My success with Facebook Page

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My success with Facebook Page

Great I could say , recently one of my sites out of many did do well for the past few days using one of my facebook pages. Now for success with facebook pages the key is promoting and also try build fan base . Create a Facebook cover and profile image for your page using a well know site called CANVA . Make your page look brilliant and with great title and with your link into the call to action button then also share your page.

This is what I did and since on facebook I have over 3,000 friends I also went on google chrome and installed the extension called facebook invite all. What this does is for example : I would go on my FB Page and then I would click the button on my page which as 3 dots ...
Then scroll down to where it says Invite friends, Click it and then do not do anything else yet it should load with invites in middle of the screen. What I would then do is click on the extension which I installed at top of browser and click it then choose invite all.

This will then automaticly invite all your friends fast saves you clicking all time on each person. I already had a few 1000 of likes on the page but doing this I noticed a lot of members liked my page and I started to gain more traffic.

What a success this really works ..


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What is the name of the Chrome extension you are talking about? Because an extension that invites all the users of a group to like you page would be brilliant? Or is just used to add new potential friends? Nevertheless, I suggest you be careful, Facebook hates automation tools when it comes to invites and likes and may ban your account if you continue adding large number of friends or entering a large number of unrelated Facebook groups.

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Hiya Cristian the extension is just called invite all friends to facebook.. Check it out here .
This is really great it does have some premium features but I just use the like all and invite all..

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"Automatically invite all your facebook friends to Events or Pages with just one click." - Thanks for the share and reply! I will totally test this, but of course, never on my main and official Facebook account.

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This is really risky. If you have 3000 friends and assuming some of them don't like what you are inviting them, you might get unfollowed or worst, getting 'unfriended'. I have used something the same as the extension that you are using before. But it's a code. But I wouldn't really use it on my official account though.

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I have a Facebook page. It has no thousand views yet. I am just happy that I got new views on my notification.

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Cool trick Kev. The only thing about Facebook Pages is that they limit their reach. Pages only reach about 16% of the actual fans of it on average. Facebook have done this so that you buy "boosts" and spend money on their Advertising platform (Facebook Ads).

In one guys words;

Dan Dunes Lamb Every single post I make is relevant content to my 150,000 fans, yet 500-1000 lower than 1% are getting to see it. This all changed recently and unless I spend money (I don't make any doing this) I don't see it changing.
Now when you've got 150k fans (likes) on your page and your posts are only reaching about 1k of them that's quite disheartening and practically forces you to use Facebook Ads and Post Boosts to reach more people.

There are a lot of articles out there that claim to be able to outsmart this algorithm but generally speaking when it comes to Facebook reach, it all comes down to how much money you spend on it where the more you spend, the bigger your reach will be.

Still though, even if you don't spend a single penny/cent on Ads and Boosts, you can still use your page to pull in some punters for free and get some exposure and they're good for using for that reason.

Have you tried doing the same thing with a group though too Kev? Groups work a little differently to pages but they don't limit the reach they can have. When someone posts something in a group, it shows up in the timeline of all those group members. Also, some people will receive an email notification about that new group post too (unless they have disabled that).

If you have a page, you should definitely start a group as well. My success with Facebook Page

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You do learn something new everyday. Thanks for the Chrome add friends tips. I will be sure to have a look at this. Facebook is a giant that cannot be ignored when it comes to branding and generating/directing traffic. If you master an aspect of this world, you are on your way My success with Facebook Page

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I was not aware of this extension. I have a page on Facebook too and my friends helped me to promote my page by sharing it with others. If I have been successful then it is mostly due to advertising and the help of my friends.

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From what I know, Facebook friends is up to a maximum of 5,000. That’s a big number if you can harness just half of it to your Facebook Page. And anything you post on that page will be seen by the members that you have invited. More likely, if the contents of your Facebook Page is interesting and relevant then probably the followers of the Page will invite some of their own friends. And I have to agree that you can be successful easily if your Facebook Page is successful with the intended number.

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I also never heard about this Chrome Extension. It sounds like a great idea. I know that generally Facebook is a great online and offline marketing tool. If you can get your head around marketing on Facebook, your online sales future is really bright. Facebook is the biggest social media site. It has the biggest audience in one place.The most successful online sales are marketed on Facebook.

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