Auto publishing blog posts to social media.

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Auto publishing blog posts to social media.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a good place to share your blog posts for extra exposure and to gain more traffic and even potential readers however, sometimes sitting and manually placing links to your new blog posts on social media can be very time consuming and can take up time where you could be creating another blog post for extra content on your blog.

Auto publishing is a great way to be able to have your blog posts automatically post to social media, it does it on it's own and leaves you with time to be able to create another blog post. I myself have not as of yet used auto publishing to post my blog post links to social media but I know a few people that have and they swear by them.

Have you ever used an auto publisher to post your blog links to social media? How have they worked out for you?


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Thanks for asking in SEOclerks FAQ.
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Yeah these days, social media automation tools are all the rage. For the reason you've stated, they free up your time so that you can write more blog posts and not have to sit there posting and sharing them to social media. Hootsuite is probably the best social media automator of them all. Lots and lots of stuff has been posted here about Hootsuite. Hence linking to the search for it above for you. Even the free version is quite powerful but the premium version of it really kicks ass but only if you have multiple social media accounts and profiles to post to for different websites that you have. But if you haven't already Shortie, I suggest you to check it out and create a Hootsuite account, it's super easy to use and user friendly and you can plan your social media posts, days, weeks even months in advance which can free up your time and take the sting out of all that manual posting work. Auto publishing blog posts to social media.

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I have never used social media auto posting. When I share on social media, I always share manually. I understand the benefits of auto posting, however, I have avoided using auto posting service because of lack of budget. However, I am thinking to join Hootsuite. The free account will allow me to auto post on three social media sites. I will choose three platforms where I am active and begin auto posting.

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The impression I get from that auto publishing is like the post in Instagram that echoes a post to Facebook. When you have an account in Instagram and Facebook, it has a sort of a link that what you post in Instagram will also be posted in Facebook. Maybe that auto publishing of blog has the same concept that when you publish your post it will be promoted in your social media account.

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