Why fake news websites are so good at what they do

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Why fake news websites are so good at what they do

Everyone has heard of fake news, but do you know why these websites are so popular? These fake news websites can pull you in and keep your browsing for a while because of how they have their internal structure set up. Plenty of times I've seen them advertising through adwords and facebook, so that means they're making enough money to put up very untargeted ads to pull you in.

Why are these websites so popular?
These fake news websites become so popular because of people like me and you. We will see an ad with a celebrity on it and the description will say something like "(celebrity name) is donating nude pictures for each pet adoption" and that's how you get pulled in. This ad is pretty amazing because it has the celebrities name in it, which you probably know and it talks about pets, which the majority of people love. Throw in that the post is about animal adoption and you'll pull in an enormous amount of people reading your new post.

Now this post could be complete garbage and the celebrity has never said anything about doing something along the lines of nude pictures in exchange for an adoption, but it would definitely get people interested and clicking through lol.

Why am I always on these types of websites so long?
Well the way they set up these fake news websites is to keep you on their pages in order to increase the chances of clicking on one of the ads. The next time you're on one of these websites I want you to look out for suggested or recommended posts and how they place the images on the pages in order for you to view at least a few pages. If the post is targeting more of a male demographic with the content and images, you will notice something on the sides or bottom of the post with a few attractive women showing a little too much skin. This increases the click through rates to a second page because they are playing on a guys internal urge to see the women.

By getting people to click through to second article or page they are dropping their bounce rate and increasing their revenue because these people are likely to click an ad if they keep browsing.

What about buzzfeed?
Buzzfeed actually does this really well, and that's why there are so many wordpress themes out there that duplicate how it all works. Buzzfeed will get you in and keep you there with all of their enticing posts that you want to read even though you had no intention of staying on their website after the first article.

Buzzfeed also has a lot of social shares now since they are bigger than they were a couple years ago. They can put up one controversial post and it could get 10,000 shares on every platform available. These shares then bring in people who know the person who shared it because they trust the person they know.

If you want to set something up like this you can likely find a good wordpress theme that will mimic buzzfeed for around $60 to $75. You would need a load of content on the website and the funding to run massive ad campaigns in order to be successful. You can definitely bootstrap something like this and be successful over time and eventually pay writers to post content every day in order to keep people reading Why fake news websites are so good at what they do

Why are these websites allowed to be online?
Well there is a grey area when it comes to these fake news type websites because in the US we have something called freedom of speech. You can literally write or say whatever you want as long as you're not harming someone in any way. So when someone posts about a celebrity being nude they are technically breaking this freedom of speech rule, but the content has already made them enough money before lawyers contact them to take down the page. I'm sure these larger websites can have their own lawyers keep the celebrity's lawyer at bay for a few weeks and that's plenty of time to make a few thousand dollars off of that page if it's shared enough.

Fake news websites just spread garbage but people believe it since it's online and the design of the website typically looks like a reputable news website.

In Conclusion:
These fake news websites are complete garbage but sometimes you can find a decent post on there that is genuine. They setups they run are pretty amazing since they pull people in and keep them there legitimately by getting them to click through and not running random pop ups or locking pages. If you want to set up something like this just be sure to not break any rules, and if you plan on breaking the rules just be sure to have offshore hosting lol.

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yes because people love fake news as they find them interesting

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Are you pulled in by nude celeb pics then Raz? lol. Fake news sites are a massive massive time suck! Sometimes I'm reading something online that is legit and real, but they'll have those ads at the bottom of the article that link to some extraordinary stories and sometimes I just can't help clicking on them! And then the further in you go, the more you get stuck since there are even more extreme extraordinary stories which you know can't be true but you still click on it like a sucker to read it! It's like there's some primal, innate thing within all of us that just falls prey to these stories. Even though we know they aren't real, we still want to see what they're saying just in case it is. And that's how they get you! They use your own curiosity against you. But I always come away from these sites feeling like I've had my time wasted and feeling empty because of it. Feeling like I've been "duped" and nobody likes that feeling! Nobody wants to be told lies. The thing is, some people do! Some people LOVE to read these fake news stories and they soak them up like water to a sponge!

But thanks for the tips and heads up. I'll be honest, it is something I've thought of doing myself. There are more genuine ways to make money out there today. One only has to look around. But with fake news stories, you don't have to wait for breaking news to be announced and released that you can jump on reporter-esque style. You can just make them up or have someone make them up for you. And since these stories can be made up, you're only limited by your own imagination. You just have to know about what some things are that make people want to look and the rest is just pure fluff writing!

But they do work and they are making people money. I just hope that sometime in the future, these fake news story sites actually die off. I really don't want to live in a world where fake news stories are as popular as real news stories. Sooner or later it's going to be a case of what's real, how can we know? And sooner or later they are going to be the death of someone too! lol

It's sad but it's true. Trump was duped into dumping Tomahawk cruise missiles because of some fake news. India nearly dropped a nuke but later found out that the story was fake. I really hope nothing like that happens because of some fake news story.

That would just be as lame as these sites are IMHO. Why fake news websites are so good at what they do

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I think this is why Google introduced the fact check feature:

I think in time, people will learn to understand fake news and differentiate fake news from credible news sources. I personally can "smell" a fake news site from miles away, it's really not that difficult, you just need to pay attention to the format everything is delivered, how many and what type of ads they are displaying and if or not they post any credible sources to sustain their incredible claims.

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With the success of fake news websites, some bloggers have started the inclusion of fake news on their blogs. And for getting more traffic with the fake news, they have now become purveyors of fake news. One such blogger is a woman who had posted that the US does not require visa for Filipinos. Considering that a US visa is one of the most elusive visa in the world, that is great news to the Filipinos. But it’s not true and the blogger didn’t even explain why she had posted such. Worse, that blogger is now part of the government’s information department. That’s crazy huh.

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