Error message as spam

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Error message as spam

When i try to answer to the offers i have this message :
This message was detected as spam. You could be using a URL or a Word which has been flagged as spam previously. If you were recently sending mass messages, your account may have been restricted.

What can i do ?
Thanks very much


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This is not something I have experienced myself so this is new to me however it sounds like either a url or word you are using when answering the offers may have been flagged in the past as spam and so in which case it's preventing you from using them.

I would contact SEOClerks themselves, you can do so using the following email address

I am sure they will be able to help you with your problem and assist you further. I hope you get sorted soon!

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Better to email and explain them everything you are facing.

All the best,

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omelhor are you attaching any link or use any bad words when you are responding to your offers? Are you attaching any files that have a link perhaps?

I would greatly appreciate if you would give us here more details. Maybe a print screen so we can understand better where the problem is? If your problem is detailed enough maybe the support team can fix it.

Thanks in advance.

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Error message as spamPlease help me to fix this error?

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