mixed feeling with Ad exchanges, but I have heard of people making some money from this.

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Two free sources are social media and forum signature ads. Note, the social media thing, though, is more difficult than it seems. mainly because it takes time to build a follower list and you cannot communicate to all your followers without paying. Anyway, in regards, to the forum signature ads, you can get some free traffic that way, but it also takes time, as you must build up enough posts to gain visibility - and of course, the forum must be high-traffic.

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I consider forums as a good source for traffic. When you answer someone's query with link to your websites post or video. That can be a good way to generate traffic. Though such traffic may not be long lasting but it can be a good source indeed. You just have to work on that source increase the amount of forums you use. I think getting 500 or so views through this strategy won't be that difficult.

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I think the social media sites are the best free source of traffic. I use to share my blog links to twitter and facebook and I am sure that they are the best traffic sources and the best social networks worldwide. I have noticed a lot of traffic to my blog from these social websites. I got the targeted visitors and my sales are improving day by day.

Dont forget to use the hashtag with the keywords in your post, so it will be optimized for the targeted viewers.

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I use social media websites top one is Facebook of course! Join Facebook groups which allow you to advertise or business groups there are a lot to choose from. Also you can create facebook page and promote your links there Google+ is a great source as well they have communities and collections, so you could do it there as well as twitter, reddit, stumbleupon and tumblr there is a lot of great sites to try out there oh and Pinterest can't forget that one lol

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There are free DIY websites you can build; free blogging platforms you can use; and social media sharing. Some have suggested forum signatures. I agree although I have not used one yet. I recommend you create a signature for your eMail communications. I used WiseStamp to create mine.

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The best source for free traffics in my point of view is always facebook fan page. You need to build up a virally related Facebook fan page. If your content on your Facebook page is something similar to trending news, viral posts, funny pictures and memes, then there will more chances of your Facebook page to get recognised and get more visibility. Definitely, you need to put some extra time to build up your audience but it is worth it to try.

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Why not build up your traffic through social media networks for it have proved to be one of the best as well as one of the easy ways that we can get to sell our products.

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I agree use social media. However note that you will have to work more for your traffic, because you are not paying for it, it is not targeted. You will have to look for your audience on social media platforms and then target them. This may take a while. You could also try using SEO which is better as this will send relevant traffic to your site. Also use forums, that are relevant to your niche. Good luck!

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I agree with the consensus that you have to cultivate your social media connections for free traffic to your affiliate links. If your social media account is dynamic with thousands of followers or connections then that’s a good start. But if your account is not active then you have to invest time in social media to make people feel your presence. After that, you already have a license to ask them a favor for your free traffic.

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