How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing?

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How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing?

So how exactly did you learn SEO and Online Marketing? Were you like most of us and lurked around forums or other tutorial websites and read everything you can and implemented it or did you go a different route like hiring someone to teach you? Online Marketing and SEO are much more popular today than it was when I started playing around with websites back in 2003. Now I'm not saying it was a new thing to be learning, but there definitely wasn't as many people trying to make money online as there are today lol. Anyway, in this discussion I'll go over some ways that I've learned how to do SEO and Online Marketing as well as ask some questions that you can answer in the comments section How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing?

When I started my online journey I was basically conned into it. It's sad to admit, but I did fall for the "Make $100's every single day for just posting ads around the internet!" How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing? I bought this $249 package (I think that was the price) and I started reading through it to see what it was all about. Eventually I figured out that this "tutorial" was just someone telling me how to set up a basic website and how to place strips of adsense on it. Yeah, I paid $249 for something I could have easily learned on any forum or here on this community discussion [insert facepalm here]. But I do not regret doing this because if I never saw that ad which promised I would be rich after learning everything, I wouldn't be here today How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing? I'd probably be working some 9 to 5 that I hated and going home to sit in front of the TV while I dreamed of being rich (I still dream about that lol).

So now you're probably thinking "That doesn't have anything to do with SEO. What are you talking about?" and I will tell you. I learned how to put up a basic website and place adsense on it, but that's not how you make money. You need traffic to these websites in order to get clicks and make a profit, and how do you get traffic other than buying it? That's right, SEO How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing? So I started my journey to figure out where I could learn SEO and Online Marketing in order to get some measly clicks on my adsense websites. I stumbled upon the 3 big Online Marketing forums which were BHW, WF and DP. I personally gravitated towards BHW because I felt that it was more of a realistic vibe between members and they weren't just trying to sell each other stuff like how it was on WF. I avoided DP eventually because it was just over run by people asking me to hire them when I was just trying to learn how to make money online myself lmao How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing?

When it comes to learning SEO, here is what I like:

  1. Marketing forums - There are plenty of good marketing forums out there loaded with 100% FREE content which you can read and learn. You don't need to pay to learn in this field, but you have to be diligent and be ready for long hours behind a computer screen reading until you're eyes hurt lol.
  2. Large Blogs - Huge blogs like Moz and SearchEngineWatch are great places to start learning about what you can do in terms of how to set up a website and marketing. I wouldn't recommend starting off here because the posts are sometimes advanced and if you're aren't at the pro level just yet it could seem confusing.
  3. Chat Groups - There are a few chat groups you can get in to, but they're difficult. I am a member of a few skype and discord groups full of very knowledgeable members and we help each other out whenever we can. This type of learning system will require you to be at the top of your game already just to be accepted into the groups.
  4. SEOclerks Community Discussion - Yes, this is a great place to start learning about SEO and Online Marketing because people like me, Mike and Cristian will usually answer any questions you have. Between everyone that frequently posts on the community discussion we can most likely answer anything you throw at us.

Learning SEO and Online Marketing won't be something you can do in a few days, weeks or months. It will take a lot of time to learn everything and even then it will change up and you will have to keep reading up on the updates in order to stay on top of your game lol. I remember when I started I thought I knew everything there was to know after about 6 months and I look back now and think "Man, I was such a rookie back then!". I'm sure that I will think the same thing in a few years when I remember posting this exact discussion How did you end up learning SEO and Online Marketing?

In Conclusion:
Always be reading and staying on top of the new things that are being tested and proven to work when it comes to SEO and Online Marketing. If you take a break you will likely have outdated methods which might work for low competition niches and almost never work for difficult ones. Go through all the forums you can find to figure out which one is the best fit for you and start posting, not spamming, comments on peoples threads and making your own.

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Very interesting, as for me I used to downloading like 50 eBooks on the subject I love to learn, so that i will be exposed to so many author's knowledge.

Also, I have also learn from some newsletters from trusted sites like social media examiner. From these newsletter I learnt some things that would have costed me days of struggle, I am also able to learn new trends in marketing and link building strategies.

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I learned it mostly by absorbing stuff from the net, from doing hands-on projects. However, though, my first spark came around 2000 from a guy at my church who was into computers. He helped me out with this website scam thing I was into. It was a thing where you could set up an instant web store. However, they didn't tell you could get a lot of the same products at Wal-Mart and that it takes a lot of extra marketing money to make it work.

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I started a blog about Excel about 3 years ago. At that time I was a freelance writer and started to have contact with SEO.

I would like to get better results with my blog and this motivated me to study SEO.

I downloaded an online course and it was there that I learned most of the content about SEO. Reading in articles and forums has also helped me a lot to learn more about the subject and today I'm constantly looking for new information.

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I joined in 2010 primarily to publish my writing. When I began publishing online, I learned the nuances of online writing and what I need to learn in order to succeed online. IN 2012, I was accepted on Hubpages Apprentice program where I learned about SEO and online marketing. The 6 months intensive course helped me learn all the technicalities of online publishing.

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I have learned of SEO only in this forum. Before I joined this forum, SEO was just an acronym to me and I didn’t even care about the meaning. But as I visited this forum from time to time, I got to read the discussions about SEO. That was added knowledge to me that’s why I got interested. And to think that SEO is now an important part of the website particularly because it is relative to the traffic, it can be a way of earning extra money as a freelancer.

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I learned it by reading a lot of articles and by converting one of my sites to an online store. Nothing beats experience when it comes to online marketing and SEO.

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I've always loved the social media marketing thing, which promoted me to dig deep into it. I got Ebooks, read articles online; and clicked on videos. But my official plunging into social media marketing came last month when I heard about Google offering a free course on the subject. I enrolled, the courses were highly intense, it came with videos, and a transcript of it. There is a test after each lesson; and, after 106 lessons, I took the final exam which I passed, and got certified by Google as a social media marketer. Its now a part of my online CV.

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