Service selling issue

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Service selling issue

Hello dear seoclerk.
I want to sell my service, but I can not and can you explain why?
I published it, but you deleted then.


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What type of service did you publish?

The marketplace isn't allowing some services anymore such as facebook, instagram, and twitter. If you post these types of services, then they may be deleted. Also, please make sure to review the Listing Guidelines, and Terms of Service to find out what type of services the marketplace allows, and doesn't.

Most of the time, when services are deleted it is because of a direct violation of the Listing Guidelines or Terms of Service. In such a case, you can not dispute this with the support staff as the service will not be reactivated. However, if the service is allowed and was still removed you could create a ticket to get an explanation on why the service was deleted.

Perhaps the service was low quality, or was unoriginal (copy/paste or too many other services on the marketplace for the same thing).

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I think your problem is with advertising if you can properly show people what is your service and how is your service you can sell it easily.
in this world and technology era advertising has real important role in selling something
how somebody can buy something that he does not know what it is and where it is so bro think about advertising more...

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I am guessing that your service is about Facebook likes or Twitter followers or Youtube video views. Those services have been suspended indefinitely due to the issues brought about by the fake likes, followers, and views. So many buyers have complained that after paying the service provider for the Facebook likes, the number would vanish after a day or two. That also goes with the Twitter followers and the video views. They were all vanishing which means they were all fake numbers.

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