Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship

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Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship

When it comes to making money online, you have to talk to people if you're in the SEO industry. If you're not talking to your clients, or potential clients, you're not building any trust or a relationship with them and they will likely move on to another service provider. Talking to clients isn't a new thing when it comes to sales, every niche and business has to do it, so you might want to get use to it unless you're in the affiliate marketing game. Below I'll go over how you can help build a relationship with clients in order to keep them coming back for your products, services, and whatever else they came to you in the first place.

Now then, Let's talk about client relations

Start talking to your clients
A lot of people out there, myself included, don't really like talking to their clients but we need to. I eventually grew into liking the conversations I have with my clients but I don't really go out of my way to give them a call to see how they are doing, because I'm more focused on their rankings and content over how their day has been going lol.

When I do get a call from a client we'll always do the "How's the weather over there?" conversation and after a few minutes of friendly banter we will get into what's going on with their campaign. Talking back and forth in a friendly manner about something other than the work you're doing for them will always increase the bond you have with a client. I've partnered up with a few clients from the past and we have a couple websites still running today bringing in money. If I hadn't talked to them like friends then they may have passed me up for another SEO company who was treating them how I should have been. You never know what's in store when you treat people like they've been your friends for 10 years Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship

Updating the client
When you're sending out updates of what is going on with your clients work you will always want to add in a smiley face Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship here and there to show you actually have a soul when typing. you don't want to seem like an automate machine within a server that is sending out reports to every client in the world.

Customize the emails you're sending out and try to get personal with them. If you know the guys wifes name is Marry and it's December 15th, you'll want to add to the bottom "P.S. I hope you and Marry have a great Christmas this year Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship I'll catch up with you after New Years!" This shows you remember his wifes name and you're wishing him a good time. People love this kind of stuff because they are not use to it in todays email marketing world. People today just send out bland mass emails to their entire list and rarely customize it.

Talk on the phone
Let the client know that you're giving him or her a cell phone number and they can call whenever they want as long as it's within business hours. This will show that you're devoted to giving them the best support possible if you're carrying around a business phone that they can call to get in touch with you anytime they want. To them it will feel like they have a direct line to the man, or woman, who makes all the decisions for the company, and they do!

I use to hate talking on the phone with my clients but now it's grown on me and I don't mind answering when I see it's them. Usually when it's a random number I'll forward it to my business partner and he handles all the new client relations and I'm glad he doesn't mind doing that Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship There's only so many times I can answer "Yes, we can help you increase your rankings through search engine optimization" and "No, we're not scammers".

Meet in person (if possible)
There have been plenty of times that I've had local clients and they wanted to meet in person for everything. It didn't matter if they wanted to go over the last months campaign and how it was performing or they wanted me to add an image to one of their content pages. Some clients are super needy, but you should meet up with them regardless because these are the ones who will usually send you referrals. We all know how powerful referrals are, they're like instant clients since their friend or family member referred them Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship

Whenever I had local potential clients give me a call I would always meet up with them. We wouldn't do anything crazy, just meet up at starbucks for 30 minutes and go over what my company could do for them. Usually this would end in them signing up because I can talk pretty well in person Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship But sometimes it ended in me getting annoyed because they just wanted to haggle me down on price about 50% and I would not budge.

I have noticed that my in person meet ups with potential clients always yielded bigger fish. On average I would get clients for around $1,000 a month if I were to meet them up in person and $400 to $500 if we just talked on the phone or through emails.

In Conclusion:
Remember to get in touch with your clients via email, phone call or meet them up in person. Emails have to be sent in a certain way because you want to keep them happy and text can be misconstrued as a different emotion, and that's why I like to throw in smileys Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship Also, remember that if you're meeting up with your potential clients you can likely get a higher dollar amount per month for your services Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship

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There's no such thing as "small talk". A lot of people think that small talk is just small talk. But it's so much bigger than that! It's through the small talk, the how are you, how's the weather where you are, how's the wife, kids and dog, did you see the game last night type of small talk questions are ice breakers! And it's very difficult to form a "bond" with a person, let a lone a client, if there's big blocks of ice in the way! So to break down that ice, one must use small talk first. Simple as that! Once that's out the way, you can then go onto the bigger questions. The "serious talk".

And I've found this to be true just in life in general when speaking to people. When picking up dates or when doing business, or wanting to do business with people. And you don't need to be a psychologist to know this! lol. You just need to know how it works and that comes through practice. Some people call it "social engineering" others call it "buttering them up" lol. But it's just really the process of warming people to you through just talking to them. Showing an interest in them. And then listening as though you care. And you do care! Well, you care enough to ask anyway! Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship

And I also agree about the difference between talking to someone on the phone and then meeting them in person too. You can get a lot more from people when you are face to face with them because of several reasons;

  • 1. They can see you so they can relate to you as another human being more.
  • 2. They feel more trusting around you as opposed to just another voice on the phone.
  • 3. They feel like they should buy more from you since you're gracing them with your presence.
  • 4. They know who you are in person and that gains their trust if you have a smart appearance.
I guess there's some other reasons too but that about covers most of them IMHO! Talking with clients and how it builds a relationship

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The scary thing is that everyone knows about small talk. Both the scammers and people selling good stuff have good knowledge of the idea. In that case, I'd research anything even if I'm being smooth-talked by a salesperson. For instance, I don't trust pop-unders, preferring banners as a form of cheap traffic. Nonetheless, at least one of those pop-under companies has good salespeople who can make a strong attempt at changing my mind.

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talking to the client is a good strategy but if you don't have a enough time or source to do that, you should be really accurate in advertising. in that advertise you should make sure that consumer fully understand that your service is unique and they should be sure that you will give them guaranty that the service will be done completely and good and if it's not they can take back their money...

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Patience with clients is pretty much necessary. You can find that some of the time building relationship with client takes time. You can have some patience but they can't be patient. And they may judge quickly. So it all comes down to how clients also react. So as much as you can do it, you should be going with it. But at some point you may come across issues that may make you wonder if the relationship and business is going the right way then hard decisions have to take.

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Talking and giving regular updates to your client is great and can be great for future business as well. By keeping in touch with your clients whilst you are delivering services/products to them, you are telling them that you are offering a personal touch and this will encourage them to purchase more from you in the future as well. No one wants to be kept out of the loop when you buy something so when you contact them regularly, they will be extremely happy to purchase from you

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I like the idea of meeting in person although this is an inconvenient way for a business owner because it requires time and effort. But if there is a way, especially for valued clients, it is a bright idea to hold a party, let’s say during the Christmas season, just to meet your loyal clients and, of course, they will receive gifts or tokens from you. I’m sure that effort will be rewarded tenfold when the clients become very loyal to you.

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