How to find the right Instagram Influencers for your website.

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How to find the right Instagram Influencers for your website.

Almost everyone here knows what Instagram is, but did you know you can pay Instagram Influencers to post for you in order to obtain traffic and sales through your website? This has been going on since the beginning of the internet, you pay a person who is popular and they promote your website or items in hopes of making more than you spent on the post(s). Most influencers won't admit that they are taking money for these kinds of posts because they are suppose to make it look like they actually love what they are using or talking about. If you have a lotion and pay a model to say they use it, they are going to say they hadn't been paid so that it looks like a genuine post and not a promotion.

How much can an Instagram Influencer make per post?
Well that all depends on the niche they are in. Usually if you're in the fashion or health niche then you're going to be paying more because you'll have to pay models in order to post to the masses. The amount of followers a model has will determine how much you have to pay them, but there's not formula set in stone to figure out exactly how much to pay for these types of posts. If the model has over 100,000 followers then you're looking at around $200 to $400 per post, and that's just for an image with a reference to your website lol.

If you're in a less competitive niche it will cost much less. I've actually talked with Influencers in my niche and I can pay $5 to $20 a post along with a link in their bio to get direct traffic, and this is for users who have 200,000+ followers. That's a huge difference compared to the fashion and health niche.

Why can they charge this much per post?
Because they know you need to get the word out to their fan base and you will pay it if you want to profit. These influencers will register on third party websites which have a lot of users looking for promotions on Instagram and other social media sites. They will figure out the average price per post for how many followers they have and list it at that. The pricing is pretty insane and most start up companies can't afford the $200 to $400 per post in hopes of making enough money to break even.

Is this legal?
Well there's nothing really illegal about the influencer posting for you, so No it's not illegal. They could be breaking something in the terms of service set by Instagram, but they don't seem to be getting any infractions for doing so.

A lot of influencers will say that they were not paid for the promotion and that they truly love the product, but if you go through their previous posts you will see a pattern and then BAM there's a promotion lol.

How can I find influencers in my niche?
Well that's actually pretty simple and I will tell you my trick to find the good ones.

  • Step 1: Search your keyword and find who has the most followers and then follow them. This is sort of like bookmarking them for later when you decide to contact them.
  • Step 2: After you follow around 100 profiles with 50k or more followers, you'll now need to contact them. Go to their profile and click the three vertical buttons to the right of their name at the top of the page/profile. DO NOT CLICK "CONTACT" because it may not go through and that means you're just wasting time. You can email them through the contact button, but you should also click the three vertical buttons and then click "Send Message". This will open up a chat box and you can now message the profile. Use something simple just in case there's a language barrier like this "Hi there, I was wondering if you offered any type of sponsored posts? If so, how much do you charge? Thank You How to find the right Instagram Influencers for your website."
  • Step 3: Rinse and repeat the first 2 steps until you can't send any more messages. I think you can send 10 to 15 per day before they stop sending. You'll know when they stop sending because there will be a red icon that pops up next to the message saying there was an error. Just wait 24 hours and message more profiles when you can.

Why contact them directly and not through third party sites?
Well if you contact them directly you can usually get a pretty big discount compared to working with them through third party websites. This is because they will increase their prices based on how much the platform is getting per transaction. If the platform is getting 25% then the Influencer might increase their prices by 40% to make what they normally would if you contacted them directly.

Can I do this with my profiles?
You sure can! You just need to have enough followers on your profile so it's worth it for advertisers to pay you for posts. I've seen people with 5,000 followers charging $100 for a post but they aren't getting many sales since the advertiser can pay $100 and get a 50k profile to post for them. You have to build your profile up enough to make it worth it for the advertiser to want to work with you.

In conclusion:
Instagram Influencers have been around for a while. They can make or break a website, which is kind of insane when you think about it. They can charge what they want so you'll need to shop around, you can pay $5 or $50 for the same amount of followers for your post so be careful before you buy. It's kind of like the wild west on Instagram and it will likely change in the future so get in while the going is good How to find the right Instagram Influencers for your website.

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That's a good idea. Also, you can send a gift with some of your products to the instagrammer instead of paying. It depends on which product or service you offer, but that works with beauty and fashion instagrammers and bloggers, beauty companies and fashion brands send them their products in return for publicity.

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I think commenting on other profiles with the right set of the followers can be one option. There are some people who promote pages of other people. And that can be one more good thing that can come out of it. But it all comes down to how your audience reacts to such cross promotion. Some may like and some may not like that part from what I know there.

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I actually have a business idea regarding Instagram influencers. The idea is to connect the buyers with the influencers. Because the search for the right keywords doesn't work every time and there are plenty of influencers out there that may be perfect for you but you will never connect with them.

I also found that the right influencer to pay for promotion is the influencer that has over 100k follower but no more than 900k. These influencers usually have the best prices but also the best conversion rate!

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Thank you for the information, will help me get better.

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Pardon me for straying but I am amazed by that amount you mentioned that an influencer with a 100k followers can charge $200 to $400 per post in Instagram. It appears to me that an influencer is the same as a product endorser on tv and print media. Just posting your image with reference to a product will earn the influencer that amount. I am serious with my straying because it looks like a good career to be an influencer. I understand that it is not easy to get 100,000 followers but it can be done, right?

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