10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program Tutorial

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10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program

Hello all you entrepreneurs. You cyber dabblers. Freelancers. WAHM"s and WAHD's. Anyone really. Anyone that wants to make money online somehow. Some way. Another way. The way of getting referrals for here and then earning residual passive income from all their purchases. For life. And with the commission you're paid, that can be very profitable if you have a lot of affiliates doing a lot of spending and buying!

But how to get affiliate for SEOClerks? Where to find them? Where to advertise to? And in what way? Well, here's "some" ways that you can go about it, in case you are wondering and wanting to start earning with the SEOClerks affiliate program.

10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program

PPC Campaign / Adwords etc
I've never actually set up a PPC campaign to promote SEOClerks as an affiliate yet. Not with Adwords, Bing or anyone else. I'm not even sure if Adwords allows it does it? AFAIK they generally don't like people advertising SEO services since they know SEO works and don't want websites to rank high that way. But I bet you could find one that does and PPC campaigns can be very rewarding and profitable if you do it right and get a good ROI. It might really only be worth doing with Google Adwords or Bing ads although there are some other search engines to target and some PPC networks have their own traffic you can advertise to this way. You'd have to experiment with keywords and that. Optimise your ads and bid etc to get the most for your money! But if you experiment this could be a great way to pull in a lot of affiliates quickly.

SEO / Website Promotion
With your own affiliate site you can SEO that to make it rank higher for certain keywords people are searching for related to buying some service. You'd have to build the site first. Make it really good with lots of great content, reviews, problem solving etc. And made up of affiliates links to SEOClerks services or categories etc. And then basically just SEO it so it ranks higher. As well as promote and advertise it. Do social media marketing etc. Or even use PPC advertising on it etc to pull in visitors to it.

Now when it comes to a website, you can either go with something like WordPress CMS etc and start a blog that blogs about SEO services etc and have it containing your affiliate links. But there are also some dedicated SEOClerks affiliate scripts, themes and plugins as well. Some of these are very good, some okay, some mediocre. I'll do another post on them soon!

Forum Marketing
Posting on forums can do the trick and snag you a few affiliates. If you're a regular and post everyday or every now and then and make a good name for yourself on each forum you're using to do it with. There's tons of big forums in many niches and especially SEO and internet marketing, affiliate marketing, webmaster, blogger forums etc to promote your SEOClerks services on or even other people's services or just SEOClerks. Or your own site that promotes SEOClerks even further somehow. Such as with one of those SEOClerks affiliate sites, scripts and themes. It can take a lot of work to see significant results with forum marketing but it can be rewarding in the long run.

SMM - Social Media Marketing
Social media sites are the next place to turn to to promote SEOClerks. Or your or someone else's services even. Think Facebook groups, pages and communities. Friends and followers. Google Plus Communities and circles. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, BragShare etc etc etc. With millions of users between them, you can bet they have people that are looking for your services. Or any service for sale on SEOClerks for that matter. The trick to this is creating accounts on those social media sites and tapping into them in all the different ways you can. Establishing pages and profiles and accounts with lots of likes, fans and followers etc which are all real and earned through proper social media marketing methods like actually engaging with people. That and just posting different services to it all the time with other stuff too and building them up bigger and bigger. It's like forum marketing in that it can take quite a lot of work but can pay off in the end and be a great way to go about getting sales and affiliates.

Email Marketing
Now email marketing only works as good as the people you're emailing are targeted. What I mean is if you have a list that's subscribed to you to receive stuff that's about something in particular. Example SEO tips etc. Then those people are more likely to open your emails and convert. Well look it's true when they say "the money's in the list". Because email marketing can be very effective at generating more traffic and sales than your site (or any of these other methods) alone (or together) does. So building a list of subscribers and having like thousands of them that are rare gets subscribers - can be effective if they are targeted subscribers. People that are subscribed to your email newsletter because they think you can (and want to) help them. That's done with your website (and other ways) and call-to-actions on your capture pages etc.

The Dark Side of Email Marketing
And then there's the other side of email marketing. Which shouldn't really be called email marketing but rather email spamming. Where you send your emails to thousands of email addresses. Or even millions. Hoping that someone opens them and clicks the links in it. And obviously that does work. Why is it obvious? Do you really think we would still all get spam emails if it didn't? But I don't recommend this type of spammy email marketing at all. And in fact, I think it's against the SEOClerks affiliate program to do this kind of email marketing if you're going to be using SEOClerks links, logos, IP etc. You could include your own sites links though. That's up to you as is if you do this kind of cold "spray and pray" email marketing. It's not exactly cool to send anyone an email they didn't ask for. And it can be shady and questionable how you source the emails (harvesting etc). But it's not illegal to send someone an email they didn't ask for. But it doesn't generally have a good success rate. That said, if you sent say, 1,000,000 emails and only got a 1% success rate. That would be still be 10,000 people. Now you know why email spam is still so rife as it's always been!

Solo Ads
Solo ads are sort of similar to email marketing ads. In that someone will send your message to their list. Usually the list of targeted but sometimes it's not. And so, results can vary greatly from provider to provider. Experimentation is key just like with anything and one ad might not work so great one time but might another or might work better if it's optimized. Some let you send an image so they're not just text only ads and some let you promote YouTube videos. Most let you just about promote anything though. There are some good solo ad providers on SEOClerks right here so you don't have to go too far to find them! 10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program

Banner Advertising
Banner advertising also only works as well as it is targeted. There's not much point placing a banner ad for SEOClerks on a forum or website that's about bunny rabbits as those people aren't really interested in SEO services! But if you can get a banner ad on a site, blog or forum that is to do with SEO, Internet marketing, webmastering, blogging etc then it will likely get a few clicks depending on how much traffic that site, blog or forum gets and where your banner is showing too. Anything above the fold is best but some footer banners can still get you a few clicks as well. Razzy posted a great guide the other day on here about contacting webmasters to get a banner ad placed on their site. At least I think he did. I can't seem to find it now! Search the FAQ for "Banner Ads" though and there's some useful stuff there like recommendations etc for doing it!

Sponsored Tweets
Sponsored tweets are just basically tweets that you can buy from people who have large and established Twitter accounts with thousands of followers. And sponsored tweets can be quite effective if you do it a fair amount of time. The good thing is, these are quite cheap to buy as well ranging from $1 to $5+ so you can do it a few times every now and then. Now the majority of those accounts followers might not be interested in what you're having tweeted for you, but some accounts followers might be and you never know. So it can sometimes be worth doing if you come up with a nice and catchy tweet message.

Over To You
Okay well that's just 8 ways you can get affiliate for SEOClerks. If you'd like to know about more ways to get them, I did do a triple series post last year for 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers. There you will find 50+ ways to get affiliates for SEOClerks!

What are some other ways to get them that you are using now?

Or do you not like to share what's working for you? 10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program


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When it comes to PPC campaigns on the search engines I'm almost positive that you can't push an affiliate link. I know you can't on Adwords but I do know that Yahoo/Bing are more lenient with their advertisers so it might be possible through microsoft.

Google just wants the actual page and not an affiliate ID anywhere in the URL because it's not like you're promoting your own website. I would promote the hell out of my affiliate link if I could push it through Adwords 10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program

A good platform to target if you want to do a banner ad, similar to ppc, is BuySellAds because it's up to the website owner if they want to accept your banners and links, it's not up to BSA. I've seen a bunch of affiliate links advertised on the same websites my own links are on and they were up for a while. If you do go this route you'll need to do your due diligence in order to figure out which websites are better than others. Don't buy an ad for $500 if it's giving you 50,000 impressions lol. Be smart when you're purchasing an ad spot because this kind of banner you pay for up front and not actually per click. BSA does have a CPM option for a lot of their advertisers, but even then you have to be careful because some will charge $15 or more per 1,000 views 10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program

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Thanks Raz. Yeah I didn't think you would be about to use affiliate links with Adwords and they don't like people using "some" SEO sites with it either. Mainly because they know that SEO works and they don't want people doing SEO. They want people buying ads with them lol. It sounds like there's a real art to using BSA. You'll have to do a post on it mate! 10+ Ways you can get affiliates for the SEOClerks Affiliate Program

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I think if you buy ppc campaign, it would be very high costs in getting the referral, and this may outweigh the income from getting referral, because many referrals are in fact inactive. In my experience, only one fifth of the referrals are active that help you a bit of income.

And I think the better way is to build a site for promotion and using social media like Facebook and Twitter to get a few referrals.

For forum posting, I would suggest using forum signatures space and place your blog links to help promote your blog with every posts you write in the forum.

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I would go for the SEO and website campaign because I think that is the most effective and the one that I know very well. SEO methods are also complicated so I will just do the basic methods particularly the focus on the contents. When you upload good contents on the site, it affects the ranking of search engines positively which means doing that chore often will increase the rankings on the search engines results pages that your link may even be on page 1 of the search list.

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