Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

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Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

Everyone wants to be the next online millionaire, but are you really ready to be an entrepreneur? Well it's not all caviar and bottler service when you start off or even when you are successful. The only entrepreneurs that are really successful aren't the ones you see on infomercials or facebook ads, they are constantly increasing their revenue streams and don't focus on the lonely consumer wanting to do exactly the same thing they are. No successful entrepreneur will sell you their system unless it's outdated and won't work as well as it use to, remember that the next time you're about to order a "Make Money" system from an infomercial or from someone that took 2 weeks to write up a splash page that was split tested in order to figure out what converts best. A real entrepreneur is a businessman and if that's what you're trying to become, you need to read the following points I'm about to go over. It's a tough rode and I think you can handle it, but you need to be ready.

Time Invested
The amount of time that it takes to become successful either online or off is staggering. I remember when I started working online I was only dabbling part time because I had a full time job. I would still be learning methods and web design whenever I had free time because I knew that I didn't want to work for a boss my entire life (side note: I'm still horrible at design lol).

I would "work" 3 to 5 hours a day just learning and losing money every time I tried something. I knew I was just learning so I wasn't too worried about my profits since I already had a full time job. Now I wouldn't test a PPC campaign with hundreds of dollars into it or purchase a $500 piece of software, I played it smart and didn't spend much on what I needed because I simply couldn't. Bills had to get paid and if they didn't I wouldn't be able to learn online since my internet would have gotten shut off lol.

After about 3 years I had this "Aha!" moment and I decided to start selling my own services of on page optimization and off page optimization as well as web design services offered by my friend and see if I could make a profit. We were actually doing really well but forgot the rule "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" and it all came crashing down, sort of. We were relying too much on Google Adwords to send us traffic and out of no we had our account limited and then suspended. We didn't look into the guidelines posted by Google when we first started out and they decided to nuke our account because we used a Google logo as well as gave a money back guarantee that will will help increase clients rankings. I think they just didn't want us to keep advertising because we were doing so well lol Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

If you think that all of your relationships are going to last, they won't. You will be working long hours at random hours of the day and you will have to pass on going out to a bar or out on a date because if you really want to be successful you can't have many distractions. One of the few great things about being a man is that I can go a 6 months without seeing a friend and then hang out with them like we didn't miss a day Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur? That type of time frame is a little different for women because they usually need to hang out with their friends more frequently, as for what I've noticed.

When it comes to a sleep schedule, you probably won't have one lol. I remembered when I went full time into online marketing I was working 16 hour days and my sleep schedule was all out of whack. I would go to bed at 6am and wake up at 4pm to begin working again. Sometimes I would sleep for 12 hours, work for 16 hours, sleep for 12 and then work for another 16 hours and I would never be going to sleep at the same time every night. At one point my friend would text me at 6am saying goodnight and I would text him back saying "Have fun at work!" lol.

If you do start dating someone you need to let them know you're working on a company and you don't have a ton of free time. You will want to be with someone that understands what you're trying to do and will work through it with you. It's understandable that your significant other will want to see you all the time, but you need to keep focus and try to be successful.

Ups and Downs
You need to know that there are always going to be ups and downs when being an entrepreneur. You may have a great starting year but then a garbage second year. You can't stop all of your goals in their tracks, you need to push through this and make even more money next year. You need to learn from your mistakes and not see them as career killers.

If you fail and then get depressed, you need to stop. There will always be failures in your future, it's inevitable, but you need to learn and not sulk.

"Baller" Status
If you're making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year you won't want to go out to a club and order bottle service a few times a week, that's not what great entrepreneurs do. Let's say you're ordering bottle service at least a couple times a week, that's usually between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on where you are. Let's meet in the middle and say it's $1,500 a week.

So you're spending $1,500 a week on alcohol and attempting to impress bottle rats while looking like "the man". What happens if all that money goes away? You will lose all of those friends who are still going out all the time. If you're a real baller you will stay in, make your money, reinvest it and make even more. Successful people don't spend $78,000 a year on liquor at a club and stay successful lmao.

Stop trying to impress people and focus on being your own boss or you won't be in business for long.

To be successful, you can't do everything on your own. Finding the right business partner is always a great thing to do when it comes to being a business leader. You will need come to realization that you cannot do everything yourself and that you need help. No successful leader will ever say they did everything on their own, because they didn't. If they do say they did absolutely everything, then you can expect a revolt in the next few years and the company spiraling downward.

Always have an exit strategy when it comes to being an entrepreneur. You can always start up a different company so be ready to sell the one you're currently working on. A great way to do this, if you're working online, is to incorporate multiple companies and put different niche websites under specific businesses. This way you can technically have multiple companies up at the same time but running all of them with an exit strategy.

If one of your businesses gets noticed you can likely sell it and then focus more of your time on the next one. One of the great things about this is that you'll be building relationships with business buyers and investors in which you can contact if you're ready to sell another one of your companies Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

In Conclusion:
You'll need to work a ton in order to be a great entrepreneur. If you're spending all of your profits on pointless crap then you'll likely be a burn out entrepreneur in no time. You need to learn from your mistakes in order to be more successful later on. It's a tough road to go down but there are plenty of chances to become successful. Stick with it and start making money without answering to a boss Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

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Excellent post razzy, Yeah think many of us wants to be entrepreneurs but also many would like to win the lottery. Very detailed post enjoyed reading it mate good job . A lot of hard work to reap the online success these days also many websites out there to offer members to make money online. A few dodgy ones too, many make success with PTC sites but this does not make you millionaire. But in my opinion to be great and have the success is to have your own business plans sure make money online with all these sites and every penny you get invest it in your own business.
Great post mate..

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Great post... It shows that things don't come easy and it takes hard work and sacrifices to reach that level. But being someone who been trying to get a "foot up" in the online business world is ain't no easy feat but the key is to keep focus and we know there would be disappointments but that's there to help you learn. So I suggests take every advice you can get and have the knowledge to know what is real and what's not.

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My dream is to be an entrepreneur, reason being is because I would like to start a business with my own idea from to ground up to fulfill my full potential something, I might not be able to achieve while working for someone or an organization,because most organization is built upon someone idea and ambition.

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Everyone online wants to be the next billionaire online.I use to work for others and get good pay but not enough that I expected.Building a business from ground up is not that easy,to start a business you of to make shore you have a labour (human physical and mental effort used in goods and services)and capital(A financial asset).

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This is a very good post about being ready for an entrepreneurship. For me, having a business of our own is a continuous study about our products and services. We should not stop to improve and think of new ways to attract our target market. It is not all about our sales but it is also about how we learn to satisfy and meet our market's demands.

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I aim very soon is the own my own business but it a slow grind and my problem seem to be getting the capital to start it but I am focus and will get there eventually..

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My dream is to become one but i'll start with the most simplest way to become one Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

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I had a sad experience with business and twice it happened that we had a failed business. That’s why I am very observant with the online business for it may be another prospect for me. However, what I lack right now is the time to spend for such endeavor. Maybe when I get more time to spare, I can try drop shipping just for experience. And this time I will make sure that I will not fail anymore because I am armed with ample knowledge.

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