Setting up and managing eCommerce websites for clients

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Setting up and managing eCommerce websites for clients

When it comes to making money online with an eCommerce website, not many people know how to do this. There are more people out there that don't even know how to get started making money online unless they are shown by a friend, family member or take an online course to show them what to do without actually doing it for them. There are so many sharks out there that will just take the hard earned money from someone that wants to make a little bit of money online to have extra income each month. You will be different, you will actually be there to help everyone out and show them what to do  Setting up and managing eCommerce websites for clients

The Idea:
What you'll be doing is setting up eCommerce websites for anyone that wants one. You will let them choose their niche and you can be a sort of consultant to tell them what you think they can make when it. You'll usually be able to figure out what they can make pretty quickly if you run a fake adwords campaign and just see what their total clicks per month can be and estimating around 3% of those clicks turn into sales. If you want to play it safe you can estimate that 1% of the clicks will turn into a sale, so 1 in 100 clicks will make money.

With the amount of people out there wanting to make money online, you can probably get a decent amount of sign ups that have money but not the knowledge to set all this up and get it running to make money. You will do the research in order to figure out the best domain, set it up on your hosting, pay for the hosting and then charge them a setup fee as well as a monthly managing fee to cover the hosting each month as well as your services to make sure everything is going well.

Basically what you'll be getting paid for is managing a websites design and maintenance. The beauty of purchasing the domain yourself and having your own hosting is if they client decides not to pay you. You can just take over the site and run it for yourself lol.

The beauty of this is that you can set up an entire website in 1 day using Wordpress plugins that pull inventory from AliExpress and not only pulls the product image, but everything that is listed on the product page such as the rating, reviews, descriptions, etc. I won't list a plugin here because there are so many out there and a lot of them have great reviews. Just do a basic search on google for "Aliexpress wordpress plugin" and you'll have a good amount of results  Setting up and managing eCommerce websites for clients

Getting Clients:
Obtaining clients might be one of the trickier things go do because a ton of big companies will be targeting newbie marketers and people who want to make money online. This means a PPC campaign could cost a lot of money, but you don't have to invest thousands a month if you can't afford it.

Facebook is a great way to get this started up. You can set up campaigns that target a general audience and set up your ads that show the point of the ad as well as the pricing on the images. This will show users the ad and they will know what it's about and know exactly what they'll be paying before they even click on the ad. The reason for putting the price on the advertisements is because you want to increase your conversion rate and not waste clicks. Sure you'll get some people clicking through just because they want to see what your system is all about but don't want to actually sign up, that always happens. The majority of clicks will genuinely be interested and think your pricing is good, which is what you want.

Over the years, I've clicked on ads and instantly been turned off because I felt like they were hiding the pricing pages until I read through all of the ad copy which simply gets your hopes up so you're more willing to purchase. I'll almost immediately know that's what they're doing if I don't see "Pricing" in the top menu so I can check what I'll have to pay.

How To Profit:
Let's say you have your campaign at $10 a day on your desired PPC platform, you will likely get a couple sign ups every 30 days and that's more than enough to profit if you set up your pricing right.

Think about it, you're performing a service for someone that doesn't know what they're doing so they will gladly pay you for it.

You're not an unintelligent freelancer so you'll need to get paid well, but not well enough to discourage people to sign up lol. Plenty of web designers charge $2,000 to $5,000 per custom design (I do lol). Now you won't be charging this much because you'll be using themes and plugins (free and paid). You can definitely use the pricing of a custom designed website to encourage people to pay you around $250 for the setup and $75 a month for month maintenance and another fee of say $100 a month for monthly management, which will be optional.

So lets say you get 2 sign ups a month from your $10 a day PPC campaign. That means you're paying roughly $300 a month on the PPC campaign and you're making $500 from the set up of the eCommerce sites and another $150 to $350 for maintenance and management. The thing about the maintenance is that the hosting company will manage your uptime, so that $75 a month is pure profit. The management price is higher because you will need to log in, manage orders and basically be a virtual assistant to your client, but that's not difficult.

With this setup you will be paying $300 a month on ads and hopefully profiting $500 to $850 a month  Setting up and managing eCommerce websites for clients Now $550 a month profit doesn't seem like a lot for this type of work, but imaging if you had 10 sign ups instead of 2  Setting up and managing eCommerce websites for clients

Managing Everything:
When you're managing everything with the clients website you will need to treat your clients website like it's your own. You won't be making money from every sale that comes in through the website, but you're making a sale each month from the client, so don't worry.

What you'll want to do is have a wordpress plugin that will auto update everything for you so that you don't have to do much work. You will have to monitor the orders and make sure they're going out, but you'll just have to login once a day to do this and it doesn't take much time. Most of the plugins you'll find for this will have a one click feature that will purchase the item using the clients paypal account and set everything up from the automated emailing to the shipping. If it's possible, make a secondary user account so that the client can login to the Wordpress dashboard but not see the plugin you're using to manage everything. If they see the plugin, you could potentially lose a sale :'(

In Conclusion:
You can easily get some clients for this, but you could lose money on it if your PPC campaigns are not optimized. You will need to watch your campaigns like a hawk for the first couple weeks so that you don't lose your shirt lol. You can get a few clients a month pretty easily, but you will have to keep up on the management of everything so that the client is always happy. The clients are always right, but if they're not happy, you lose money lol.

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I recently set up an ecommerce site for a client. There was nothing to do except installing woocommerce plugin compatible theme and customizing woo commerce plugin. There was nothing much to do, however, payment was good. If we can start a PPC campaign for a service like this, I think we can drive sales. These days every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to launch an online store and setting ecommerce website can be a lucrative business.

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With the mention of getting paid, I understand that it should be a balance between the capability of the client or potential client and your desired remuneration. That is always the issue when contracting work. Most of the time, the law of supply and demand takes over the figures of the contract that when there are many workers then the price of work is cheaper and when there are only few workers then the cost of the work becomes exorbitant sometimes.

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