language barrier in the workplace

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language barrier in the workplace

Just recently I have finished an order related to YouTube from a buyer whose language I am not familiar with. Usually, I give my buyers a lot of perks with the service purchased, but in this case, I asked the buyer if he or she has any particular comments in mind, that he or she might want, my sets of users to input but NO RESPONSE.

In this case, I have no options but to let my users view the full video each time, so that they know what this video is about, cause once they’re clear of it, it is much more convenient for them to provide genuine comments related to the video, instead of the comments that may look the bot comments.

A little description of the video, it was of less than 2 minutes', actually it's just the audio, no pictures, no animations, nothing, but the sound of instruments playing in the background. Believe it or not , in such case it is really difficult to comment on the basis of just sound, cause not all may have the knowledge of music.

Some of my viewers asked about the instruments being played in the comments and most of the responses made were in some native language and I think my viewers, they’re not aware of the language used that's why they didn't respond to the replies made on the comment, I think it’s either Japanese or Korean.

On top of the that, he bought multiple services from other buyers as well, So when too many buyers are working on 1 video, is it really difficult to give a correct number, what you've promised.

But nevertheless, it turned out to be pretty good at the end,the buyer gave me a positive rating for my work, although I wasn’t expecting any.

For me, positive ratings and recommendations means more than$.


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I have on so many occasions come across buyers who are not able to speak English fluently, this makes it super difficult to be able to complete the order up to the standard you offer I feel because it's hard to understand them. I have in the past messaged buyers who have bought from me to ask them questions regarding their order but often I do not feel they understand me and that results in me getting no reply and having to do my best with the information I have,

I do believe that there should be some kind of language barrier in the workplace, we don't want to feel like we are pushing people out because their English isn't that great but in some cases that may happen which is why barriers are needed in the workplace to prevent any kind of problems arising. Maybe if the buyers made an attempt to reply back as best they could and made an attempt to understand your questions it would be a lot better than being ignored.

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Thoigh English is spoken by more Americans than all other languages combined, many businesses may staff workers who have a limited or halting grasp of English. This can cause lapses in productivity when co-workers cannot communicate or when a worker cannot tell their manager about a particular problem. Many employers say that they would hire more immigrants if it weren't for the language barriers in the workplace.

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I have also experienced language barrier but not in the internet. A consultant arrived in the office and I was tasked to take care of her orientation short of saying I will act as the tourist guide for a week. Unfortunately, the consultant was not good in English and sometimes we had to resort to drawing what we wanted to say. It was good if there was the translator software but at that time, I don’t remember Google was already there. Anyway, the communication went smoothly as days passed because she would be very careful with her statements that sometimes were confusing.

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