Block Feature suggest ? And Delete button in inbox

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Block Feature suggest ? And Delete button in inbox

I am here with a suggestion to seoclerks I mentioned this earlier on a reply to someones discussion regarding spammy WTB. This I would love to suggest to seoclerks that we get an option to block certain messages as from time to time I get spammy messages telling me to buy backlinks or other services. I don't think it is right for other members to message you telling you or asking you to buy there services . Its everyday now and it is getting annoying I am ignoring them but if I wanted these services I would look for them and buy them.

I get that they want business on here some times I want few sales but I don't go around messaging members telling them to buy from me . It is like if I buy a service from a member on here and when I leave feedback for them member I get messages from other members telling me to buy from them. I recently only buy when I need to on here lately and only a few members I use but like I said if I want backlinks I will search for backlinks and buy them from marketplace not through inbox. So this is why I would like to suggest please " A block button" .

I want to also mention if it is possible can we also have a delete button as I have a lot of spammy messages which I cannot delete so this would come in handy and make inbox look a lot tidy.


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These are real pain for clients.
I agree with you.

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Yeah, some are messaging like this. If they want some attention why not follow the buyer.
If buyer by chance visits their profile and checks out good service, they may try.
As a seller I don't prefer disturbing any buyer, to force sell them my services.

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Yes! I have on a few occasions had spammy messages sent to my inbox asking me to purchase a service or asking me to go to a certain link and I find them very annoying indeed, there is just no need for the spammy messages if I am honest and a lot of the time all they do is take up space in your inbox leaving you getting confused when you need to check through messages in your inbox. Being able to block these spammy messages would be amazing!

As for the delete button I can not agree more! The spammy messages I get on the odd occasion end up staying in my inbox and clogging it up, being able to delete them will help me to keep the important messages available and easier for me to access.

Great suggestions!

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Its getting soo annoying now just had a few more messages offering points to me for a like site ... oh well you get them lol.
Wonder if they would like it if we started messaging them saying " hey dude buy my service" anyway thank you all for your great replies much appreciated. And Hope your all having a fab weekend so far.

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You can always report them for it. From within the message itself. I get them all the time too. Especially after creating a WTB. I'll get people send me a message and saying to buy their service please sir and stuff like that. And sometimes it does get rather old and pointless. Like, if you want me to buy it, just place your bid and if I need to I will. But sometimes some people keep sending me the same messages. Like if I don't reply to them they'll send me a message again saying hello sir why you not respond? Why you not buy sir and stuff like that. It's mainly because I've already found a buyer but I don't want to hurt their feelings and say that to them. I know these are just normal everyday people just trying to make money and put food on the table. And that I can understand and respect. But sometimes, they'll keep messaging me and it's then that I'll reply and tell them look, please stop messaging me, I've already got what I need now but if I need it I'll purchase. And to please stop messaging me or I'll report you. And why shouldn't I say that when they are wasting up my time by sending me multiple messages? I do hardly ever report people for this as they usually get the message when I don't respond after about the 2nd or 3rd message lol. But if you are getting annoyed with it and think it's unsolicited, you can always report them by clicking the report button. Staff will see this report and then look at their account and if they see they've been doing it a lot, will remove their messaging ability for a while. That can make things a bit lighter and mean they don't go on to annoy other people so much to the point of having to report them too. Block Feature suggest ? And Delete button in inbox

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