Pushing the limits with Instagram - What I've learned

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Pushing the limits with Instagram - What I've learned

Over the last few weeks I've been setting up my newest website and also playing around with my social media profiles at the same time. Everyone is always asking questions about how much you can follow, like, unfollow, etc. and that's what I've been pushing the limits on Pushing the limits with Instagram - What I I've learned a few things, good and bad, and I'm here to share them with you.

Let's Get Started

Following Profiles
Following big profiles is a good way to start building up your own followers list because they more people will see your page and then follow you if they like what they see. I've noticed that they don't really care how many posts you have, they will blindly follow if it's in a niche they love. This means that they could become blind to any type of advertising you tend to do, so you'll have to get tricky with this in order to keep them coming back to check out your account Pushing the limits with Instagram - What I You can follow up to 7,500 profiles on Instagram before you are stopped in your tracks. This number could have been changed in the last year and I'm not 100% sure of what it is at right now since I'm only at 75 for this new account and 400 for my other one lol. Right now I've only followed accounts with over 100k or more followers to increase the chances of gaining random followers to my own account. I've followed 75 on this new account and I've gained 45 in return, not a bad start if you ask me.

Liking Posts
When you like a post it shows up on the picture for everyone to see. If there are more than a handful of posts it will just say "XXX likes" instead of displaying your name because it saves a ton of space. If you were to click on "XXX likes" it will show the list of users who have liked the image in order from newest to oldest. By going through these lists and following everyone you can increase your own followers exponentially since these are usually personal accounts who like the niche you're in.

I haven't hit a cap just yet but I've read that you can like between 300 and 350 pictures per hour. That's roughly one like every 10 seconds in order to hit the cap each hour lol. If you're going through pictures and liking them manually then it might be difficult to hit this cap since you'll constantly need to be clicking that little heart button every 10 seconds. If you're automating this you'll need to keep it under 300 to be safe and set your image likes to around one every 15 seconds to seem more natural.

Unfollowing Profiles
This is where I got into trouble with my last account because I would follow big influencers with 1mil+ followers and then unfollow them a few minutes later. I would gain a lot of followers from people seeing my profile and clicking through then following me. I would unfollow the influencer account and refollow it to get my profile listed at the top again, but Instagram hates this and will ban you fairly quick.

If you're doing this safe you can still be at risk depending on how quick you're doing it. New accounts aren't given the same trust as aged accounts for good reason, so most of the information out there is kind of innacurate since it's not know for sure the numbers for this. My numbers are mere estimates so play it safe when unfollowing profiles.

Playing It Safe Numbers
  • Follows: 1 profile in every 30 to 40 seconds. No more than 1,000 follows a day with a time gap between mass follows. You'll want to make it seem natural like you're sleeping at night and not on Instagram 24 hours a day lol
  • Follows + Likes: 1 like every 30 to 40 seconds and no more than 1,000 a day. If you're just following you can do 1,000 but if you're following and liking pictures I would suggest to do 500 of each to play it safe.
  • Unfollow: 1 every 20 to 30 seconds and never over 500 a day. Some people say you can do 1,000 a day but I've ran into problems when doing only 300. I could have been doing it too fast since I wasn't keeping track of my unfollows.

In Conclusion:
You'll just need to play it safe when it comes to automating your Instagram following, likes and unfollows so that your account does not get blocked or suspended. Luckily my main account was only suspended and I was able to unlock it in a few days. I play it safe now since I have a few accounts linked together now Pushing the limits with Instagram - What I

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I have noticed in social media that one nice way of getting connections is to follow or be friends with popular users. Even in Facebook, one friend who is popular as attested by the many reactions to his posts said that some people are sending him friend requests just to get connections. Later on he will notice that the new guy is already friends with some of the popular friend’s friends. That’s clearly social climbing but it is not illegal nor immoral. So what the heck, you can do that in Instagram and other social media network.

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Instagram seems like the wild west, this won't last long, the same happened with Facebook and Twitter back in the day. You could totally gain a lot of followers/likes just by following random people and saying active.

What do you think about using social exchange platforms to increase the number of Instagram followers? Will such followers stick on the long run? What about fake followers? I bought 4k 2 years ago and I still have 2k followers at the moment, which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

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I just read another one of your post listing "13 tips to get more followers on Instagram". I won't be automating my activity. I want to get the feel of the platform as I plan to make use of it during 2018 as a marketing tool. I am staying abreast of changes because it seems the IG owners are planning improvements and I'm happy to be there to see the platform evolves.

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Still holding off on automating my Instagram sharing. I did pick some accounts of people with large followings. They were mostly celebrities. They showed up in a list of recommended people to follow. I don't bother to UNFOLLOW once I've followed. Although I did make one exception and I unfollowed Kim Kardashian. Sorry. Just couldn't handle her bootie IN MY FACE. LOL. Probably if I were a guy I wouldn't mind at all. LOL. Pushing the limits with Instagram - What I

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