What would the world be like if search engines didn't exist

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What would the world be like if search engines didn't exist

What do you think the world would be like without search engines? Whenever we do something and we need some quick information we are already going to grab our phones in order to "Google It". We have search engines at our finger tips and it's a huge convince for everyday life. People are getting so use to having devices in their hands at the ready for a quick search, but what if we couldn't?

What if they didn't exist
If search engines didn't exist we would have a much more difficult time trying to figure something out. We would have libraries in our homes filled with educational books and not just Harry Potter lol. We would have to reference our in home library in order to get the quickest answers to our questions. I'm sure that people would even make a game out of it like "Find the answer in the library" and you'd be timed to see how long it took you to find the right book with what you needed.

If the search engines didn't exist we would have to rely on alternatives like facebook or reddit in order to get our information. This would never work out since anyone can post on these platforms and not everyone is trustworthy. There are these things called internet trolls who's only goals are to piss off or make someone look dumb. By giving these trolls complete freedom to spread their own fake news we wouldn't know what was true and was was rubbish.

We could use news websites as alternatives, but again we wouldn't know what was accurate since it could still be fabricated in order to turn the masses against a certain person or organization. A lot of people say this is what's happening already in todays world, which makes sense a lot of times.

Big companies would need to spend even more money on advertising since they wouldn't be able to use Adwords or Bing Ads. If you wanted to get big in a short amount of time you would need to run newspaper ads, billboard ads, send out flyers, cold call potential customers and send out flyers. The small business owner would have a bigger problem when it comes to making money because they wouldn't be able to get the word out about themselves as easy as it is now. Today you can pay $0.10 a click and get someone to your website, but if the search engines didn't exist you would have to fight the big corporations for those billboard spots or newspaper ads What would the world be like if search engines didn

If the search engines didn't exist, do you think people would be dumber because of it? So many times I've pulled out my phone in order to get the answer to my question and I've become smarter because of it. I'm saving time because I can get the answer by just typing my question into Google, but what if we couldn't do that? We would have to say we didn't know what the answer was or bullsh*t our way through the answer until people believed us lol. I actually know people who will still try to bullsh*t their way through an answer just to sound smart and usually they can explain themselves well enough that others will believe them lol.

The level of intelligence probably wouldn't be as high since the speed of learning is much quicker because of the search engines. We can read up on dozens of topics without leaving our couch compared to going to a library and getting 12 different books to look through and read. The outcome is the same, but with search engines you can just type in what you need and not have to search through a book for an exact topic or answer.

In conclusion:
If we didn't have search engines I think that everything would be a lot slower and people possibly wouldn't be as smart, but that's just an hypothesis since they do exist. Small mom and pop shops would have a tougher time making money since they'd have to fight big corporations for limited advertising spots. I'm actually pretty happy that there are search engines even though they keep messing with my rankings lol.

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I don't think I could imagine a world with no search engines now. It's hard to believe that years ago I used to get on with just about any task without the need of a search engine but as soon as search engines were more established I turn to them all the time now.

If we had search engines taken away from us now I can only imagine how people would react, they would definitely miss being able to search for simple things to help with say homework or even tasks at home. I tend to use Google search a lot even for the simplest of things like checking the weather for that day and without a search engine I would lose that.

It would be interesting to lose search engines just for one day to experience how people would react.

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Well, the alternatives won't be possible since search engines won't exist, that mean neither the search engine of Facebook will be present.
But overall that would be a very miserable place. Do you remember the website directories back in the day? Those were used to organize the web before search engines were born.
People had to manually organize the whole wide web. Truth be told there weren't that many websites, I think that could be an impossible task today though.

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You know, believe it or not, I was just talking to my friend about this the other day. He's in no way PC savvy, he thinks the Internet is Facebook! NO! lol. It's not, that's just one website on the Internet of millions of websites. And I ask him where he does most of his searches to online when he needs to find something or know something and he said, well Google of course. So I said, okay, what if Google or any other search engine didn't exist, how would we be able to find things then? His reply was, well I'd probably just use Facebook! I somehow think he's trying to play smart with me but it's not more unusual the the typical banter we share!

And what if Google didn't exist? What if there was no search engines? How else would we be able to find out about stuff? How would we do any research at all for that matter? My point was, that we rely so heavily on them to get around, to find out stuff, that if you was to take them away, it would have a massive role in just how "intelligent" people are today. In fact, so much so, that it's because of search engines, (like you have said) that people are able to find these answers to their questions and get clued up on stuff. Without them, we would all really be just fumbling and stumbling around in the dark!

Now back in the day, before Google was even a coined name. Before the Internet even really existed on the scale it does today. I'm talking, back in the early 80's, we never had Google back then. Back then our Internet was the Encyclopedia Britannica. That was OUR Internet. That was our resource for finding out about things. From everything A-Z they had put in it. And for most parts, I learned a lot from the Encyclopedia Britannica set that we used to have. Given, all the books combined weighed more than a small car lol. But that was how we used to find out about things through those.

And if search engines stopped working, or just disappeared and could never be again. They would no doubt be the way that people would find out about stuff. Although, you can now visit them online at and just do a search for something and then start looking and reading and learning that way. But why would I do that when I can just use Google? lol What would the world be like if search engines didn

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The proliferation of social media sites would have make things easier. We would be sharing sites links like movie tickets. But it will be very much difficult because right now what you need is almost a single word to what you are looking for and you'll have suggestions from the search engines. Imagine if you have to navigate from one site to another, one page to another looking for something as to now that you'll links to the content directly. Gosh!

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I am trying to recall the olden days when an executive of our bank called us to inquire if we have a data for a particular American bank. There was already the internet but the word search engine was not coined yet. We had a difficult time trying to find information on that particular foreign bank and we failed. But now, it is easy to find almost anything with the use of search engines. What more, you can use your smart phone for that so it’s like the entire information highway is on the tip of your fingers.

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