Altering your SEO methods for every client is a neccessity.

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Altering your SEO methods for every client is a neccessity.

When you're doing an SEO campaign you'll want to be doing your best, but you'll have to vary it based on each clients needs. If you're doing local SEO for one client and the next needs a global campaign, you won't be able to do the same thing. Whenever I'm working on a clients website I will always figure out what they need first prior to just getting into it and running the same campaign for each client.

A few things to think of

The same method multiple times
When you end up getting a lot of clients you won't want to be running the same method on each of them. The reasons for this are many and the main one is that you want to build the campaign specifically for what the client needs. You can scrape together a load of links and filter out all the bad neighbors and then go through and manually post to each of them for your first client. But this will less likely work for your next client and even more less likely to work for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on.

Take your time and plan out what you need to do in terms of content creation, link building and social media optimization for each client you get. Get niche related links and posts on niche related social platform pages in order to help your clients out even more than a basic campaign you put together in an hour.

Niche related PBN's
I hit this in the previous section a little bit, but what I didn't go over was the fact that you can build your own network of niche related websites and add your own links to it as well as your clients. Building this will be similar to building a private blog network for each client, but you will treat each network like they are golden and if your one client leaves you, you can get another to pay for links on them Altering your SEO methods for every client is a neccessity. Paid links are frowned upon, but if you're contacting all the niche related websites via email then it can't be tracked. Get those paid links and make more money than if you had just the one client lol.

No 2 websites are the same
Whenever working online you have to realize that no 2 websites are created equal, even if they have the same design, there is always something different. This is in part due to the domain (duh!) and the link profile that is created for the website. When you open both websites in different tabs they will look the same, but what you can't see is the link profile.

When it comes to SEO, and you have 2 clients in the same niche, you'll still need to go over what has already been done to them in terms of backlinking and content generation to determine where to start first. I usually won't take on 2 clients in the same niche because it just means I'm building 2 campaigns that could be targeting the same keywords, even though the campaigns will be different. If the clients figure out about each other they could complain and I could lose both of them. So to protect my profits, I will only ever take 1 client per niche Altering your SEO methods for every client is a neccessity.

Avoid duplicate footprints
When you're building huge link campaigns you'll want to ditch the links list when you're done. I do this every time because I don't want to fall into the trend of running the same links for every client. Building the same links for each client will just result in a footprint and if Google catches on they will likely penalize all of the websites linked into the footprint.

Having highly visible footprints is never a good thing when it comes to SEO because you can get tracked and easily penalized. We all know that one of your main goals in SEO is to not get a penalty because it takes a lot of time to recover from something like that.

In Conclusion:
You'll always want to be unique when it comes to building SEO campaigns for your clients since none of them will need the same thing. Take your time when setting up these campaigns and your clients will see a spike in traffic and love you even more Altering your SEO methods for every client is a neccessity. I try to avoid any type of footprint when building backlinks because they can be detrimental to everything you're doing, and that's never good Altering your SEO methods for every client is a neccessity.

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This is my favorite part about SEO! The fact that each website is totally different and no job is the same no matter how similar in the niche the websites are.

Every website has a different structure and for every website, I'll find a different set of errors and problems I need to fix. If the thing weren't so different all the time, SEO would be a very boring job! I hate doing the same thing over and over for each client.

Sure there are things like on-page SEO best practices that I always implement, but in essence, I never work with the same content twice, I always have a new set of keywords and a different overall website structure I need to keep an eye for.
I also love implementing certain automatizations to speed up the process of implementing title tags and meta descriptions for example. Whatever I'm doing I make sure as you said, that I won't leave any footprints.

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I have a friend who provides SEO work for small sites. He was actually inviting me to do the same because he thinks that I can do simple SEO methods already. When doing SEO work, you need to have spare methods like the building of backlinks, you don’t do everything that you know. In other words, do something that you think will improve the ranking of the site and will give it enough traffic. When the numbers are not satisfactory then you can do some other methods that you know.

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