Earning from your blog without loosing traffic

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Earning from your blog without loosing traffic

The bloggers has to monetize their blog so they could afford their hosting and household expenses. The biggest disadvantage of monetizing with advertisement is this that you are sending your visitor to another site. It is something similar to hitting yourself. By doing this we are allowing our visitors to leave our site immediately. We have a solution or suggestion for this.

Put widget for recent post and post popular post on your blog. Your visitor will keep revolving around your site by doing this.

If you want to earn from your site then try to sell or buy things at your own blog rather monetizing it. Uo will get more traffic and as well as direct profit from buying and selling.

If you have any suggestion for this then please share it.


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Yeah well that is the trade off to placing ads on your site isn't it. That they will go off to those other sites from your site. And you only get paid for that one time where as the other site that gets the traffic from the ad on your site probably turns them into a customer and earns more from them then the $0.05 CPC you earned from it. But that has always been that way when running ads on your site. But what can a site that doesn't actually sell anything do to make money other than place ads on that site such as with Adsense to actually make money? I get what you're saying and I agree, in all those things and more. But there is only really so much you can do if your blog isn't set up to earn money in any way other than through the ads it has placed on it you know?

That could be a good discussion though as I'm sure it's something that people will want to know. How can you monetize a niche blog for example, without putting ads on your site? The only really way is to sell something but then that's not really a blog anymore, it's an ecommerce site. Even an affiliate site/blog still has to send its traffic away to someone else, or to some other scheme through you. And unless that scheme is owned by you, you're only going to make a commission from their purchase. But again, that's the trade off when it comes to placing ads on your site/blog.

I think one of the best ways a blog can monetize its traffic without using ads on the site is to try to capture their email address. Get them to subscribe to you. That way, at least you can try to monetize those email subscribers that way through email marketing. Or, you could just send them to your site, your articles etc. But then, if it's not monetized in anyway, how can you earn anything anyway?

It's a bit of a paradox is what it is! Earning from your blog without loosing traffic

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I would give a suggestion in a simple and short way. If you are selling your products on your website then you should monetize it with third party ads. It will kill you sale as visitors will be diverted to another site and they might purchase the same product from them.

If your website or blog is not selling anything then you should monetize it with ads because this is the only way to earn from there. You can cover your hosting and domain expenses from there. It is like selling you traffic to other publishers. It is a deal to send a traffic to them and get paid for the visits to their site.

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I don't think this can be in any way given assurance there. I have found that some people lose traffic over a period of time. And to get back the people one has to perform with SEO and other ads. If that works out then surely it is possible to have some sales and also regular traffic. Having some reputation definitely helps with gaining some traffic. I think most people can get some traffic this way easily.

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I think your best source of revenue is going to be from word of mouth or online postings. People who are satisfied with your services will be able to give great word of mouth for you and sell your product without you having to do as much to sell it.

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What is the primary aim of bringing traffic to your website? You want to make money. If the visitors on your website click on your ad and heed to another site, the work is done, you do not have to cry over the visitor going to another site. When the visitor click the ad and goes to another site, his has already done the job. You already earned some money.

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Do you mean to say that we can convert the blog into a sort of marketing arm for our business? I don’t think that is a good idea because readers of the blog will be turned. However, if the blog is all about your business then I guess it is okay. But for me, I wouldn’t read a blog about a business unless I am also in that kind of business and the blog can give me information.

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