Why doesn't SEOClerks has an official company blog and ways a blog can help

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Why doesn't SEOClerks has an official company blog and ways a blog can help

Why doesn
I was just thinking about ways in which you can become more discoverable online and just in general. Ways you can gain more exposure for your site and business. Ways in which you can reach out to people and capture their attention. Ways in which you can give people something for free that they'll value and value you for it too. And there's quite a lot of things you can do (which all basically comes under online and offline Marketing).

But one of the best things you can do that is perfect for all these reasons and more is to add a blog to your site. A blog that chronologically displays posts of all kinds. From news and updates about the site and business. Things they've done, going to do, events, webinars, podcasts, whatever! Or just to post expert articles on things related to the industry you're in like SEO articles etc. And by doing so, you not only help your users by keeping them informed on big or small changes etc. But you help them through the content you post to it too.

Examples would be by posting tutorials and guides on how to do things on the site. Insights into things like selling, dealing with clients, verifying your number/address, securing your account, tips and tricks etc etc and all of that kind of thing. So that would be helpful to people and mean more people actually do it too which would help all round.

And there's the other good side to having a blog next to that. There's that it will get crawled, indexed and ranked by Google and that which would bring more people into the site both buyers and sellers (a lot of first time buyers actually turn into sellers when they get a bit clued up). And especially if, you was posting content that was geared to attracting outsiders attention such as those that need SEO/SMM services or some other type of freelance service etc.

And we both know that the freelance and SEO industry is booming and set to be worth even more by 2020 as more people will be needing the services and more people will be able to provide them too. And a blog that blogs about that sort of thing when it is about that sort of thing is very befitting and would make a lot of sense. And it seems like, it would actually behove any site or business that doesn't have a blog simply because of all these reasons and more.

And having a blog does sort of seem the norm for a lot of big online based businesses. And I won't mention any names, but some of the other job boards have had a company/customer blog going since the early days and they use it for the reasons stated above and more and benefit from having it with all the above stated benefits too.

And I know we have the Community FAQ here which is just awesome and so very empowering! And that important news and updates can be posted (and pinned) here and it's good and useful when they do. And the Community FAQ is kind of a blog in that respect. Or what could be considered so anyway. But it's more Community orientated and for the community to post on and interact with. And blogs are too but the FAQ is more like the forum where as a blog would be more for the staff side of SEOClerks. Although a great blog would publish other people's content and submissions too. Such as expert articles and knowledgable stuff. Interviews, event outcomes, industry news and happenings on trending things in the industry it's in.

And as I was thinking about this I kinda had this epiphany lol. And the more benefits I think of, the more it makes me wonder even more why there isn't one already! Because of all the benefits that it could bring as mentioned here. Why doesn

So I ask, how come there isn't an official SEOClerks company blog?

And could this be something you could add in the future?

Hey, if you need writers/content for it, you know who to ask first right? ;)

And I'm sure there would be loads of people here that would love the chance to get a post on it. You could "interview" some of the top sellers here. It doesn't have to be a long interview. It could be a written interview, just ask them some questions. Or you could hold a webinar or even record it as a podcast and then put it on the blog. That sort of thing would go down very well and would have a lot of benefits all round. Not just for great readable content but for the extra attention it could bring too. Why doesn

So yeah, just some food for thought! Why doesn

And a question to the users here too. Would you like to see an official SEOClerks or Ionicware blog? Or do you think the FAQ suffices perfectly as one? And would you mind/like to be interviewed if it meant some more exposure/advertising for yourself and your services (since you'd likely get a link to your profile). What say you!?




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I would love to see an official Ionicware blog but I think everything should be done at a totally new level.

First I would go with a news and tutorials oriented blog like targeting everything online marketing has to offer. Essentially Ionicware can become news organization with huge influence and authority as more and more good content is written. I agree that this might be a titanic work but I believe in several years Ionicware can reach authority status. It has the network and the staff to back everything up.

Second idea of a blog would be a type of blog similar to what Brian Dead made with or Neil Patel manage to pull off on his personal blog. This will require Jordan to become the face of this kind of blog because you can't really have both, you need to put a face on everything if you want to reach guru status in the online marketing world.

Big helpful articles would be essential, it needs to be a combination of graphics, pictures, video content and text content, as well as everything in between. Monumental posts that could put Ionicware on the map of top influencers.
Thing is Ionicware has the tools to do all of this, has the experience as well as the capacity for such an endeavor.

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I know right! It's very true what you've said and it would definitely go on to become a very effective and productive tool for those reasons stated and more. I would really love to see a blog implemented for these reasons and just as another place to read great articles on things related to this industry and that.

Let's get bloggin'! lol Why doesn

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