Staying active as a freelancer

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Staying active as a freelancer

Being a freelancer myself I know how difficult it can be to be as active as you need to be in between working and keeping up with deadlines for orders that come in, sometimes it can be really difficult to get up and be active even when you need to be and creating some kind of routine is probably best to help you keep active and stay active as well as keeping up with your work.

I have a routine myself where I will jump on the computer during the morning when I first get up and work on orders and such whilst I am eating breakfast and before getting dressed. Once I have eaten breakfast and got dressed or showered if I need to I will then set to and head out for either a walk or to grab some things I need which is still giving me the walk I need and keeping me active. I'll spend some time during the afternoon working on orders before getting up and completing housework which is another way I find to be active and in some cases if my kids are home I will head outside into the garden and play games with them to keep active before heading back to work on my orders. I find this kind of routine works best for me to keep myself active but also be able to keep up with my orders and meet my deadlines.

How do you keep active as a freelancer? Do you have any kind of routine that you follow or would you say you need to be a little more active?


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Hi Shortie thanks for your post and insight into your freelance activities! Myself as a freelancer try to keep to a routine as well, or at least a plan of attack of sorts. From waking up in the mornings if I don't have to go out and do something I'll try to do some exercising, maybe eat a healthy breakfast and that and then see what I've got to do for that day. There are things I have to do online as a freelancer, work for my clients etc and my own sites and that. And other things I need to do that I want to do and plan to do but find it hard to find the time to do so which is annoying but there's just not enough hours in the day! Staying active as a freelancer

I'm trying to train myself into devoting certain hours of the day to certain things right now though. So some time on orders in the morning, some time on content writing work for the different places and here and that. And then hopefully I've had a fairly productive day and feel like I've deserved getting off and chilling out.

That's what it's all about for me. As long as I feel like I've been productive and done all I could do with the time I have available to me each day to do the most important things and even some or all of the others, that's all that matters! Staying active as a freelancer

You're not a robot - you're a human being and time to rest is as important as time to work. But it would be nice if I never got tired or bored and could work away continuously non stop without breaks and the need to sleep lol Staying active as a freelancer


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I usually wake up at 5.30 in the morning and the reason is that I exercise in the morning. I usually go to the park for my morning jog. I try to exercise for at least 45 minutes in the morning. I usually feel fit and energized in the morning. I can't exercise in the evening as I feel tired to exercise and I also have to cook dinner and do some household chores. I also prefer to spend the evening with my family.

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My daily routine as an active freelancer will start at 8:00 AM. I do need to start in the morning so I can do lots of things until lunch time then, I'm gonna start again at around 4:00 PM up until 12:00 midnight. I can't stay online most of the time as I also need to do some other stuff and chores at home.

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I stay active by making sure I logged in everyday to work,working everyday energized me to do more work.

I can't stay a day without working and this has helped me to stay active.

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I am running several things at the same time so I can't help but stay active. Lately, I have established a routine where I start working on an online site as early as 5 o'clock in the morning. Work is usually finished in two hours and I'm free to work on other sites for extra bucks after taking my child to school by 7 am. In the afternoon, I need to report to the office from 1 to 5 pm during weekdays. In the evening, if I'm not too tired, I'll usually take a writing assignment from a content mill. I call it a day by 12PM. I work hard during weekdays but relax a bit during weekends. My schedule is relatively flexible though as I need to work with sites on different timezone.

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I am based in Asia and most of my clients are from the US. There are about 13 hours time difference. In order to get in touch with my clients, I wake up in the middle of the night. In that sense, yes I am very active. Every day I manage to work 8-10 hours and always deliver the work before the deadline. satisfaction of the client is my main priority. I always try to make my first client a regular client. I have worked for the same client for over the work.

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I get to be active with my freelance routine, I always stay up by keeping an alarm close by so I don't miss my appointments, I am always up at night till like afternoon then sleep towards evening, though its just a short nap.

Freelancing can be bit of a stress especially when your clients are not in your time zone, before I start I do my meditation and I read some pages from where I stopped, when I am through I get to work that's how I keep up with my freelance routine. It hasn't been that easy I still cope with it, sometimes I break down for two days, but after that am up again.

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My freelancing routine is an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon or evening depending on my free time. It is my discipline to be active every day despite my busy schedule with my job in the office and personal matters not to mention my social activities. For me, freelancing is not just working but also enjoying.

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