How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients

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How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients

Everyone knows that getting positive reviews online is a tough thing to do, but it's possible if you can do something to encourage your clients to take their free time in order to leave a few nice words around the internet. Plenty of times I've been online and see a few negative reviews of a website and think "Man, I wonder how many positive reviews this website would have if they just did a few little tricks to pull them in".

Getting positive reviews from clients is extremely difficult to do compared to getting a negative review. If you don't know how to get a negative review, well, all you have to do is nothing How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients If you don't do what is agreed upon, don't contact the buyer, send out an inferior item or just don't do anything.... You'll get a very bad review from almost every client you get haha.

How to encourage positive reviews

When it comes to getting a positive review, the easiest way is to have incentives. Now I'm not saying to post something on your website along the words of "Get 25% off for a 5 star review!" but that's basically what you're going to be doing lol. When you have a sale, you can always send out an automated email using a system that tracks your sales, but that takes custom coding.

When you're sending out these emails you will want to add in a temporary coupon code for their next purchase. You will need to let them know that this coupon is only redeemable when you are at checkout and leave a positive review by using the share buttons, which have to be tracked somehow. This is obviously one of the more difficult ways of going about it, but it is possible.

Friendly Banter:
When it comes to emailing, chat systems and phone calls you can likely get into friendly banter with a customer. If you're thinking the customer is happy then you will want to offer them a coupon, or credit their account, in order to keep them even happier. But to get the coupon or credit you will have to say something like "Hi (clients name). We're actually giving out $XX coupons or store credit to anyone who wants to leave us a review. Would you be interested in something like that?" Of course they will say YES! because it's free money that they can use to buy something they were already wanting.

I say to only do this with your clients that sound happy because it will likely turn into a 5 star review if they do end up leaving one. If the person you're talking to doesn't seem too happy, a coupon or store credit won't change their mind much. Oh they'll use it, but they'll likely leave you a bad review saying something along the lines of "I wasn't liking this company very much because of (reasons) and then they go ahead and try to buy my affection with a $XX store credit! I won't be using this credit because the first time I purchased it was just a headache and I don't want to go through that again!" See how this can backfire on you? They will say they don't want to use the store credit, but by the time you notice the review you will have already shipped the items they purchased lol.

When it comes to email marketing, you will always want to add your customers into your mailing lists. You will want to have your mailing lists automated and add coupon codes within some of your emails. You can title a random email something like "Get 25% off at our store (your store name) for the next 48 hours!"

You will have to set the coupon to be active for the next 96 hours in order to capture a lot of sales. I know I said the next 48 hours, but not everyone checks their emails every day How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients By increasing the coupon code to auto delete after 96 hours you're increasing the time by 100% and more people will come in and purchase something How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients

Reminders are a great way to bring people in who forgot about your website. They won't purchase all of the time, but maybe they'll share their email with everyone in their list or even on social media for anyone they know. This will usually create some decent buzz and you'll notice an increase in sales.

Within the reminders you can also have something mention that you're hoping that everyone using the coupon code will leave a positive review at one of your social media profiles, then list all your profiles and pages. People will usually log into or just get back onto the platform and leave you a review How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients

In Conclusion:
This isn't the most difficult thing to do, but it will increase your sales and positive reviews How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients Just reminding people about your website and giving them an incentive will usually get a positive review in return. People love free stuff, so remember that when asking for positive feedback How to increase the amount of positive reviews you recieve from clients

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I love increasing the number of reviews for my clients! All of them have the same problem: not enough reviews on Facebook and most importantly no review on Google so they can get that star rating in Google my business.

I usually deal with online shop having this issue, the first thing I'll do after the website is live is asking the client to send some free stuff to the programmers, designers and marketing guys that help build the website. If you sell shirts for example and you send 1 a free shirt to every person involved in your project you can gain at least 10 free and real reviews just like that! And because this is free stuff you can ask them directly to review your product, but trust me, in most cases they'll be so pleased for getting the free gift they'll do some awesome reviews themselves.

Maybe this "trick" isn't very legal from Facebook and Google's point of view but I started doing it for every new client I'm getting and the gains for having a dozen positive reviews right from the start are immense!

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The way of giving incentives you have mentioned is something I haven't done. I don't use incentives as a promise to people who will give me a 5-star rating. I get it by serving them well, by being very accommodating, and by selling quality products that matches the expectations from the images I posted. I give incentives for the first five buyers. The first five buyers will get one additional free item the next time they buy. The friendly email and the coupons you have mentioned are good ideas too. I haven't tried them so far. I should think of a creative and unique coupon incentive that can be very enticing to people. Thanks for sharing this information.

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The best bet is to do a good job.A good job speaks for itself though the other points are important but they're by the way without a good job incentives wouldn't be appealing.

So a good job first for a good review and other stuff would then be an added advantage.

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I think these are all good ideas, because I think you want to stand out amongst all the people who are probably doing what you are doing. Being able to stand out from the competition is one of the best ways to get good traffic on the web I think. It is one of the options you might be able to depend on for sales.

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Maybe I would go for a friendly banter so the client will feel that I am treating him as a friend or close acquaintance. And the banter need not be directed to the purpose of getting a positive review but just on the business side. Maybe you can ask about the products he wants. And then you can give a hint of your purpose that it is to your advantage if you get a positive review especially if you deserve one. But if not then it’s all right for the client not to lift a finger. That kind of banter is not offending albeit it has charm to the client.

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