Getting affiliates for seoclerks with forum marketing - the big how to

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Getting affiliates for seoclerks with forum marketing - the big how to

The SEOClerks affiliate program is an amazing program and way to earn a passive income for life. By simply referring people to join SEOClerks through your affiliate URL you can earn 10% commission on all their purchases on here for life.

Getting affiliates for seoclerks with forum marketing - the big how to

And forums and forum marketing is a great way to promote, market and advertise SEOClerks with your affiliate links. There's a bit more to it than that though! You have to find the right forums and follow the rules of each. But if you are savvy there are lots of ways you can get your affiliate links in front of people without being marked a spammer and having your account banned.

The trick is to find big forums related to whatever you want to promote. In the case of SEO you'd need to search for SEO forums, internet marketing forums, affiliate marketing forums, webmaster forums etc. And those would be a great place to start! Since there will be a lot of people on those types of forums looking for things related to that such as promotion, advertising and marketing. SEO and SMM etc. Backlinks and content writing services, logo and banner design, audio and video services and such.

So what can you do to use these forums to promote SEOClerks or just some service, either someone else's or your own? Well creating an account on them would be a start! And then going on to become an excellent, respected and valued user. Youd need to post helpful stuff. Replying to people's threads and being excellent and sharing knowledge, getting to know people there, getting known about as a good user so that people trust you like.

Some forums may even let you create some ad threads straight away. But some might require you to have a certain amount of posts or be registered for a certain time before you can. Most forums let new users create threads of their services as they usually have a marketplace or area you can post offers and stuff for sale and the like.

So do that if you can but do it professionally. Create a nice thread about SEOClerks and the what the why the where the how etc. How it can help people. How it's helped you. How to use it. The benefits of it. The features of it. How to use it even and stuff like that. And then that thread should just sit there forever then. You can get the URL of it and build some social signals and some nice links to it social media links, bookmarks, high authority links etc even if you want. Because that will help it to rank higher then too. Also if you can build internal links to those threads from the same forum somehow (you could link to it in your sig). Or link to it in other threads and responses etc. If you are clever you can respond in a way that makes it natural to link to it such as seeing their problem and offering some help and advice and also saying I think this will help.. you get the idea!

But obviously, it takes time to do that. Especially on lots of forums. Although getting your posts and threads and links on some of the top biggest ones can help, these can get buried under new threads, posts, responses and replies etc. And not just from general chit chat but there are other affiliate marketers on those forums all doing the same thing and pushing and promoting their own affiliate products and services. So just doing it once for a few days ain't really going to have much affect. Although your threads will remain. You have to keep doing it in many different ways on many different forums for a long time before you can really start to see results from it all.

The good thing is, there are quite a few big forums related to SEO and internet marketing and related to all of the categories in the SEOClerks marketplace. This means you have a lot of choices of forums to use for this reason. There are some really big SEO, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, webmaster, blogger forums etc out there. Some of them have many thousands of users. Most of them are newbies or resellers of something. All of them looking for something that SEOClerks sells.

The trick here is to find out what they're looking for and then present them with it. This can be done by daily visiting that forum and checking for new threads and posts. Seeing what people are posting and what they're looking for. Lots of people post WTS (want to sell) stuff but lots also post WTB (want to buy) stuff too. See what they want to buy and look on SEOClerks for it. If there are services for it then you can link to them or even the search results for them with your affiliate link of course. But only if that's allowed to be done on that forum. Otherwise you may be able to create a thread for it in that forums advertising or marketplace area and then link them to that which does have your affiliate links or links to your site that has affiliate links to SEOClerks. It largely depends on each individual forums rules.

Well that's just basically how you would go about using forums to promote your SEOClerks affiliate links, services etc. And if you set about doing it, it's not going to happen overnight. It takes time. It takes nurturing. It takes a lot of work. But if you're persistent and you do well. And make use of lots of forums doing the same thing on all of them, in time this can really pay off! There are lots of people that have spent a lot of time on using forums to promote stuff on that have been doing it for years and reaping the benefits it brings. They had to put in a lot of work, but they probably had some fun on the way. Made a few new friends. Learned a few new things. All the while establishing their self as a respected authority. Creating threads that make sale after sale for years to come.

Lots of people have had good success with forum marketing and promotion. Getting respected and trusted on a big forum means your threads get more looks, more trust, more sales and money for you. And that goes for whether you're just promoting SEOClerks as an affiliate. Or just promoting your own site. It's best to do both really. Because you can get some nice links for your site from these forums in time and also build up traffic to it for years to come by linking to your SEOClerks affiliate site.

And that's basically a how to on getting affiliates for SEOClerks by using forum marketing!

Thanks for reading and I hope you find it useful!

Let me know if you have any questions or anything to add!




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The article is great and helpful too,
I've tried to direct members through my affiliate link but Do you know any forums which lets us advertise our affiliate links??? Most of the forums do not allow affiliate link advertising............
Thank you

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One of the easiest ways to bring affiliate sales is by sharing your affiliate links while responding to the forum threads. However, the replies should always be related to your niche. You can also use your referral link as the signature. I am on a lot of forums, however, until now I have not used my SEO clerk affiliate link in my forum profile and signature. I am promoting my own websites and blogs. However, this does not mean I do not understand forum promotion for SEO clerk affiliate.

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I didn’t know about this affiliate marketing of SEOclerks. This scheme looks like a good way of earning passive income especially for part time freelancers like me. Perhaps I can invite my writer friends to try this market place and I’m sure they will earn by offering their own services and products. Let me check on how to go about this affiliate marketing so that I can start it now.

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