YT comments service experience

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YT comments service experience

Last month, I got an order of 100+ comments for Youtube. It was a very easy job and for 100 comments it usually takes less than a day to complete. But it took me over 2 weeks, That’s right!

In the beginning, it was okay the comments were related to the video and few of my users they've actually seen the whole video, they were commenting by mentioning the length of the video, for an instance, @2:00 blah blah blah. And also, the channel admin was responding to the comments, I was on cloud 9! The video was interesting and not boring, so the viewers had fun watching it, it was about 8-year-old kids playing soccer.

The order was 70% complete on the same day of the order, from the second day onwards it declined to around 40% and the game continued since then, someday it will be around 60 comments, and the next it would be in the range of 30 to 40 comments.

The problems that I think have occurred during the order:-
1) The comments were being removed.
2) Large some of comments were in the spam folder
3) The buyer was not approving the comment
4) Or the buyer didn’t know how to
5) Not responsive buyer, I have sent this particular buyer message almost every day, I can see the buyer’s profile “last seen” it was constant. But still, the buyer wouldn’t reply.

The comments were very polite, even my own comment vanished after a day.

So, one day she just replied me by saying “Some of the comments have gone directly into the spam folder by YouTube”. I also understand that it may take some time In order for her to be able to approve those comments in the spam folder, including mine. But until today, she didn’t respond to my messages I sent her after.


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Sounds like you really did have a hard time completing this order Optimism. There is nothing worse when someone orders something and then prevents you somehow from completing that order. I can fully understand your frustration when it came to this order if your usual time is a day and it took you two weeks. It makes no sense to me why people order if they are not going to co-operate or pay attention when the order is being completed. It not only takes longer for them to get their comments but it also wastes your time as well when you could be working on an order with a buyer who does co-operate.

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I have had bad experience with buying YouTube comments as most the time you get silly little comments like asasdasf asasasda safsasaf just aload of gibberish you ask me . I would never comment anything like that on anyones work .

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Learn to priorities and don't offer services that take to much time and you aren't earning enough with. Time is money for any freelance and we have to learn to think of time in terms of money.
I, for example, know very well how much 1 hour is worth to me if a service I offer doesn't produce that specific amount of money, I drop that services and try something else, same for difficult clients that just waste my time for no particular reason. I just drop them and move on to the next client, on the long run I'm earning more because I'm optimizing my time.

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I didn’t know that you can buy comments to Youtube. Our Youtube channel is actually wanting in subscribers but we are afraid of buying because of what I had read in several discussions that those subscribers are bogus. To be honest, I have no idea about the bogus subscriber but that was a good caution to me. Back to the comments, I guess that’s a neat way of having more contents to the videos.

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