Business startups are declining, but not dying

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Business startups are declining, but not dying

Business startup are in decline, but not actually dying. So many people want to get out there and start up their own business but the competition is so stiff that it's almost impossible for them to make a profit. Businesses like facebook and Google have almost unlimited resources and can do whatever they want, even if they fail. Businesses like Walmart have been doing this since they started which is making a company that has everything and squeezing out the little guy.

It is incredibly difficult to grow a small business into a large corporation because of what the big guys are doing. And you will learn this fairly quick if you're competing with them. I also don't believe anymore that we, the United States of America, are not a country driven by small businesses but in fact it's the large corporations and banks that decide everything (but that's pretty easy to see now).

When it comes to the saying "A little fish in a big pond" you have to realize that there are the sharks out there as well, and those sharks are the one taking up the space in the pond which are also eating the little fish. For this reason alone, small business startups are not able to survive in the world as much as they use to.

When you're a little fish you just want to swim in the pond and not worry about the sharks. But that's not always the case, you have to be on the defensive sometimes and you can't even do that if a big corporation moves into your waters. I do believe that one of the main reasons that small businesses fail isn't just because of the big sharks but because they owners don't properly know how to run them. Some people found a startup because they want to be like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs and just be a billionaire overnight but they don't know anything else other than they want to be rich. They invest money into something that isn't well researched and then complain about not being successful.

Some of these new start ups lack work ethic as well. I've seen business owners claim they are successful but they haven't done anything with their company to evolve it or push it forward in the last 12 months. They're basically stagnant and have the mentality "if it isn't broke, don't fix it". But what if you're doing is already broke and you think it's not? You're losing out on so many things and you could actually be a contender for the top authority in your market if you just invested time and got some damn work ethic lol. In general, anyone can start a business today as long as you fill out a few files and pay a registration fee, but that doesn't mean you'll be successful.

The real myth is that you can be successful if you own the company. Even if you're the smartest person in the room, you could potentially fail with a start up if you don't have a decent work ethic and see what's broken before it kills your company. You can never get complacent either, you always need to be evolving your business in order to stay fresh.

When it comes to someone wanting to start up a business, I'll all for it. I will also tell them what could happen and that they might not be happy with the outcome. Usually they just shrug it off and tell me that they will be just fine, but that's their arrogance playing a vital role in how they see a startup being ran.

Some people will start their own company because they can, not because they should. For this simple reason I think that the startup era is in decline, not essentially dying. The people who are putting together a startup because they want to be successful and also be their own boss while knowing the work that is involved and the long hours are the ones who should be doing this. The ones who had a good idea to sell something probably shouldn't go with a startup but rather a platform such as etsy, ebay, amazon, etc.

People starting up successful businesses is far from over, but we're currently saturated by people thinking they can strike it rich online because they saw a story on facebook or TV saying how someone sold $1.2million in necklaces or something small that costs a few bucks. The click bait is real and you need to learn how to ignore it lol.

In Conclusion:
I really don't think that startups are dying, but they certainly are in decline. They are in decline because people are afraid to strike out on their own when there are sharks like Walmart out there taking over every physical business and facebook or Google taking over everything online. There is space for everyone, you just need the proper "shark repellent" in order to find you space in the pond Business startups are declining, but not dying

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I'm one of those people that never installed Snapchat because I believed right from the stuff it will going to fade away or absorbed by Facebook/Google in some way. Now, the vast majority of people using Snapchat at the moment are young people, but those kids aren't included in the workforce yet, they don't really produce anything, they can influence the marketing arena but don't really have a say in anything.

So what did Facebook did when Snapchat refused to be bought? It waited and copied their technology and guess what? It worked. Snapchat growth stagnated and in Facebook has own.

Even if you come up with the most brilliant idea, I believe nobody is going to be the next Facebook or the next Google anytime soon. If you are lucky you will be paid a huge amount of money to be taken over but that's about it.
So, don't be afraid to get involved with a startup, but don't expect that startup to make it all the way to the top in this day and age.

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I think that one of the problems of owning your own business or startups is that being an entrepreneur has become the new and cool thing. People see all the money the successful people are making and want to have that as well. They get all hyped up on adrenaline and inspiration, but never stop to consider all the hours of work it took to build that business into what it is today. They don't stop and look at all the people who failed trying to do the same thing. But most important of all is most people don't know how to run a business. Its not what they are good at even if the rewards are very high. And they end up crashing and burning in the wake of the huge and experienced corporations.

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If ever there is a decline in business start ups in the online world, it may just be seasonal. Just like in the offline business, there is a glut sometimes and there is also a sort of downtime for new businesses. But if you consider the growing population of the world that is directly proportional to the number of internet users, I’d say business start ups will stabilize and growth will continue despite setbacks of the small ones.

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