How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

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How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

When it comes to SEO, how do you define your own success? Whenever I'm doing SEO for my own websites, or a clients site, I will always be tracking rankings as well as watch my traffic and sales. I won't usually ask my clients how much more they are making since the campaigns started because that could just backfire if they're not seeing an increase in profits lol. In this discussion I will go over what I think success in SEO is and I'm also interested in what you have to say.

So Let's Begin This SEO Success Discussion

When do you think you've succeeded in the SERPs?
This can be a tricky thing because you can be tracking 50 keywords and they're not moving much but hundreds of other keywords, ones you're not tracking, are sky rocketing and bring in sales. Whenever I'm tracking my keywords I will always get a good mix of tough keywords, medium competition keywords as well as easy to rank for keywords. I will do this to get a good understanding of how I'm ranking across the board and not just my main keywords (the difficult ones).

I measure success when I hit page 3 and I know a lot of you are saying "Why the hell would you say that's successful when you're not even getting traffic from page 3?" and that's because I know everything that I'm doing is working and I just need to keep it up. If you can hit page 3 then you're going to start scaring your competition pretty soon. If it's a difficult keyword to rank for and you hit page 3 or the bottom of page 2 then you'll see a trickle of traffic. You're already winning, but you need to keep it up to take the crown from people on page 1 How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

How much traffic do you need in order to think you're successful?
Well my answer is probably going to annoy people just like my answer to the last question. To feel successful when it comes to traffic I think I only need 1 person coming in from a difficult keyword. I won't feel successful if I'm getting a few hits from long tailed keywords because those are much easier to rank for. Now the difficult keywords are definitely going to take a long time to rank for, but if I can get a single hit from them then I'll know I'm on my way to succeeding in the optimization game How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

Getting just 1 hit from a competitive keyword means that Google is starting to see you as an authority and they are blessing you with some traffic. Just imagine if you're on page 5 getting some traffic and each month you jump a page. You'll be getting a flood of traffic once you hit page 1 and you'll remember back when you got your first hits from that specific keyword How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

How many orders or clicks do you need to think you're successful?
Again, there's a trending theme here... I just need one sale or one click to feel successful. I say this because everything is scaleable and if you're already getting clicks or sales then you're on the right path for success. If you need to make $1,000 to $5,000 extra profit per month from a new website then you'll never feel successful and you'll burn out quicker than a match. Aim low when it comes to sales because you can always bootstrap your profits over time and get to that 1k to 5k profits.

When it comes to PPC campaigns you can feel successful after day 1 because you'll be getting traffic and sales, but is this true success? Hell yeah it is! You took your time to set up a website in order to make sales and on the first day you're profiting? You've just became one of the 1% of online marketers who makes money online and now you can start a success thread on every forum you're a member of lmao How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO? But seriously, don't do that because no one likes bragging. You can consider yourself successful, but in reality we all know that PPC doesn't have anything to do with SEO (I just wanted to add this in lol).

Overall, when you you feel that you're truly successful when it comes to SEO?
When it comes to SEO I truly feel successful when I can lay off the backlinking for a little while and still stay stuck at that coveted #1 position in Google for a competitive keyword. If I've done my months and months of work the right way then I will usually be on the first page, but not holding that #1 position like a king sitting on his throne. SEO is a never ending thing, but you can usually slow down after you're hitting the top spots of the SERPs.

Once I'm hitting the top spots and staying there for competitive terms I'm usually making enough money to hire a VA to follow my exact process and still make a good amount of profit. This will make me feel successful because not only can I hire someone to do what I was just doing, but I can take my profits and put them into another venture to do the same thing but in a different niche How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

In Conclusion:
You'll never be successful if you aren't trying. You'll need to be diligent and stick to a game plan in order to have accurate statistics and goals. If you're taking a month off, working for 3 weeks, taking 2 weeks off and then working for another month you won't have an accurate assessment on growth. In the end, success is what you deem it. You could be getting $10 a month and feel successful while others are making an extra $1,000 and still be depressed about it.

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SEO rules! How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO? To me, being successful in SEO, would be if I was able to get my site ranking within the top 3 sites that showed for every keyword I wanted to rank that site for. Even on the front page within the top 10 would be good for some keywords. But if you wasn't at #1 then there is always room for improvement and always more work to do to get your site in that position.

The good thing about SEO is that there's so many things to do to "SEO" your site to improve it's ranking. Whether it's content writing, for your actual site/blog, product adding etc. Content writing for guest posts, articles, etc. Social media sharing/posting and building up. YouTube video marketing etc etc etc. Just so many different things you can try and implement with your own site.

And that's what I like about SEO, or rather, when doing my own SEO, is that I don't have to just stick to one thing, there's so many different things I can choose from so that I can do something I feel like doing one day and then maybe something else the next.

Of course, I'd really like it if I didn't have to do any SEO at all. Obviously the plan is to get your site ranking high so you can earn from it without needing to do any more SEO on it. But SEO is always evolving and your competitors are always trying to outrank you so it's an ever ongoing thing you'll always have to do at some point along the way you know? How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

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It's true you won't be successful if you aren't trying. But if I could just earn a penny a minute for how hard I try, I'd be able to pay my bills and have money leftover to invest in real estate. How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

I used to have a way of judging or at least gauging my SEO success. I used to use the Alexa toolbar. But they upgraded my browser and now the toolbar doesn't work! So I'm forced a comparable browser tool (which is not comparable but I can work with it).

In most responses I supply in this community, I like to share valuable tips and advice that I find around the web.
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How do you deem yourself successful when it comes to SEO?

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My take on SEO is to monitor the site’s traffic before doing SEO work. The best experiment is using your own site so there will be no complications. The best time is when the traffic is constant. Doing SEO work after 2 days will need continual monitoring of the traffic to determine the effect of the SEO work. What I mean is to employ one SEO method at a time. You can start with the building of backlinks so you will have a clear idea of the sites that give your site quality backlinks.

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