YouTube SEO Tips - Which I use

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YouTube SEO Tips - Which I use

KEYWORDS are the most essential piece of YouTube Seo, you can state that YouTube Seo is quite recently moving around the keywords as indicated by your videos.

Choose The Right keyword - Try these tools below :

Moz Keword tools

Wordtracker tool


Uber Keyword tool

KW Long Tail Keyword Finder

Also in mind try and use low competitive keywords .

Use The Correct Title

Use the correct title by also using the main keyword in the title which hopefully you have researched and make sure it is related to your video.
Keep it simple while making sure the main keyword is in the title.

The description

Now write a good description using your keyword and try if you can not to just do one paragraph try put some detail in this. This is important to have the title and description with the keyword to help rank your videos. Also the more views and likes will also boost your rankings on your videos.

But these are just my way's some of you may not agree but it works well for me thats for sure.


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KEYWORDS are the most essential piece of YouTube SEO
I agree! And here's a tip I like to make use of that I've been seeing some benefit from when it comes to keywords in titles for posts, videos and other stuff. Try to use the main keywords you're targeting twice in the title. No more than twice though as that could be deemed as keyword stuffing. But by using the main keywords twice in the title, both at the start and near the end of the title, it adds more emphasis on those keywords and seems to work better for ranking purposes than just using them once only.

As an example of what I mean. Let's say you uploaded a video on "dog training". Well you could have a title like "10 Dog Training Tips for Puppies". Where as a more affective title would be "10 Dog Training Tips for Puppies for That Need Dog Training". This way those main keywords you're targeting of "dog training" appear in the title twice adding more emphasis to those keywords.

I'm still experimenting with this but so far there appears to be a lot of method in the madness if you know what I mean! YouTube SEO Tips - Which I use

Great tips and tools though mate thanks for the share!

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That’s a very nice tip you have shared with us – using the keyword twice in the title. It didn’t occur to me that having the keyword more than once is good. In an ordinary sentence, having the term twice is redundant and although not grammatically wrong, it is against the teaching in the English classroom. Anyway, I will remember that when I will be creating new content because I know that the title of the article is very important and it can also be used in stuffing keywords.

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