How to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers - Part 2

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How to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers - Part 2

Hello. Boy that was a good pizza! How to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers - Part 2. Anyway, hopefully you read my post before on 15 Ways to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers. In that I posted 5 things about such a thing like never losing your cool, never taking it personally, confronting or refraining, not expecting rude people to change and obejectifying sitations for your benefit.

And now let's look at some more ways you can deal with rude clients and customers and just people in general. Whether in real life or in business.

6. Use Selective Responses.

Sometimes you'll get a whole bunch of stuff in one! What I mean is, a client may say a lot of stuff to you, some of it about what they want, some about how they was treated or not treated or given, some about their day and why they're in a bad mood anyway and some how this problem is just the cherry on the cake for them. They'll basically say some good things along with some negative things too.

What you need to do is identify and respond to those good, positive things in a good and positive way and if possible, ignore the negative things and don't even speak of them. If at all possible. Not unless, you think you know of something to say that would help, but only if it was for their benefit and not that of your egos!

7. Know The Root of Their Rudeness.

Now if you know why someone was being rude to you, whether it was through some fault of your own like not doing some small task they asked because you forgot or there was a mixup or you sent the wrong color, size of something or done something in the wrong way. Even if you knew they wanted it like that or not. Some people can really get mad and be rude to you about this.

That's mostly because they don't know that you're an awesome person or business to do business with! They don't know you have some mad social skills and are trained to handle all types of people in a calm, professional way. And that is the trick to that, just responding in a way that calm but understanding but also in a way that shows you are taking control and responsibility for it.

After all, it's through you, or your business, you are even dealing with that person in the first place!

But the most important thing to find out is the root reason they are being rude to you in the first place. You need to find out what that is and try to understand why they are being rude to you. The reason. And then work to put that right! Of course, some people will still be rude no matter how much you appease them and in that case it's time to hang up!

8. Ask and it Shall be Given.

One way of letting people let go of their pent up aggression is just to ask them what you can do for them. Ask them what it is they are looking to achieve. That alone asks from and speaks to their rudeness and impending problem of doom they are having. But asking questions is really the only way of actually finding out what it is they need help with and or what it is they have got a problem with and are being rude for.

9. Change the Subject Briefly.

We all know how subjects can be changed easily if what you talk about is something lighter and happier than something else. This can be achieved quite simply by asking them who they support and saying "are you a x fan" (where x is the name of their local football club or something). And then sparking up some conversation about that or anything! Are you a fishing shop? Do they fish locally? Has anyone else caught that 50lb Pike again yet? You get the idea! Ask them something that's related to what you know they do or even if they have family or anything that just temporarily "small talks" your way to a letting them feel better.

And if only for a couple seconds of chit chat, and then asking them if there's anything else that you can do for them. Or even using the "tell you what" trick. That's where you literally say something like "I tell you what Roger, you seem like a great guy man, I'm going to do you a deal if I can, see if I can get an extra of some kind thrown in for you" or something like that. Then just say, leave it with me and I'll do my best to sort that for you. Unless you have any questions, you have a great day and we'll talk to you soon".

That's the way you deal with those situations that could get out of hand. Keeping it professional and intent to push forward, move people on like this after all, time is money!

10. Establish Your Authority.

Of course, people respect authority. People respect people who respect them and respect themselves. And they also say that to get respect you have to give it! That's true, but if you want people to respect you, your brand or business, you have to establish your authority amongst the people that it needs to be established with. Like rude people, difficult customers etc.

And that really just means knowing when to put your foot down, stand your ground and stick up for yourself and your business. Not letting people walk all over you and use you. We all know how some people like to try and bully people into getting more for them than everyone else is getting for the same price or tarif. These are the ones you have to say, hey! No! Buy or say bye please! How to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers - Part 2

And that's another 5 for you. I'm going take a little walk where the flowers grow.

Then I'll be back and post another 5 in about an hour or so. How to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers - Part 2


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Quite an insightful read which a business person should fail to apply at their own peril. I should add that a trader should have emotional intelligence in order to place themselves in the customer's shoes and gauge what they expect or feel. Its also good to offer compensation in the event a product performs below average or is defective with a long term view to retaining the customer in the long term. As Mahatma Gandhi said, the customer is not a bother, its the reason for the business.

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Mr Ghandi was a very wise man indeed! And that just goes to show how much for that is very true in that it's not the customer that is the bother, after all, it's your business that you're even dealing with them in the first place. So understanding that and then putting yourself into the shoes of your customer is one way of coming to a better understanding as to why they are upset or peeved in the first place. Thanks for your comment. How to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers - Part 2

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Thankyou for thatHow to Deal with Rude People, Clients & Customers - Part 2 now i know what are the things why some of them are rude, this really helps a lot ;D

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In our former retailing business, we have encountered some rude clients who stand on the slogan that the customer is always right. Our sales people were trained to handle such customers by not minding the insults and reprimands. In those times when the rudeness is already rubbing to your skin, just leave. It is stupid to engage in an argument with those kind of customers for you will lose both ways.

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I haven't read the first five, so you must've mentioned this too. My mantra on this is: Detachment. when you see this as something to fix, a glitch that needs to be solved and has nothing to do with you, you'l be able to think clearly, act professionally and solve the problem in no time.

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People would always be rude the best bet is to be calm in such situations and find out the root cause of their rudeness and deal calmly with it but if it were just childish tantrums throwing it out of the window wouldn't be a bad idea.

Selective response is also great, so that one just deal with the serious issues, not just issues that is just annoying to deal with.

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