PR isn't a metric for rankings anymore, why are people still focused on it?

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PR isn't a metric for rankings anymore, why are people still focused on it?

For a while now PR or Page Rank hasn't been a factor when it comes to ranking for competitive terms. Google hadn't updated PR in forever and then announced that it was no longer a factor in how they evaluate a website in order to place it within their search results. Even though PR is not a factor in the rankings anymore, I still see tons of freelancers pitching high PR link packages. I understand that high PR links back in the day were most likely coming from authority websites, but PR could be gamed and it's not always true.

What exactly is page rank?
Page rank, or PR, was one of Googles ways of evaluating a website and ranking them on how "popular" they were. Google would update it's PR change roughly twice a year until they decided it was a garbage metric that could just be gamed by good SEO people.

Why are people still selling high PR links?
I think it's mainly due to the fact that they don't keep up with times and don't even know that PR isn't a factor anymore. They learned something about SEO and still pitch the same service over and over to their clients without updating it frequently. There are plenty of service providers here on that I've used in the past who updated their services to reflect the PR change and they don't claim their services have high PR links, because it doesn't matter. On the other hand, I've seen many more service providers still pitching the same High PR packages and telling their users that it's the only thing they need in order to rank, which is bullsh*t.

Why do/did people want High PR links?
High PR links were the golden tickets to top rankings in the past. People wanted to gain as many high pr links they could because you could get 10 of them and rank for medium difficulty keywords while other people were doing months of work and still not ranking. I chased high PR links for years until I decided to stop and just focus on great content and social media mixed in with links on authority websites. I'm glad I did because now everyone that was chasing PR is probably kicking themselves lol. There were so many High PR networks out there a year ago that were making thousands a month from just 10 to 20 subscribers but now they are wasted websites. The content on them was basic and the designs were mediocre so that means now they don't rank.

If I'm not going for High PR links, what should I target?
Well you should always target high authority websites and try to get your links on them. Focus on DA (Domain Authority) and TF (Traffic Flow). You should still be careful though because this is a metric in rankings and can be gamed just like PR was. Online marketers are smart and they will figure out exactly how to increase any metric of measurement in order to win lol. Some people will sell "High" DA and TF links for pretty cheap, but be smart when purchasing because it could be pointless in the end.

You should also be focusing on your content. Write some amazing stuff or hire someone to write for you in order to get quality content up and running. You will have to focus on anything aimed at your website as well and not just your own pages. This means you'll have to write content for other websites and link back to your website. This is one of the tried and true ways of dominating the search engines because it takes time and you have to pass moderators in order to get your content live PR isn

Should I still buy high PR backlinks for my website?
Well you can, no one wills top you (especially the seller of the links) but you won't see as much of a benefit now compared to last year. Before you purchase the High PR link package be sure to talk with the freelancer. Ask them if their high PR links still work after the last PR update and if they say "YES! Of course they do!" or anything similar to that, they're full of sh*t and should be avoided lol. I'm going to refer you back to my second point of this discussion "Why are people still selling high PR backlinks?" PR isn

In Conclusion:
Try to avoid High PR link sellers who haven't updated their packages because they probably don't know what they're doing in the first place. If they haven't updated their services then they are out of the loop when it comes to SEO since the update was a while ago. Focus on high quality content on authority websites and get links back to your pages, not just your homepage.

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I believe the buyer is also to blame for the PR scores that are still around after so many years since it last been updated.
I've talked with some sellers here on SEOclerks that still sell services and backlinks packages that advertise high PR websites. Apparently, this is what most people are still looking for. As you said, they once knew and read about PR somewhere and now all their SEO knowledge gravitates around PR.

The real problem is that the new generation of buyers but also SEOs is not properly educated and are quick to jump on the PR train without doing a proper research first. The only way I could see the PR system disappear is if all the marketplaces will bound together and remove PR-related services.
Than again I'm sure a lot of buyers will then publish WTB demanding PR SEO services.

Buttom line: people need to be educated by force, especially the buyer! As long as such services are bought anymore, I bet the sellers would change their tone within a week of not having any orders.

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I wouldn't try to buy links as that makes Google angry and probably Bing and Yahoo too. However, you can get around this situation with guest posting on high DA blogs. Also, Google doesn't frown on backlinks from high-quality high DA directories. Oh, by the way, is it possible for a directory to be low quality, yet have a high DA?

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I think there is one discussion here that PR or page ranking of Google is not used anymore. Where before the PR is the ranking of the website in the Google’s index and it is based on the popularity of the website, now there is no more value for the PR. It will now go down to the search list result to know the ranking of your website in the search engines. And the ranking differs from search engines to search engines.

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