The importance of a knowledge base on your website

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The importance of a knowledge base on your website

In the world today, information is what makes the internet stay active. The importance of a knowledge base on your website is huge because you're doing so many things with it that you might not even know. When adding a knowledge base you are helping people get answers to questions they have, encouraging users to add content, and pulling in traffic from the search engines. Knowledge bases are like an ecosystem that brings in traffic and makes everyone happy while freeing up your time at the same time.

Why do I need a knowledge on my website?
If your website has 10 visitors a month or 10,000,000 visitors, you can benefit from a knowledge base on your site. The main reason for this is because you will be able to load it up with dozens or hundreds of questions as soon as you launch it which will increase the amount of content on your website which will answer numerous questions someone might have for you. By answering their questions prior to them actually contacting you, you're freeing up a lot of time that would normally be spent going back and forth via emails or phone calls. And we all know that is money, so save as much as you can The importance of a knowledge base on your website

Adding a knowledge base isn't actually difficult at all. If you're on Wordpress you can just install a basic plugin and then it's live for all of your users to use. You can just type in the questions like it's a basic blog post and submit the content then make it available for everyone to see. If you're not on wordpress you can always go over to codecanyon and find a knowledge base script for a few bucks or have someone here on SEOclerks custom code one for you. You may even be able to find someone here that already has a knowledge base coded up and they'll only charge you to install it The importance of a knowledge base on your website

Can I make money with a knowledge base?
When it comes to a knowledge base the main thing you're doing is generating content for all your users so you won't want to put ads anywhere on it. The beauty of this set up is that you will be pulling people in from the search engines based on your content, and that means they're targeted traffic which could result in a sale through your own services or products.

So I say that you can't make money directly from your knowledge base, but you can make money from people clicking through to your main pages and purchasing what you offer The importance of a knowledge base on your website

Will my users actually look through the knowledge base?
They sure will The importance of a knowledge base on your website I know that I've been on plenty of knowledge bases simply because I didn't want to wait for a websites support system to respond to me the next day. If I can find the answer within the knowledge base then that's just as good as if they emailed me or answered my questions over the phone.

This again will increase your sales because people won't have to wait for you to respond. They can just find the answer right on your website and make the decision to pull the trigger on the sale or not.

In Conclusion:
A knowledge base has a load of benefits from pulling in traffic from the search engines to indirectly increasing the amount of sales you get each month. Knowledge bases are fairly cheap because you can get some free ones off of the wordpress plugin library of pay few bucks to have someone code one up. Add a knowledge base to your website and load it with a lot of questions so you can reduce the time you have to rummage through emails The importance of a knowledge base on your website

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Thanks very much for the interesting article, definitely gives me an idea of how to monetize the potential content that I have in store.

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Having the knowledge base is very important, because it helps you to know where are what area to target and return it helps drive a lot of traffic and in return maximize your sale.

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It seems like forum posts, themselves, act as a knowledge base, sometimes. I mean, that's sort of the point of them. Of course, though, with a knowledge base, it's perhaps easier for people to find answers to questions. Nonetheless, though, I want people to find answers on the forum. Anyway, if there are no answers on the forum, then all you would have are light-hearted posts about the weather or television, lol.

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I like the way Razzy writes an article as he is having informative and original style. I agree that when we start writing a blog then it is a must that we should have enough knowledge about the topic that we are writing about. We should have enough interest to write about it. In this way, we will not get bored from writing it and we will keep doing it in the long term.

We should keep reading the articles on the internet, so we will gain enough knowledge to post it on our website. It is good to gain knowledge and share with other. We can get paid for sharing our knowledge or opinion.

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I have a support section for my site which contains different questions that the user may have answered. And if one of those questions do not answer the question that the user has, they have the option of either posting on our discussion forum or contact us directly using a contact us form. I think it is extremely important to offer a support section (or knowledge base as they are called) because you want to ensure that your user has a good time on your website and they don't have to waste time contacting you if they have a problem.

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I have not used knowledgebase feature on my website, however, I am thinking to have a forum. The forum can also serve as a knowledgebase on your website. By creating a topic or letting the users create topics, you can easily have a discussion. The discussion always brings useful information.

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Pardon me but I seemed lost on what knowledge base is all about. May I criticize your kind of writing that you don’t go straight to the point that’s why I have to read it twice or even more before I get to understand half of the idea. Anyway, all I got are the ways and means of having a knowledge base and the advantages of having a knowledge base. Pardon me for blabbing because I am really confused with this discussion. I hope next time you write about the meaning of the subject matter first. Sorry and thank you.

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