A few things you should know about making money online

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A few things you should know about making money online

Making money online is what every internet marketer is trying to achieve. When I started out, all I wanted to do what make a few extra bucks online so I could save it and possibly go on a vacation or something, but I got pulled in and never looked back lol. When you're putting up websites in order to make $1 or $100 a day it will take time and it's not exactly easy. You'll need to learn a lot of things in order to be successful and make enough money to go online full time.

A few things to think about

It's not easy:
Trying to make money online is not easy by any means. You will be working long hours in order to make $0.50 a day and it can be pretty discouraging. When I started out I had $50 and a free website that took me 2 weeks to set up. My website looked horrible and I thought it was great because it was mine A few things you should know about making money online I used the $50 for advertising on Adwords for 5 days at $10 a day and didn't make any money. I quickly found out that my website wasn't optimized and I wasn't making sales because of it. My content was pretty garbage and my images were huge compared to everything else on the website.

I began reading online forums and "How To's" and started making tweaks to my website in order to possibly make a sale here and there. After my first few waves of edits and a few weeks down the road I started to make a sale here and there. After I started getting sales I realized that it wasn't even my website, it was the keywords I was targeting for my PPC campaigns (facepalm here). But I'm glad now that I started learning ways to optimize a website because it set me on the path I'm on today A few things you should know about making money online

It takes time:
When you're working online it will take a lot of time in order to be successful. You won't strike it rich by purchasing an ebook titled "How to make $10,000 in a week!" because there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who also purchased that book and are implementing those same ideas word for word. You will need to learn over time, like we all did, and this could take years of your time. I never hit more than $100 profit in a day for at least my first 3 years :'( it was a tough journey but now I make a full time income doing what I love A few things you should know about making money online

Think of it as your college education if you're not actually going to school for online marketing. You're investing your own time and money to learn a skill that will make you money, just like college lol.

Don't quit your job
Various times over the past few years I've seen people posting on open marketing forums saying how they're going to quit their jobs because their online careers are beginning to work out. They were making more money at their day jobs but they saw with their online set ups and figured that it would keep going up, which doesn't always happen. A lot of times a method will tank after a short time and now that person has no job and very little start up money from their previous method.

Stick with your day job until you're making twice as much money online. This will mean that if your online method begins to slow down you're savings can be used to invest in a new method or income stream. A lot of people will tell you to quit when you're making a little more than your day job, but play it safe and keep your job until you can safely quit.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket
You've all heard it I'm positive that there are a lot of you reading this that will say "Pft, my method makes me plenty of money and I don't need to make second sources of income" but that's just your ego playing with you. Sit down and tell yourself that you need multiple sources of income because if your main one dies you'll be screwed. Having multiple streams will ensure that you don't go broke if your main income stream goes down the drain. I've been in this position when I was pushing a website through adwords and then my account was banned. My traffic tanked because I hadn't been focusing on SEO or other forms of marketing and relied on my adwords traffic.

You will fail
A lot of people don't think they will fail because their idea is so unique that it will make them loads of money. They invest tons of time and money into their idea for it to only fail as quick as their idea generated. If you can't get back up after you fail time and time again you'll never make it online. I was lucky when I only failed on my first few ideas and finally started making money. Now I was working 60 hours a week and working online part time, so you can probably invest more time into working online than I did at the beginning. Learn from your failures and use them as stepping stones to success A few things you should know about making money online

In Conclusion:
It's not easy working online for yourself so you'll need to be diligent when it comes to time management. When you fail, and you will, get back up and keep on going. You will need to accept your failures and learn from them before you are super successful with your methods.

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This is great advice Razzy, one thing you mentioned which was it takes time, that is very true. I can't even begin to count how many times someone I knew who started making money online thought they would make hundreds over night and then were disappointed when that never happened, as you can imagine because they didn't make that much over night they gave up and that was another mistake they made, giving up instead of sticking at it and giving it their best.

There will be times you will fail, I agree however you don't know unless you stick at it and try. You get knocked down? Pull yourself up again and try again.

It's all about patience and time, if you have the patience and you put in the time eventually you will succeed.

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It's not easy, although, sometimes you do get lucky! But only if you do your homework and research first. Some people are able to "tap into" something without much difficulty. But usually, 9 times out of 10, those are the same people that have tried and failed at a lot of stuff before! And with failure comes experience, and experience always wins the day doesn't it? But it does take time, it's hard to drive that message home to people in this generation. In a generation that's all about "instant gratification". A generation that doesn't want it next week, next month or next year, they want it here and now no matter what! I can only shake my head at such people and wonder whether they'll ever truly be able to appreciate what it means to be "patient".

But everything you've said is bang on the nail. Or bang on the money as they say. In that you shouldn't quit your day job. You may need it for a bit longer than you think. In that, you need to put the time and work into it. And in that you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, put your fingers into other pies. Because when it comes to making money online, it's all about setting up multiple revenue streams. Not just one. But as many as possible! And with so many different things to try and get into, there really is no limit to how many pies you can stick your fingers into! A few things you should know about making money online

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I've been sticking my fingers into so many pies for the past three years and you really can't say what's enough because they could all go down at the same time anytime, most of them without due notice. Making money online is tough. There's no such thing as day off or holidays, not when you're chasing after an amount that you would have been earning easily in a day job. I can keep at it or go back to the job market. I choose to give it another year while I'm working on my portfolio. An offline business is what's keeping our household finances afloat, but even that could face extinction so I'd really want to go into as many income streams as possible.

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I have a full time job at present and my freelancing in the internet is just part time although I consider it only as a hobby. Don’t make the mistake of quitting your job in favor of freelancing for you might go hungry. I have been into it for 3 years now and I still don’t see a prospect of earning my livelihood from my online work. Maybe I have to work more than 12 hours in a day? That is a tedious job and I would probably quit within one week. I hope that when I retire, online earnings will be bigger that can afford me to live comfortably.

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Every point you have mentioned is true.
I wouldn't encourage anyone to quit their real life job for online jobs but it is a personal choice.

Personally, I find earning online to be better than sitting idle especially for someone with no job.

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Well stated, I will add that we should desist from listening to bogus stories from scammers that have not really made a dime online. They will come with tales of making easy money online. We should totally ignore them and work smart to make our money online.

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