As a newbie, I can help others like me

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As a newbie, I can help others like me

Last week, when I was cleaning up my old hard disc, I found a doc file that contains data linked to a website.

It was the website that I had created long ago for some shitty Facebook page, even then I used to post a lot of discussions related to the page in the community discussions, it also had lots of interactions back then and instantly it got me, I can use this website for good, now that I am working as a freelancer. Since then I have been working on that site and my main motive of that site it to help others. That’s right!

In the recent posts, I mentioned how can level 3 and above users can help promote this platform to get more people here as they’re so influential. Maybe I can also use the website to get more people here. And also, I have mentioned before how I got onto this platform and still surviving pretty well without any help by the grace of god and hard work. So, as a newbie, I can use the site to help others like me and maybe it can benefit me as well in the long run.

The person who introduced me to this platform, he's a level 3 user himself and doing pretty good, but he didn't really guide through or help me when I was stuck for various reasons, so I had to figure it all out on my own, and now then I’m here for a couple of months, I made good friends and I believe, me and friends can actually help.

In my opinion, if you have found the formula to survive in any platform and if you’re really successful today, it is not necessary for you, to share your secrets to survive, that’s what I have seen here, level 3 and above users are not that helpful when it comes to a new user for obvious reasons.

Competition is good for business, as it keeps you alert.


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Great ideas mate and as a level 3 seller my self am always seeking others for help but do also like to help others in anyway I can. See some have different talents and creativity then others. Like maybe I chat to SEO experts and they help me in many way's and maybe I have way's to help them.

It is great to help one and another in any shape or form. I really love this site not just about the freelancing but also about the people , the community . This is a great place to be and I find my self learning new skills on a daily basis or just strengthen my weaknesses in other topics.

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That's cool. Fair shout and well done for sticking around. That's about my only secret really, just sticking around, being active every day (as much as I can), chipping away bit by bit and getting sales, doing a good job, getting good feedback and forging long working alliances and friendships with clients and all others through sales and of course, through the community here. As a newbie, I can help others like me

I'm not one of those people that wouldnt help someone just because they are a lower level than me. Because I remember when I was a new user and needed some help and some people would help me. So I always remember that and help them, both partly because of that, and partly because I'm grateful for where I am and what I have now. And partly because it's just in my nature to help people. I would never turn my nose up at someone who asked for my if I have it within my power to help them.

Sometimes someone asks for help but they're not really being specific in what they want help with. And sometimes they want me/you to spoon feed them, take them by the hand and walk them through everything. And it's not that I don't want to, but I don't have the time and energy to devote to them so I mostly just direct them to here (the Community FAQ) because there has been a lot of stuff posted here over the months that we've been here that can be very helpful/empowering to them.

Both in way of tutorials and guides and things. Peoples questions answered which can be really insightful to them. The thing is some of these same people don't want to read anything. They just want you to show them to do what you're doing even though there really isn't any secret to that and it's plain that really, you just need to be unique, and sell something unique and try your best to provide a good service to everyone.

But if you're not willing to put the time in reading anything then you can't really expect to learn anything?

But I'll still help anyone that asks for help because I know what it was like to be in their shoes! As a newbie, I can help others like me

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Fair enough @idealmike You’re aware of the struggle cause you have been there, I understand if they're not being specific then it’s difficult to help and I also don't support for spoon feed cause one must have the skills and sense to understand. When people help each other, eventually it's beneficial for both the parties.

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Yeah that's it. What goes around comes around as they say. Another good saying to remember is that you should be careful about who you step on as you climb your way to the top! lol ;)

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