Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect

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Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect

When becoming an online entrepreneur you can think it's an easy road but sometimes there are battles you need to overcome. Being an online entrepreneur isn't all money and women (or men) by your side, it's a tough struggle since you're becoming your own business entity. The struggle is real when it comes to being an entrepreneur, but you can do it Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect

Time Management:
When working for yourself you always have to remember that no one will tell you what to do and when to do it. You need to be very diligent when it comes to time management since you're the boss. Write down a week to week schedule for yourself like you're in charge of writing one for your employees. Be sure to follow the schedule and stick with it so that you never fall behind. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have great time management skills, or you need to hire someone to do it for you if possible.

Having a secretary keep track of your schedule for you is best if you're horrible at time management, but it's not in everyones budget to do this. It would be nice to have a secretary, but in the beginning you'll need to push yourself to follow your own schedule until you can get successful enough to hire someone Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect

Being the best:
You need to try and be the best in your niche. If you're only second best you'll always get people asking you "Why should I go with you instead of (your competition here)". Strive to be the best in your niche and if you are doing it long enough, and good enough, you'll eventually become one of the top dogs in your niche and everyone will be talking about you. When people are praising you online without you asking them to, you've started to become king Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect

Have you ever heard of "fake it til you make it"? Well that works in most cases and you'll never know if it works for you unless you try. Plenty of times I've come across people saying that they're the top affiliate or they get the most sales and make more money than anyone else in the niche, but that's not always true. I actually came across an affiliate who kept trying to sell me a program, which I'm an affiliate of, and he was telling me that he's the top salesman of this product. I knew for a fact that he wasn't the top salesman since my friend owned the system and told me he had about 50% of the leads that I had Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect This is a case of "fake it til you make it" because he was telling everyone he was the best and he didn't even know if it was true Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect

Being unique:
You'll need to be unique when it comes to being a successful online entrepreneur since there are so many people doing the same thing in various niches. If you're pushing the same product as hundreds of other people, you'll need to figure out an angle to get the most exposure.

If you have your own product or service how do you stand out from the others? Can you improve on an existing system or product that allows you to be unique or are you just spinning your words better than your competition, it's all up to you. Making a product is pretty difficult but has enormous value if you can fill a void in a niche.

Customers aren't always right
Now you'll always hear "the customer is always right" but that's a bunch of bullsh*t. I've come across plenty of clients that think they are right but they're actually being pretty dumb. They read everything I was selling and agreed to my terms but after a few months I get complaints that they aren't making an extra $1,000 from my SEO services. Now I can say "Well you're right, you should be making more money and have #1 rankings for all of your keywords!" or I can tell them the truth and say "Well, SEO takes time and there was no guarantee that you would be ranked #1 for all your keywords". Some of them will come back and claim that I gave a guarantee, but I never give them guaranteed #1 rankings for everything. Sometimes this ends in a chargeback, but most of the time they're under a contract and this only ends bad for them.

In Conclusion:
Being your own boss is a tough thing to do and it's not for everyone. If you have thick skin in order to deal with rude clients and also can keep on schedule, you may be cut out for this type of job Becoming an online entrepreneur - What to expect Be unique and be the best at something and you'll be able to make it after a while, and if you don't, learn from your mistakes.

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Can I be partially cut off for the jobs? haha. Because this is what I feel I am, a part online entrepreneur with my own websites, products and freelance services and part full-time employee.
Its hard to keep both balanced but I find that I'm better doing both at the same time than doing just one because I did had a full-time job and did no freelancing for a time and I used to be miserable and earn mediocre.
I also used to be a full-time freelancer, I was even more miserable!

The best choice for me is to do both. I feel great, I earn a decent living and I'm also evolving on both fronts. I'm sure that at one point I may have to choose one path over the other, but I'm not scared anymore and whatever the choice will be I'm sure I'm going to do a great job.

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I think the last part of getting chargeback is so true. I stopped SEO services and Kindle services for same reason. I was offering the backlink posting service. And got out of it because apart from posting they wanted gurantee of things to be working. And that's something I never found out how to achieve. I was just a VA who used to give the option of the link building. And same happened with the Kindle services. So I am not offering those services anymore.

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These tips are really helpful. However, I am struggling with time management, being best and being unique. I am engaged with so many things, which is making me hard to make a priority list. You don't succeed overnight, becoming an online entrepreneur is a hard work, you need patience and dedication. I am more focused on short time benefits because I need money to get going.

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In any kind of business, time management is very important. There is a doughnut outlet here that is very noticeable with the slow service. As per my observation, the lines were always long simply because the attendants are not aware of time management. They are doing things with a lot of waiting. Maybe it is the method that is wrong but still, time management is on the focus when it comes to customer service.

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