Coinbase Litecoin for Merchants/Developers

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Coinbase Litecoin for Merchants/Developers

I have a merchant account at Coinbase for Bitcoin. It is wonderful! Coinbase just added support for Litecoin but I see no option to allow users to pay in LTC from the Coinbase checkout, API or developer documentation. I can't even find any content relating to it when searching on Google. I'd also like to know the same thing with Ethereum.

Is it possible to use Coinbase for Litecoin and Ethereum payments or were these just added to Coinbase for exchange?


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I don't think they offer LTC payments yet or Ethereum. I couldn't find anything that actually referenced it.

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I think BTC and LTC are two good options. Though I don't think lot of people these days want to pay through those options. I'd say it just gets harder for integrating the system. But the payment option seems to be easy to integrate with coinbase. As they have better backend on that point. I have seen some sites making use of that backend and it is lot easier.

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Why wouldn't people want to pay with other cryptocurrency types? It is a new currency, it is money that can buy items and services directly.

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