Googles Panda Update - How it changed what we do online

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Googles Panda Update - How it changed what we do online

When Google launched the Panda update to their search algorithm it tanked a lot of huge websites. These big websites tanked because they were not in violation of the new update which killed a lot of content farms with duplicate content such as ezinearticles and other directories. Whenever there's a big update to the search algorithm there will always be casualties, it's just that with the Panda update it hit a lot of big named websites and not just the little guy.

The main question about Panda... "Is my website at risk?"
Well to answer this it all depends on what you've done to your site in the past. Did you get loads of content on your pages by copying them from free article directories and pasting them onto your own website? If so, you're probably at risk to losing your rankings and that means less traffic.

Be sure to have all unique content on your website in order to be safe when it comes to being safe during any search algorithm update.

What is the purpose of the Panda update?
Google wanted to get rid of all the low quality and spammy type content from it's search results. This is one of the main reasons that the article directories got hit so bad, they let anyone submit content to their pages which in turn killed their rankings when the Panda update went live.

How will my SEO be affected due to the Panda update?
When writing content, write it for the people and not just for rankings. Google is getting smarter when it comes to content writing just to get ranked, so be genuine when it comes to your own content Googles Panda Update - How it changed what we do online

People that are writing garbage content are doing so just for the traffic and eventually an ad click here and there. When you're writing your content you have to remember that people want something that is engaging and high quality, not something that just points them to an ad so you can make a quick buck. Google is killing some websites out there that are deceiving, you could be next, but if you play it safe you should be good. Write for the people, not profits or Google Googles Panda Update - How it changed what we do online

Make sure the content you're publishing is your own. This way you know it will be unique, truly yours and also helpful to anyone reading it. Try not to write content just for Google because they aren't too fond of brown noses. Try to avoid linking with content farming websites because you don't want to be linked to bad partners, right?

Think about it, if the content farms are being removed from the search engine results pages that means something else has to fill the top spots where they were ranked. Take this time to write up some great content for a chance to take those positions for yourself Googles Panda Update - How it changed what we do online

In Conclusion:
Be sure to have your own content written up for your traffic and not for the search engines. If your content truly is yours then the people will love it and Google will follow. Avoid content farms like they're covered in the black plague lol.

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I have read so many discussions about Google Updates that my take on them is that it is just a way of scaring website owners to be fair in their dealings particularly with the SEO capability of their sites. We have to admit that some webmasters are abusing the use of keywords and the building of backlinks. If Google will be instilling discipline on those chores then I will say that is a good move for Google.

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