How to increase ads CTR on your blog?

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How to increase ads CTR on your blog?

If you are monetizing your blog with Adsense or any other advertiser network then it is necessary to get clicks on your ads naturally. I am going to tell you about the placement of ads where they are most visible.

Try to put ads right after the post title, between post title and post content. This is the most noticeable place on the page.

Second most important and visible place is in the middle of content. If a reading a post so carefully then he will notice the ads in the middle of your post.

Try these tips and let me know if these worked for you or not?


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When placing ads, you'll want to get them "above the fold" which is all the content your viewers see as soon as they get to your website without scrolling down the page at all.

This will increase your CTR because your ads will be showing to your users right away and they won't have to search down the page for a possibility of clicking through.

Another great way to increase your click throughs is to put your ads within your content. You'll write a paragraph, add your ad code, then keep writing. I'm not exactly sure if this is against the advertising policies of adsense, or any other platform, so you'll want to look that up prior to actually doing it lol.

The sides of your pages are also good ways to get click throughs. I like to add skyscrapers to the right side of my pages and sometimes the left, but not as often.

Another good way to increase your CTR is to make your ads stand out. If you have just a basic banner, you won't see much of a CTR because it won't be seen right away. If you can make it flashy, you'll definitely stand out How to increase ads CTR on your blog?

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I agree with Razzy. It is important to place the ads in the right way to increase the CTR. A friend of mine has been monetizing his website with Adsense. He told me that most of the ads are being clicked just below the post title and above the post title.

I love the suggestion by Razzy to place the ads in the content as it is the most visible are of the blog or website. I have seen many publishers are placing the ads in the mid of the text content but they have to be careful that ad should not look like the part of content because Adsense does not allow that. The publisher would have to differentiate between the ad and content.

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I think the right position and the content. The right position means the right set of ads and the links. In case of the content, you can see that some content may take a while for you to convert. I think a lot of people don't pay attention to the CTR of the blogs. I have learned that it may not turn out to be that easy. I have seen blogs experimenting a lot on that front.

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Note, you might not want to into overkill with ads. Of course, having them above the fold is great. However, though, too many might distract from the content and make it seem like the blog is about ads and nothing else. In fact, having too many ads can also cause search engine rankings to drop.

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I have a blog too and I use propellerads a great site that does not require money from you it's free and suitable for every traffic amount.

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Interesting discussion. I however don't think that the reason for not clicking on an ad is where its placed. I guess the people that are discussing this have blogs and have tested the strategies out. However from a personal point of view it depends on what the ads are and how useful they may seem to the user. I know that we can't control this but we have control over our niche and this determines how many people will come to our site and this will naturally increase click through rate in my humble opinion.

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Can you change the placement of ads from Adsense in your web page? When I was co-blogging, I remember seeing the Adsense ads on the right side of the web page. Our main blogger said that Adsense has the liberty to place the ads but I guess that position was not the choice of Adsense but more of the choice of the blogger. I am interested in this topic because I may be a blogger soon.

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