What's with all the fake traffic?

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What's with all the fake traffic?

Most traffic services that I've tried promise a lot and give just fake or bot traffic. The sellers give you a tracking link but then you can tell in your site tracking that you aren't getting real visitors. And, these sellers will sit there and argue with you and say somehow your own analytics are messed up where as in truth, they are using bots.

And my question... do you think any seller is really offering REAL traffic?

Just me, but i will say NO that I don't think anyone can offer real traffic if it's 100,000 visits in 1 or 2 days. How would you even do that? The best real promotion takes time and patience and you can't get it overnight. So maybe I answered my own question? So another question then.

Any ideas for real promotion that I can use, such as via Facebook and Pinterest to get REAL traffic?


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It's never real traffic.

I can get my facebook ads down to $0.01 per click, but if I were to sell 100,000 of those it would still cost me $1,000 lol. So whoever is selling traffic packages will either get redirect traffic, which doesn't convert or it's fake traffic.

They could even be iframing your website on a popular website they own and you'll see traffic that way. Another way people trick with iframes is that they will set up a dummy website and iframe that, then have it redirect to your website (I think that still works). A while back I was trying to manipulate alexa rankings and that's how I figured out this iframe trickery lol.

In the end, think about if the traffic was real. Don't you think they'd be selling it for a lot more since it's actual people going to a website? I mean if I get 100,000 visitors in 2 days I'm sure to get a few clicks on adsense, right? But you never will unfortunately What

As for getting some facebook traffic for cheap, you'll have to target 3rd world countries and bid $0.05 or lower. If your website is optimized well for the keywords and specific ad then your CPC will drop to around $0.02 or if you're lucky it will hit $0.01

Targeting 1st world countries will cost you 10x the CPC so you'll run through your budget much quicker. You might get more conversions by targeting higher income countries, but you'll spend more for the campaign.

You inspired me to write this up What

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Just curious, but how do you get your Facebook ads down to a penny per click? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Well, it would b so easy if at least some of them would offer real traffic right? Why pay Instagram influences some incredible sums when you can just pay 5 bucks and get 100k visits.
No mate, this is not real traffic. It may hep if you want to sell your website and show a better analytics or if you want to get your Alexa rank up, but outside this, it doesn't really help.

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I would definitely consider reporting those services that promise real traffic when in reality it's fake bot traffic. If a service says that they can get you 100% real traffic from sources like google, facebook, twitter, etc then 99.99% of the time it's fake referrer traffic. Meaning they are using a bot and changing the referrer to facebook, or twitter. This traffic would do absolutely nothing for your website, you are basically just wasting your money. I would never purchase such a service, and if you have I would totally recommend that you get a refund. These services are false advertising, and don't hold up to their claims which is in violation of the Listing Guidelines.

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I think a lot of traffic service provider want to make quick money. So they create some of such offers. And for this reason I never look at the gigs which provide the traffic. Most of them are just full of fake traffic. Those traffic sources are from the PTC and traffic surf type of sources. And it can be the worst traffic source if you ask me.

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When you talk of real traffic, what comes to mind are real people because we consider bots as fake traffic. With real people, I don’t think there is someone who can sell you real traffic unless he’s got an organization of a thousand people who are willing to lend support to their leader. And that’s like wishing for a meteor to fall on you. So maybe we can forget buying real traffic because it seems an impossible dream.

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Yes traffic generation is really hard. Even the adwords and the fb traffic can be fake. So not sure how come people give you real traffic. I have mostly learned that some of the time those type of the traffic sources can be really harder to handle. And people should be really focused on the real ways to get the real people. That's what makes it real traffic.

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Real traffic is always a lot more expensive than the price you mentioned here, especially if it is targeted.

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