How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

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How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

When you're attempting to optimize your website for the search engines you may overlook the social aspect of things. Social media and SEO go hand in hand if you're wanting to be successful online. Both SEO and Social Media strategies aim to get your content out there in front of people wanting to purchase what you have or read what you have written and in the end you're just trying to attract more traffic to your website. Social media marketing can help increase your search engine rankings because of a few simple things that I will list later in this discussion, so keep reading How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

When you're talking to someone about their social media marketing campaign they will tell you what they're doing, but won't add in most of the little intricate details as to why they're doing it. People around the web know that they need a social media presence in order to be seen as an authority, but do they really know why it's helping them in the rankings department?

To cover most of what it is to be putting together a social media campaign and why you're doing it, I've listed a few things that may open up your eyes. Read the following and let me know what you think in the comments How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

Growing Your Followers
When you're building up your follower base you aren't exactly helping your rankings, but it is the first step in being successful in social media optimization How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO When trying to compete will big companies you will always be starting off slow compared to what they have already built. You will not want to purchase 1,000,000 followers or likes on any platform because they won't result in anything positive and you're analytics will be all out of whack. You'll have to be genuine when building a following and that takes time.

Growing your fan base will take a lot of time but will most certainly happen if you stick with it. You'll need to be posting daily to your social media profiles with unique ideas on how to do something, answers to questions, unique content to let your followers read, discussions to keep them engaged, and answering any questions your followers may have on your posts. When talking with a follower on social media you're creating chatter about your business and you aren't exactly sure how many people are lurking in the shadows reading what you are talking about. You need to imagine that it is your entire follower base asking the question and your response is to a crowd of people and not just the person who asked. This will help build your presence online and encourage others to follow you.

External Linking
When it comes to social media marketing your main objective is to bring in the followers and getting them to share your content wherever possible. Most of the time they will just share something you posted on your facebook page or twitter feed and call it a day, which is awesome. There are also those followers that have blogs and websites that they will share your content on which in turn helps your own SEO and rankings. Over time Google will see you as an authority and some of the credit can be given to your own followers sharing your posts. This is the main reason you have to be posting relative content to your niche and it has to be high quality. No one wants to share a spammy post to their friends and family.

Optimizing Your Posts
When posting on social media pages you have a chance to be found via the search bar on any of them. If you're optimizing your posts, at least the first paragraph or sentence, you're increasing your chances of being found. Imagine if you had a flood of traffic to your facebook page because of one post you made and in turn you got an additional 1,000 followers, you'd probably be happy. Now I'm not talking just about the social media searches on their platforms, I'm also referring to obtaining traffic from the search engines themselves. Since you're posting high quality content on a high authority platform you'll increase your chances of being found for good keywords related to your niche How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

Encourage Sharing
When a brand is being shared plenty of times, the search engines take notice. They don't only factor in the amount of shares for your search engine rankings increase, but they want to see what people are saying in order to evaluate your website. It's good if you can get a few people sharing your posts and images, but if you can get thousands of people sharing your content that's amazing How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO This will help speed up your SEO since people from all over the place will be sharing what you posted on your social media profiles.

When you're encouraging sharing you can help by giving your users a little push in the right direction. You can set up giveaways or lotteries and the only way to be eligible to win them is to share content, or a specific post from your social media profiles in order to win. Anything that encourages them to share or like what you've posted is a step in the right direction.

Local Targeting
If you're trying to target locally you can always rely on social media to get you out there. By using social media you are sending signals to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. and they will see what you're doing and rank you accordingly. You can post content and links when you're doing a fundraiser or if you're going to be at a local event which would show everyone that you're into the local community.

If you do plan on going this route you need to make sure you're taking pictures or videos and sharing them with your followers. This will get the community involved and possibly get you a lot of local followers. You can ask users if they wouldn't mind if you tagged them in a post in order to let others know of what is going on as well.

You can also get involved with companies in the area and cross share each others content to your user base. This will help boost your following since you're both local businesses and you're helping each other out. People like it when they see someone helping another person, and it's the same with businesses. Your followers, and theirs, will more likely be willing to share what you're doing with their friends and family and the Search Engines will take notice How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

Increasing Your Brands Reach
When doing this it may be more of a branding play but in the end it will have an impact on your SEO, which is what we're targeting. By sharing what you can on a daily basis you will easily be increasing your brand awareness and overall increasing your rankings through shares around the web. You will notice that some of your traffic will start coming to your website after searching your business name. Google and the other search engines take not on this and watch what your visitors are searching over time. If you're not branding yourself properly on social media platforms then this is less likely to happen. But if your profiles are all linked to your website where people can see exactly who you are, they will search you up online How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

In Conclusion:
You definitely need to be on social media platforms if you want to kick your website up to the next level when it comes to SEO and overall traffic. Stay active on your profiles and engage with the people who are talking about you. The search engines will take notice and give you a little pat on the back while your rankings increase due to all the shares people are doing over time How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

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I've recently seen an increase in "hot article" type rankings. In other words, Google, as well as other search engines, can see the activity on a social network level and decide to rank certain "hot topics" higher in the search results.

I have a new client that needs a negative article push out of the first page and although that article doesn't have backlink authority and almost zero relative backlinks it ranks very high for a hugely popular keyword. This is due in part due to the domain's overall authority but most of all due to the high-quality article itself, stating multiple sources and having over 3000 words. This together with the social buzz it created as well as the high organic CTR just shows how important and dangerous social media signals can have over SEO.

Thanks for the breakdown Razzy, awsome article as always!

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What a nice article this is so helpful thanks How you can use social media to increase your authority and rankings through SEO

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Post very interesting!

I particularly think that social networking plays an important role within an SEO strategy. But I believe that in order to gain authority over social media, it is necessary to promote engagement with the public.

With well-placed posts, people will automatically share their content and give you greater authority to help you get better search engine rankings.

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When you are sharing on social media, you are expecting to get traffic, leads (or sales) and social signals. When you share on social media and get likes, you will be getting social signals. Social signals are very helpful improving your search engine page rank. The person who liked your link might also want to check the link. Now, you are getting traffic. When there is a traffic, chances of traffic conversion becomes higher, your sales might increase. When people liked your article, they might want to reshare on the social media or backlink in their blogs (if they have any). If there is backlink, you will not only get more traffic, but your website rank also will imporve.

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My take on this is the number of followers you have. Number don’t tell a lie and having a thousand followers give you a semblance of authority. Given the choice of 2 profiles, the first with a thousand followers and the second with only 2 followers. It is obvious that the first one has a sort of authority than the one that you can even consider a newbie. Now with the SEO that is another thing. I really cannot say if having so many followers can increase your SEO ranking.

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