why is facebook services are not allowed?

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why is facebook services are not allowed?

When I first sign up to seo clerks ,i sold addmefast accounts,but unfortunately it all ended up being a failure.Because it was hard to complete the required points without getting
Then actually I was inactive for a period of time,then I thought of selling Facebook likes,shares directly,so I can use my account and gradually get enough points meet the requirement,so the risk of getting banned is less.

But thats when I knew that Facebook services are not allowed in seo clerks....twice my service got removed,then I thought its something wrong in my submission of the service,but I later I saw that they are not allowed.....
so why is it not allowed??


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True, the Facebook like thing always seemed creepy to me. Note, it's just paying people to like something they possibly don't really like. In fact, it sort of seems comical. Anyhow, people who are paid to like content might not do well as customers because - obviously they might not really like your stuff.

Oh, by the way, likes is also spam because Facebook likes might influence ranking. However, though, I think nowadays, sharing, not liking, would be the big metric.

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Because SEOclerks had some legal problems with FB. In essence, FB doesn't want people selling likes in exchange for money and frankly, I have to agree on this, they want to keep a user-friendly network, free of bots and spam, where everyone gets equal opportunity.

Facebook-related services are banned here for a long time now. I've noticed you are a user here since October 2016, FB likes services were already banned when you first registered!

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hmm, actually it is a good thing to make fb a better spam free place..... and using services like addmefast,your likes will not be permanent... they will be

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I have read about the banning of Facebook services for the likes and followers that I think Twitter followers and Youtube views were included in the prohibited services in this marketplace. The reason for the ban is the numerous complaints of buyers that the number of likes or followers that they had paid for vanished after a few days. Obviously the numbers were created by bots and the social media network had deleted those bots so the number of likes reverted to the previous figures.

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