Benefits of a blog on your business website

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Benefits of a blog on your business website

Businesses need blogs just like a personal website would. The benefits of having a blog on your website(s) are vast. When you're adding a business blog you need to think of what you're going to be using it for such as business related posts to let your customers know what's going on or adding quality content to pull in search engine traffic.

Over the past few years business blogging has gotten bigger and bigger. More companies are starting to see that being interactive with your clients through blogging not only increases conversions but it gets shares on social media which have potential to bring in more clients that are easy to convert into a sale Benefits of a blog on your business website

Below I'll go over some benefits of a business blog on your website.

1. Increased Rankings
When it comes to top rankings you've probably heard the saying "content is king" and that couldn't be more true. When you're blogging and adding unique content to your website you are showing the search engines that you are putting out information for everyone to read. If you're just doing a copy and paste job with your blog posts or spinning your content you'll likely come back here and say it doesn't work lol.

When you blog, you are also increasing the amount of pages you have on your website which give you a better chance of ranking for various keywords which you may not of thought to target. Bringing in traffic from the search engines usually converts much better than any other traffic and that's why businesses are getting into business blogging.

2. Branding
When it comes to business blogging you're not only increasing the chances of ranking for your desired keywords but you're branding yourself as the business to look to when a customer needs some information. If you can brand yourself as the authority in your niche then Google will likely notice and start showing you off even more.

Publishing quality content will ensure that people are loving what they're reading and they will more likely share your content with friends and family Benefits of a blog on your business website

3. Increases Trust
When blogging, it will feel more personal than if someone were to read your ad copy. For this simple reason, more people trust blog posts on niche related websites than something randomly found online. You can create your own online personality when posting to your business blog and people will love that. A customer wants to see that the business they're dealing with has a personality and doesn't just read scripts and post typical news reports. Since you're posting unique, quality and niche related content in your own voice, people will trust you more and be willing to do business with you Benefits of a blog on your business website

4. Increased Authority
If you're posting news related topics about your niche in your own words you'll increase your trust with users online. You will be seen as an authority over time and people love that. They feel like they can actually talk to an industry leader and get a genuine response back rather than something scripted.

This not only goes for your posts, but for your support system as well. If you're talking with your clients in a genuine way, they will feel more at ease and want to work with you.

5. Increased Leads
After adding plenty of quality content you will notice a decent amount of traffic coming in. Of course it will rely on how difficult your niche is, but all niches can be conquered over time with content Benefits of a blog on your business website When you have the traffic, you have the chance at obtaining plenty of leads, you just need to capture them somehow. If you're the leading authority in your niche all you'll have to do is add an affiliate link, sales page, etc. to your website and you will notice the sales starting to come in.

6. Low Cost
When blogging for your business it's a low cost marketing plan since the chances of ranking and banking are good enough since there's not much of an investment. Businesses can save a good amount of money each year because they're not spending it on advertising since they're getting plenty of leads through blogging. Blogging and paid advertising for your business is a good way to increase your overall profits, but if you're getting plenty of SERP traffic you may not need to invest in a PPC campaign.

7. Increased Confidence
A business blog ran in a more personal way will increase your chances of making your traffic more confident in making a purchase. People like talking to people and not businesses that act like robots, so be personable. Another way to increase your readers confidence is by responding to them via social media and answering any public questions they have on your posts. They will see that your business is active and you're invested in answering even the most mundane questions people have. This will also increase the confidence of the lurkers who aren't asking the questions. Since the questions and answers are publicly viewable, more people will see them and like you a bit more Benefits of a blog on your business website

8. Investment
You should also love your businesses blog because it will continue to draw in traffic for years to come. As soon as you post some unique content you will be in the running for top placements in the SERPs. It may take some additional work to increase in the rankings, but sometimes you will automatically be ranked if you're already an authority and recieve a lot of traffic because of it Benefits of a blog on your business website

Think of each of your posts as an investment into your future potential Benefits of a blog on your business website

In Conclusion:
When you're running a business blog you will need to add a load of quality content that is niche specific in order to be seen as an authority over time. You will need to write in your own words so that your readers will see you as a person and not a business with automated responses Benefits of a blog on your business website Increasing your trust with people and the search engines will prove to be one of the best ways to make more sales just from your blog traffic Benefits of a blog on your business website

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Great article about benefits of blog or blogging. Starting a blog is a guaranteed way to expand your network.

First of all, valuable and interesting blog posts attract readers who will then comment on your site and send you personal messages through your contact page. Many of your readers will be asking for help, but others will be looking to help you.

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I have an ecommerce store on lingerie niche. The site is basically a dropshipping site where there are hundreds of products on lingerie niche. However, I also have a blog for this ecommerce store. On the blog I publish articles on lingerie niche. The articles are information on lingerie and lingerie tips such as buyers' guide, wearing guide, fashion trends etc. My blog pulls traffic which translates as sales.

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Yes x8! I was just saying the other day or asking why Ionicware doesn't have an official company blog for its site. Although the Community FAQ here is sort of like a blog, a blog, Q&A, forum and community in one! But there are so many reasons for a business to have a blog more than those here although these are basically the main points!

Some of the other points to having a blog to make it up to 10 for you are;

9. Increased Profits and Earnings

Of course, having a blog means that you can get improved rankings and more traffic and that means more earnings for you from the exposure that your blog gets your site since it's connected to it. A site that sells products or services would be wise to blog about those products or services as well and not doing so would behove them if their main purpose is to make money in the first place anyway! But more than this, a blog can be used in so many ways to help increase profits and earnings from your blog.

10. A Tool for Research and to Reach

If you are a business that cares about and is interested in peoples opinions then your blog can be used as an excellent tool to reach people and get your message out to them as well as a tool to research what people actually think about your business, products, services, staff, support, opening times, etc whatever. And knowing that kind of stuff is good for business trust me! Why do you think companies spend billions on market research! And that can mean even more profits and earnings.

It's all about the P&E! Benefits of a blog on your business website

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Great article! This is so true. Without a doubt having a blog will benefit your business website in a major way. I personally created a blog not so long ago, with a sole intent of improving my business and I've got to say that I'm extremely happy with the results so far. I've increased leads drastically. I recommend everyone who has a business website to create a blog as well. Trust me, you'll not be disappointed.

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Adding a blog to an e-commerce site would really help the business to get more customers and clients, At least the articles on the blog would be geared towards the explanation of each and some product on the site.

Alot of sales are made through exposure of some products benefits and uses.If the blog is used positively then a large clients base could be built over time and of course this wil lead to more sale.

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Blogs definitely increase the ranking of the website. But the best benefit that you get from the blog is the gaining of followers to your business website. I have forgotten the website that was forwarded to me by our vet. It is a dog breeder’s website that sells not only puppies but also veterinary supplies. The blogs there seem to be forums because the reader comments on the blog are so numerous but the blogger never failed to reply. That really looked a dynamic website maybe because of the interaction in the blogs.

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