How do you stay organized when it comes to your daily routine?

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How do you stay organized when it comes to your daily routine?

In todays daily grind it can be overwhelming when it comes to all the things that have to be done in a day, week or month. I know that I sometimes get overwhelmed and I'm actually on top of most of my tasks each day, but when I do get overwhelmed it's usually because I stray from my daily plan. It can be tough writing up a plan and sticking to it, but it's not impossible if you have the right mindset How do you stay organized when it comes to your daily routine?

When it comes to staying on top of all your jobs and tasks you'll want to work on schedule. I know that a lot of us got into online marketing so that we didn't have to stick to a schedule, but it will seriously help you out. I like to use my phone and add in specific things that I need done on certain days in order to stay on track for the month. These reminders are usually for when I have clients to call or monthly subscriptions for a considerable amount going out or coming in to my account from clients.

You can also use a desktop scheduler which is similar to the phone method but it's just on your computer. You can write in all your daily activities and what you need to do first before you do your second task. You can download scheduling software that will actually give you a nice little pop up reminder to call someone, set up an SEO project, finish a design or whatever you have going on that day. You can plan it out as long as you want or just write up your day in the morning, it's up to you. The only downside to this is that some of these services cost a few bucks each month just to remind you to do stuff How do you stay organized when it comes to your daily routine?

Time Management
If you're not managing your time very well then you're always going to be falling behind. Set aside X minutes per task or XX minutes per phone call and you will notice that your day will seem shorter since you're finishing all of your tasks in a timely manner while sticking to your schedule. Now if you set aside 30 minutes for a phone call and you're only on the phone for 10 minutes, it doesn't mean you can just sit around and stare at the walls for 20 minutes. Get back to work and hit the next thing in your schedule, unless it's a phone call you have to make at a specific time. If it is a time sensitive thing that you have to do next then jump forward to your next task and come back to the time sensitive one when it is up in your list.

Poor time management can stress anyone out, and if you're running a business it can make you bankrupt because of the mistakes that will eventually start rolling in. If you're not managing your time well you will notice that everything will seem to be piling up on you and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to get done. This also happens a lot when someone is working a 9 to 5 and they have weekly deadlines. They won't worry about the job on Monday or Tuesday and start working on it by Wednesday because they think it's only a 3 day job. The problems they run into, that were not forseen, will be the reason they're getting stressed out and staying up late. If only they put a little bit of time into the work the first two days they would have a better result and less stress when it needed to be submitted lol.

Take Breaks
By all means, stick to your schedule and be diligent when it comes to completing each task. You will usually get done earlier than expected, but you can't forget about scheduling breaks into your day and sticking to them! If you're not taking a break you will easily get overwhelmed even if the work is easy for you. You will be working 6, 7, 8 or 9+ hours without sitting back and having lunch or just hanging out watching TV for 30 minutes. We're human, not machines, so you will need to hit the pause button and recharge yourself in order to put out the best work you possibly can.

Studies have actually shown that people can work for 9+ hours in a row in a single day but if they doing it every day of the week their performance starts to slip after day 1. By the end of the week of the 9+ hour straight days the person is frustrated and easily angered, and we all know that's never a good thing when working How do you stay organized when it comes to your daily routine? Regardless if you're working online or at a brick and mortar type business, you'll need to schedule a break here and there and stick with it.

In Conclusion:
You need to schedule your time and stick to it. If you don't you will be overwhelmed and eventually feel burnt out because of it. You can download some software to help keep you on point when it comes to scheduling or you can use your phone. Remember to take breaks so you don't get overworked and you will notice your performance never dropping. I myself have a hard time remembering to schedule my time, but I force myself to do it every weekend and I'm glad I do How do you stay organized when it comes to your daily routine?

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Nice nice nice! And very much needed to know information here for a lot of us who live busy lives where we have a lot to do and only so much time to do it in! Especially for us freelancers that is that sell on here and have other clients and orders to deal with in your own business dealings and the like also. It can seem overwhelming at times and really get the better of you!

I like to use my phone's notes for writing down "TO DO" lists and stuff. So at the end of every night, I'll think about what I have to do tomorrow. And I'll list them out in order of priority or importance. Usually it just involves the doing part of working on my orders on here and content writing etc across the sites I do that on.

But I don't always look at my phone. Especially when I am working away, I can go hours before I even look at it. Then I have to unlocked it, open my notes, open the note and look at it. Meh! So sometimes I just like to go the old school route and use a pen and paper instead. And don't knock it, I actually get more done when I write the things down I need to do as that way, I always have it in front of me and can mark them off as I go through them and get them done.

Where as without it, I'm like a headless chicken! LOL How do you stay organized when it comes to your daily routine?

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My best tool for keeping me organized is a short list of tasks.

Usually I usually organize my issues the day before and when I wake up, I know exactly what I have to do.

I also do not usually create more than 4 or 5 tasks per day, because I like to stay focused and not leave a problem for the next day.

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I prepare To-Do lists on daily basis. I usually write about all the tasks that I have to tackle for the day and list them in order of priority. I also allocate the amount of time that I must devote for each task. I can say that To-Do lists help me to stay organized and to complete all my tasks. This has also helped me to improve my organizational and time management skills.

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First things first, it is the time that I make sure is organized. Time management is very important for me because of my hectic daily schedule. If I fail to manage my time then there will be tasks that would be done properly. And with the work, I always do the easier ones if the deadline are not in conflict otherwise I have to do the one with the shortest deadline. Leaving the most difficult as the last task is my style. At least my mind is already rested in thinking that I have already accomplished the other tasks.

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