Thank you SEOclerk..

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Thank you SEOclerk..

After struggling a lot in various platforms finally, I have finally tasted my first income out of SEOclerk.

Tried on Fiverr, couldn’t make my mark, mostly because of their nature of work and support team, worst in the world I have ever experienced, felt like I am all alone in a big world, where the Fiverr folks are busy making their top sellers earn more and eventually increasing their revenue thus that's the easiest way for them, there is no giving chances to new people and help them to rise it’s like an under developed country where the government helps the rich to get richer.

Trying on PeoplePerHour, I still don’t understand this platform, created hourlies and just sitting with nothing, even after betting on various jobs, NO RESULT!

Tried on Fivesquid “No comments”.

Tried on Upwork , I had a hard time landing a job during the first few months, but as time went on, I got accepted for various projects depending on the skill required. The hardest part would have to find a buyer to choose you even if you have no experience.

Succeeded on SEOclerk.

As a full time, freelancer, I can proudly say that no otherplatforms are as flexible as SEOclerk, with their amazing team and helpful
community. Very frankly speaking, I did anything I wanted here, created any service I wanted, keeping the terms and conditions in mind. I love, the nature of SEOclerk, they get new users to blend with the SEOclerk's community, it is kind of like accepting someone new in the group.

I remember very beginning of the year there were too many YouTube services and SEoclerk removing those services with low or zero ratings, and was not accepting any more new YouTube services, and I had completely only 1 or 2 orders during that time with absolutely no ratings, up to requesting they believe I had the potential and gave me a chance to continue with the new YouTube service, that definitely gave me so much boost.

Thank you SEOclerk.


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Thank you SEOclerk..
This is very great to hear!

Like many others who have tried those platforms you speak of, not many people actually have success. I remember when I first started to sell services. I was on Fiverr too. I was able to sell some services, but not at the rate that I wanted. It took forever to get sales, and I remember very clearly the top sellers were being constantly promoted. The top sellers would have like 50 pending orders, whilst I had zero.

This lead me to discover the Ionicware Marketplaces. I was the 2,951 person to register on the site, shortly after they launched. I remember coming to the website, but there wasn't many services, and it was basically dead to me so I didn't join - wish I did though. Now there is about 520,000 registered users, and 370,000 services. This marketplace has helped me to learn so much over the years that I have been here, wouldn't trade it for anything!

I love hearing success stories, it gives you motivation and inspiration to continue to reach for your dreams, and goals. Thank you, OptimismSEO, for posting about your success, and I hope you have continued success in the future. Dream big!

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Nice success story @OptimismSEO. I love reading and hearing about peoples success on SEOClerks! The thing is, there are many success stories that have come about from SEOClerks but not all of them come on here and talk about them! That kind of makes me wonder why. Do these people take their success for granted? Do they "give back" anything even if it's just a "thanks" like you have done? It's kind of a mystery really why they don't. And it's kind of strange why more people don't come out and say at least thanks. I guess some people (most people) just feel like they don't need to. Well, you don't really "need" to. But it's still nice if you do and would be nice to see more people coming on here and talking about their success and just saying thanks. At the least! Thank you SEOclerk..

May you have even more success for it!

Onwards and upwards! - Charley Bronson.

Thank you SEOclerk..

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Great job! It is great to read success stories like this on our awesome community! Keep it up and let us know of your progress.

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I have tried a number of other sites too, but SEOClerks has definitely been the best.

It’s not just the volume of business; it’s also that I have found that the buyers here on SEOClerks seem to be more business-like and just generally nicer people to work with.

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I definitely agree with you there! Thank you SEOclerk..

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Thank you SEOclerk..

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congrats mate seoclerks has the best support better than any other sites due to my experience too

hope seoclerks continue like that too

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Thank you for sharing your success!
This inspires me and I am sure others to never give up and grab hold of what is yours!

Appreciate it.

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Thank you for this wonderful story. This helps other newbies like me get inspiration in working here because stories like yours makes them motivated! I am glad that SEOclerk works out for you just fine! Congratulations and keep doing what you do best. Thank you SEOclerk..

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