Increasing your post count on forums the right way

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Increasing your post count on forums the right way

Whenever someone is trying to increase their post count on forums it can be done a few different ways, but only one will be seen as legitimate and not get you banned lol. Forum administrators and moderators want to see fresh and also quality content when it comes to posting a thread or leaving a comment. The better your writing skills, the more likes or rep you will get from the other members of the forum. Below I'll go over some ways you can increase your post count easily to be seen as reputable and not get banned Increasing your post count on forums the right way

Method 1: The Lounge
A lot of forums will have a lounge or call it something similar where people congregate in order to just post about random stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the main forum. If you're on an internet marketing forum you can talk about Justin Biebers hair in the lounge without getting a ban hammer because you're posting nonsense in the main sections for the forum.

One thing about the lounge that you will want to check is that not all of them will increase your post count. Bigger forums have been noticing people inflating their post count just by engaging in long discussions in the lounge that are 20+ pages long and by the time it's done the user has 100+ posts. To make sure this doesn't happen, the bigger forums are devaluing the posts by not adding them to your total count. So if you don't see anything posted in the lounge area of a forum saying something along those lines, make a sample post with quality content and see if your post count goes up. If it goes up that's great, but if it doesn't then you'll need to move over to the main part of the forum and add your content there.

Method 2: Controversial Topics
Every niche will have some kind of controversy and if you post about it on an open forum that has a good amount of traffic, you can get the ball rolling on inflating your post count Increasing your post count on forums the right way If you start a thread and it's auto approved then you can just monitor it or watch your notifications as you browse around the forum commenting on other threads. When you see someone post on your thread you simply go back to it, quote them so they're sure you are talking to them, and comment a response. Make sure your comment isn't super short like "Thanks for the comment!" or "Thanks!" because that will obviously be hated by the mods and you'll most likely get hit by the ban hammer lol. Add some good responses and the moderators will likely keep the thread open.

Be sure not to quote each person in a new response. If you come back to your thread and see that 10 people responded, don't quote one and respond to them then quote another person and add a second comment. This will be seen as post inflation and will most likely get you a slap on the wrist. Now there are some forums that don't care if you do this so I would read around and see if anyone else is doing it before you try yourself. If there are people doing it, test it out and see what happens. If a moderator doesn't like what you're doing they will likely message you and ask you just to quote everyone in one comment, or you'll get a 3 day suspension which isn't bad at all Increasing your post count on forums the right way

Method 3: How To's
Posting how someone can knit a sweater on a sweater forum will get you a lot of posts and rep because you're helping someone out that may have had the question "How do I knit a sweater?" and then they stumble upon your thread Increasing your post count on forums the right way People love reading these little tutorials and if you post enough of them you will be able to hit your post count goal in no time.

How To's on forums are always hot spots when it comes to comments. You'll get the normal "Great Tutorial!" post which you can quote and add a long thank you to, just be sure to add a few sentences asking what they liked exactly to make it look like you're interested in their response and to see if they actually read it lol. Moderators will see you talking with people and recognize you as a good part of the community so that if you ever happen to break the rules by accident they won't hit you with the ban hammer Increasing your post count on forums the right way

In Conclusion:
It's not difficult to increase your post count on forums in a short amount of time while not breaking any rules. You can easily go into a lounge area and post random questions and respond to other posts as well. If the lounge doesn't work for you, go post some controversial topics or "How To's" and watch your post count sky rocket Increasing your post count on forums the right way

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These are some great tips Razzy. There are so many simple ways to be able to increase your post count on a forum without spamming or pointless posting. This is why I can not understand why so many people still pointless post to get their post count up. Almost all forums I see always have some kind of off topic forum where you can post about almost everything and anything or even an off topic section where posts not related to the topic of the forum can be posted.

It always pays to reply to posts on a forum in an informative way to give yourself a good name on a forum, no one wants to be known as the pointless poster I guess.

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Great tips , I often use these unique way's when posting on someone's forum apart from the Justin Bieber lol But we get you Razzy. I own a money forum and I don't hardly use it may sell the domain get a lot of spammers on there of recent and sick warning members and deleting .

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Controversial topics always work like magic at all count, people are always interested in topics that looks or sound unusual so the different topics on it counts a lot. Again,topics on how's seem like a hot cake everywhere people are always eager to know how things are done and a blogger can't go wrong with such topics.

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I agree with method 2 and 3. But I don't agree with method 1 since most forms are now specialized around certain topics and ain't fair when someone new come along and creates 50 new topics in the Lounge and also responds to every single thread in there just to raise his post count.

This is especially annoying when the user also puts a link in his signature. Overall I've noticed that niched based forums don't add the Lounge posts into the total post count, a good thing if you ask me.

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I agree with number 3 tip. Most people are keen to read on how-to articles since majority are keen to learn online without forking out money to attend courses or employ someone to fix the daily problems.

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I get a lot of people trying to spam my forum for post counts. And I won't hesitate to delete their posts and kick them off my from. I am not a tyrant, but if someone doesn't care enough to take the time and make quality posts, then they obviously don't deserve to be on my forum. Because those types of posts is what kills a from in the short term and long term. People on your forum will not take your forum seriously and the same can be said about someone viewing your forum for the first time. If someone comes to your forum and sees nothing but spam they are going to bounce right away.

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I have noticed that some forum members are posting only on the lounge board or the general discussion. My take on that is that they want to enjoy the forum hence they are not posting on some serious topics. That also applies to the entertainment board where you can talk about movies and music. Sometimes I read complaints of some forum owners that their members do not post on serious matters that are directly related to the niche. Well, maybe they have to realize that forum members are people too and it’s not work all the time.

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