You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

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You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

To make money online you don't need a unique idea, you just need to know a little bit about marketing and you can bring in the sales. I have my own products that bring in sales as well as piggy backing products, drop shipping websites and also being a middle man. Each set up to make money online has their benefits and draw backs, but they all will make money for you if you stick with it and do it right You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

Piggy Backing
This involves someone already making money with their system and you setting up something just like it. If you do it right you can actually be seen as the top dog in your niche and make more sales than the originator. Some people don't like doing this because they feel cheap and don't want to create competition for the originator, but you're working online and there's always competition lol.

You'll need to invest some money into this if you're going to do it right because you'll need to rewrite and rebrand everything that the originator has done. If you don't want to do it yourself you can hire writers to mimic a websites content and make it your own as well as paying a designer to make custom images similar to the ones on the originators website. This will piss off the person who originated the system or setup, but you're not working online to make friends if you want to go the piggy backing route lol.

You'll see a lot of people piggy backing when it comes to ebooks. This is because they are fairly cheap to reproduce since you don't really have to set up an entire website revolving around them. You can simply get your .pdf's written up and rebranded and push them onto forums within your niche to make sales. I can't count how many times I've seen people posting ebooks that they didn't even bother rabranding all the way and making a few thousand off of it. Obviously they were seeing a large amount of chargebacks, but I'm sure there were a good amount of people who didn't know it was a reproduction.

Drop Shipping
When it comes to drop shipping you basically just need to figure out what niche you want to be in and then find specific products on a website like aliexpress who's sellers are use to their buyers drop shipping their items. You can go over and purchase a premium theme from themeforest and set it up on wordpress then add your newly sourced items to the website. When you make a sale you then purchase it off of aliexpress and enter in the clients address. You can even add a note saying you're drop shipping the item you're purchasing and would appreciate it if the manufacturer does not add anything related to their business. Almost every time I've done this I have gotten a response from the manufacturer agreeing to not put anything in the box before shipment You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

Drop Shipping is easy to set up but it could be a waste of time if you're jumping into a difficult niche. A long time ago I jumped into a website and didn't think I needed to do keyword research for my PPC campaigns, booooy was I wrong lol. After setting up the website in my spare time for 3 weeks I quickly found out that my CPC was over $20 and I definitely didn't have enough money to invest into something I planned on slowly building. So do your keyword research prior to getting into drop shipping or you will be sad if you're in the same shoes I was You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

Being a middle man is similar to drop shipping, but you can do it with digital products and services. Usually you'll want to stick with services that can be be duplicated so that you can add them to your own website in order to make a sale. You can mark up the service to whatever you want and people will buy it as long as you have good content that puts the potential buyer at ease You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

I was doing some testing with an SEO service website about 3 months ago and it was pretty awesome. I set up a website in a day and then added around 30 SEO services that I sourced from here, After I wrote up a bunch of content for each of the services and described them in a way that was encouraging the people to buy, I put the website on Bing Ads and Adwords. I started the campaigns slow and had them at $10 a day until I could get a good set of keywords and drop my CPC as low as it would go because of my relevancy. After a few weeks I increased my campaigns to $30 a day and it resulted in a lot more sales. When I was at just $10 a day I was seeing a lot more clicks coming through adwords because Google obviously gets more traffic. I was making around $1,500 a month for $600 invested into my PPC campaigns. A $900 profit to just buy services on SEOclerks using my customers information and then sending my customer a report isn't bad, but it wasn't great. I invested a lot of time and effort into managing all the orders and in all honesty it was pretty frustrating because I was getting first time SEO buyers who would pay $50 and expect to get top rankings. So if you're into that type of business model, being a middle man is right up your alley You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

In conclusion:
There are plenty of ways to make money online, not just the 3 I mentioned above. You'll need to think outside of the box when it comes to you making money because you don't want to duplicated your competitor word for word. I'm pretty sure that if you put your time and effort into at least one of the above methods you will definitely make some money. The amount you make is solely up to how much time, effort and money (in case you're doing PPC) you put into it. Treat it as if it were your own business and you will have plenty of people coming back for multiple orders You can still make money online without having a unique idea.

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thanks for the information. hope it helps to more members on here...

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I completely agree with this, having a unique idea is ideal if you are looking to bring something new to the market however if you are looking to make some money online then sometimes not going for a unique idea is a better option. Going for a unique idea could leave you with problems when it comes to wanting advice on the best way to advertise your product. With going for something that is popular you could probably find so much information about the best way to advertise, the best way to increase your sales with that particular product meaning you may succeed better than offering something unique. Offering something unique is good if you have been in the selling business for a while and you are confident that you will be able to promote your product well.

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No, I don't think you need unique ideas at all! You can simply do what someone else is doing. However, the catch is that you need a decent or huge amount of traffic and maybe a little bit, a decent amount or a lot of skill in marketing. At the very least, a high traffic website can just post some Adsense ads and profit off of them.

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It's about looking at what people do already and adding your own unique twist to make it better!

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Well, it is competitive nowadays. It is not like before whereby if you have a product and list it, you get buyers with no hitch. You now have to think creatively and be proactive in trying new strategies until you find what works.

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I think middleman can work better for beginners, I thought about starting a freight brokerage company since it does not need one to be a
rocket scientist you just need to know to act between a company that
need material shipped and the one that transport them it also has
unlimited earning potential plus you can do all that remotely online.

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Good ideas. Im gonna try some of it. Thanks for sharing

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Dropshipping is a nice idea for those who are not creative like me. It is very popular now because of the easy procedure. And searching for suppliers is easy since there are lots of them in the internet. A dropshipper is the one selling the products while the supplier handles the delivery. Of course, you need to be sure that your supplier is legit with their products and prompt with their deliveries.

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Makibg money online to me entails more of skills than even unique ideas,if one have the required skill then one is on the way to making cool cash especially for those that don't want to write that really needs a sound mind, one can just engage a buyer to a seller and good money is made through this means hut one need a marketing skill.Learning a good marketable skill is the way to go when it comes to online money making.

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