Pinterest doesn't want to be a social network anymore

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Pinterest doesn't want to be a social network anymore

Pinterest is certainly a one of a kind social media platform. Apparently, they also realized that and began starting to evolve into something else, away from the classic concept of a social media network.

This is why they removed the "like" button recently and also because there wasn't really a clear difference between the save button and the like button, everything is way more clear now, especially for the users.

In my opinion, Facebook wants to put as much as space possible between them and Facebook. Every social network that came into contact with facebook and their market share got into trouble at one point of the other. It seems to me that Pinterest doesn't want to give Facebook any ideas or reasons to pick on them and copy their ideas like they did with other social networks in the past. They want to be a "discovery platform" not a social network in which people connect.

I believe Pinterest have huge potential in terms of selling power, they could totally evolve into an ecommerce funnel platform.

What do you think? Is Pinterest afraid of Facebook?


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This is why they removed the "like" button recently
But they haven't removed the like button. It still shows on all pins. It wont show on your own pins. It never has. Are you sure you wasn't just looking at one of your own pins?

Pinterest doesn

Also the "save" button has always been the button known to repin a pin. You "save" it or "pin/repin" it to another board. There's a perfectly clear distinction between the two if you ask me. One is for "liking" a pin. The other is to pin/repin it. A perfectly clear distinction between the two if you ask me! Pinterest doesn

Where is the official announcement for this Cristian? I mean, where did you hear about / read about this? And what is your main question whether or not Pinterest is afraid of Facebook? I don't think they are afraid no. Since the like button is not exclusive to Facebook only and they can't sue Pinterest for having a like button either. It's not as though they've copied Facebook's idea of a like button. It's just a common thing on most social platforms these days.

Pinterest always has been a discovery platform. But it's a platform where people can collaborate on things. So it will always be a collaborative social media, photo sharing, social networking site. Not like Facebook where you post status updates etc. But completely different in that it's about being a visually pleasing place which is more than I can say for Facebook! Pinterest doesn

If Facebook go after Pinterest for having a "like button" that is just pure bullying IMHO!

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I think I went a little too far with the news Mike.
Point is, Pinterest will remove the like button "soon" in the coming weeks.
Here take a look at their official blog post explaining all this:

I have no doubt that Facebook is ready to go after anyone with the smallest potential, especially if that someone has a good idea worth copying.

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I have a Pinterest business account, however, I have not checked this site since a long time, therefore, I had not realized that they removed like button. I never considered Pinterest to be a social network. It is, of course, a social media, where you can socialize with other people by checking their contents and interaction with their contents, however, it does not have social networking elements like traditional social networks. Pinterest is more of a content curation platform.

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I used to try to display my blog link on Pinterest but they never seemed to pick it up for some reason so I was always getting disappointed. Oh well..I guess I can find other sites to try. I like to go there just to look around. It is a good site for that.

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Maybe it’s a good idea for Pinterest to shift their focus to e-commerce. That’s one good way of putting a distance between them and Facebook. At least Pinterest will have a different color and businesses will be coming in if in the event that it becomes a portal for businesses. It’s not an easy task though but with enough budget and promotional strategy, Pinterest can do it in a year or two. But the question is when will they start to do it?

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