How to establish yourself as an influencer by publishing your work on high authority websites

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How to establish yourself as an influencer by publishing your work on high authority websites

Let's say you are an upcoming expert in your industry. You learned the ropes and took the time to put everything in practice while combating all kind of problems and gathering experience but also a few sets of new skills. You have a lot of knowledge to share and you can actually help people develop.

You've seen others in your niche, people that started to write about your industry and quickly got published by important publications and now they have an authority and influencer status inside that industry.

So, how do you reach guru/influencer status?

First of all, why would you? Because if you are an entrepreneur in your industry, going for influencer status will get your more leads that you could ever imagine!
Keep in mind it won't be very easy, especially if you aren't fond of writing but if you take it slow I believe anyone can create a decent piece of content. Overall, you just need to make sure you get certain things just right!
Make sure you go through the following steps:

1. Find and target the best websites for you to pitch on. In my opinion, when you are first getting started as an influencer in your niche don't go for the top publications, you need to have some background to publish for them so instead go for the medium publications, they'll be glad somebody is noticing them and will gladly accept free content.

After you refined the art of pitching and you already have some good articles under your belt you can safely pitch for the big players, but until then, let's stick to the middle man.

2. You already need to have some samples articles published. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to publish your first articles! Even if the middle players you will pitch for will be happy and will accept free content they'll want to see some samples of your work first to make sure you know what you are talking about.

My advice would be to start publishing 5 big articles on LinkedIn. Don't be afraid to give it your best, it's your work and you always need to give your best, it represents you!

3. Connect with the publication you are pitching for on social media. Follow them on twitter, like them on Facebook, link them on LinkedIn and share their content right before you start pitching. It will get you noticed and this can mean a lot for them and you'll make a nice impression.

4. Make sure you read and agree with all of their terms before you start pitching. Any serious news website or general publication has a special page where they'll list all the requirements needed for people that want to guest post on their website or blog. Make sure you read that page carefully and act exactly as they need you to act.

5. Email them. Be short and direct, don't write long boring pitch emails! Get to the point right from the start, you don't really need to link them to samples yet, you'll get to that later after the first response. Firstly you just want to make sure you are in through the door. If you don't get a response, don't worry, write another email after a week or so. Be persistent but not annoying!
Keep in mind these people are getting a huge number of emails every day from people just like you. You need to stand out and keep trying while others quit.

In Conclusion: Starting out in your influencer journey isn't very hard. You just need to have some article samples ready to prove you know how to write and start pitching to the right people. Follow the rules and be persistent, you won't get to be a guru from the first day but if you write enough articles on enough publications it will be just a matter of time until publication will contact you and not the other way around.


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Nice post Cristian without an h! Really very insightful stuff mate cheers! This is some great info to know about especially when it comes to "pitching" other sites in which you can post on. As the pitch is where it all comes about and happens. And for that pitch to be more affective, having some previous samples of your work could really be the swinging and deciding factor to whether you're accepted, or not.

I really like these tips though and it's definitely something I'll put into practice. When it comes to pitching to someone, some authority site or something, being known by them is the most important thing of all, and by just following them on their social media sites and profiles and interacting with their posts, getting your face and name seen by them can have a lot of clout.

Very nice post mate thanks for sharing it. This should help smaller people to go on to become bigger, more influential people, businesses and websites so that they can go on to become the authority that people pitch to.

Well that's the goal and plan anyway right? How to establish yourself as an influencer by publishing your work on high authority websites



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You are right op, though you don't have to stress yourself going through all that if you really know your stuff. I have seen people become known just by posting their experiences on a blog. When what you are resonates with people's emotion, then you have made yourself a name.

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In 2015, there was a great earthquake in my home country. I was asked by a celebrated blogger based in Canada to do guest blogging on her site. For two months, I wrote articles and published on her blog every week. I was compensated some money for my articles. I was also allowed to backlink to my Amazon page. This helped me drive sales of my Amazon books. Guest blogging helps in so many ways. I did not have my blogs back then. If I had I would have certainly gained traffic to my blogs.

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When you say high authority websites, what comes to my mind are the sites that are big and established like HP or Microsoft. Of course, what you really mean are not the giants but just the well established site for the niche we are talking about. But I am not comfortable in trying to publish your work there because pitching to big websites is like trying to find a 4-leaf clover. Anyway, I think this job is for the marketing people who have the guts and skills to bargain.

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I agree with you, influencer usually start in social medias platform. Then the spread like a wildfire.

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