How working online can keep you healthier

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How working online can keep you healthier

Whenever someone talks about working online, they never talk about the health benefits of it. Working online can actually make you healthier in most cases because you aren't mingling with the population and contracting the dreaded rhino virus. Reducing the chances of bringing home a bug will always result in you being healthier when it comes to working online. I know that when I started working online full time it was like night and day because I didn't have to leave my house all the time for work and talk to strangers lol.

1) Reduces the chances of a cold
Working online will always reduce the chances of getting a cold because you can talk to people via Skype, Discord, Text or Phone Call to coordinate everything. There have been numerous times when I've talked to someone over the phone or done a Skype chat because they weren't feeling good, and luckily I try to have conversations this way because it reduces my chances How working online can keep you healthier

Since you're working online you don't have to go out to your 9 to 5 job and be around hundreds of strangers. Being around all of these people will just increase your chances of catching the cold or flu since you're usually in close proximity of them. When I say "close proximity" I'm not talking about hugging every single person. You can catch a cold from someone who sneezes on their hand then holds a hand rail to balance themselves as they walk down a flight of stairs and then you do the same. The rhino virus (common cold) lives for a while on surfaces and can be transferred extremely easy, the same with the flu.

Now you could be agoraphobic (fear of being outside) which would work well for any online marketer since you don't have to leave the house lol. This is an extremely rare case since a lot of people don't have this condition, but it would help you out in some ways of staying healthier while working online.

2) Controlling what food is in your house
So many times when I worked the normal 9 to 5 I would go out to lunch with coworkers and it was never the healthiest of lunches or dinners. We would always have to settle on where to go and usually it was a bar that sold food as well. This means that we usually had something fried when we ate and we all know that frying your food isn't the healthiest of options. When you're at home you can control what is in your refrigerator since it's YOUR HOUSE lol. You don't have to settle when it comes to deciding where to eat since you're already at your own restaurant and can put together whatever you want. This could backfire on you easily since you will need self control in order to stay healthy. If you have a sweet tooth it wouldn't be a good idea to have a bowl of M&M's on the table in front of you as you work. You will normally go through a good portion of the bowl when working and not even realize it. Put a bowl of fruit in your work area whether it be on your table or desk and you will usually opt for that instead of sweets in the kitchen, I'm speaking from experience on this one lol.

3) Working out during the day
Me and my girlfriend work out all the time, some would say too much lol. I tend to go less than she does because I don't like hanging out with random strangers who sweat next to me on the treadmill ugh! When I do go with her I like leaving about 2 hours before my little girl gets out of school, around Noon. I do this because usually there's no one at the gym since anyone who works a 9 to 5 will either be at work or out to lunch if it's their day off and also because anyone who does have the day off is usually getting ready to pick up their kids from school. I don't care if I work out and then go right to my little girls school to pick her up without showering, probably because there's no shame in my game! If you think about it, most people will give themselves enough time to work out and then shower in order to be fresh and clean when they pick up their kids, not me, I don't mind showering after we pick her up lol. By setting my work out schedule like this I'm not having to fight for machines, I reduce my chances of catching a cold since there's usually no one at the gym at this time and I'm less stressful because I don't have a large man next to me burning up a sweat on the treadmill ugh.

4) Much Less Stress
Whenever I worked a 9 to 5 I was always stressed out because of the deadlines. If you've ever worked for a company like McDonalds you know my pain lol. You have to churn out finished work every 30 seconds for 8 hours and then you get to go home. It's extremely draining even through you're not doing much at all. Having these deadlines over and over is extremely stressful because if you screw up just one time you're set back a while and have to speed up the process which will increase your chances of screwing up. Having to speed up an already quick process will just stress you out even more, which sucks.

You always have to please someone when working a 9 to 5. You always have a boss, a manager, a captain, etc. and they all tell you to do your job a different way. I had 4 bosses when I worked at a golf course in 2002 and each one would tell me to do something different while I was currently trying to finish something up. I would always have to say "I can get to that when I finish what (insert boss's name) asked me to do" and that was never a good enough answer since Boss 1 didn't want to hear that I was finishing something for Boss 2 and Boss 1 had to wait for their request to be worked on. I was one of the best employees at this place so they all came to me for what they needed done but they never wanted to hear that I was busy doing something already, I couldn't please them all which was stressful. Since I could please them 25% of the time it just deteriorated my moral at the job overtime because I would constantly get asked to do something and I began to just say "No, I have to finish this first. I can help you out if I have time, but I don't know if I can". Ugh, I loved and hated that job at the same time lol.

5) Never Overworked
Whenever I'm working online I never feel like I'm overworked. I work for myself so I see each website as a task that I need to finish and if I finish a task I can usually get paid for it. So when you work online you should see your accomplishments as payments but not get worried if they don't bring in the profits you expected. If I stay up late at night working on a new website or SEO campaign I know I can take a nap the next day because I work from home. If I'm ever in this position I'll take my little girl to school then come home and take a nap til around 10am just to be ready to work from the time I wake up til around 2:15 when I leave to go pick her up How working online can keep you healthier After that I come home and keep working while she plays with her friends, does homework, or reads.

Since I'm my own boss I see every website as a project without a deadline that has to be answered for. I can take 1 week or 1 month to get something set up and perfected and not answer to someone leaning over my shoulder asking me when it will be finished. If my passive income is stable, I usually slow down and smell the roses in terms of hanging out with my daughter and going out bowling or watching a movie. In the beginning when I started working online I would be online for 16 hours a day, but I've been doing this for a while and I've learned that working a little less makes me a happier person even if I were to work 16 hours and make an extra $100 How working online can keep you healthier

6) Never Rushed
Whenever I'm doing something for myself I never feel rushed since I'm sort of a perfectionist. Not being rushed will lower your blood pressure and make you a more calm person, which lowers the risk of heard attacks. Like I said above, it could take me 1 week or 1 month, it just depends on how much detail I put into something lol. I don't have deadlines, also mentioned above, which is amazing since I am my own boss and can finish work when I want to.

One thing that #6 may not fit with is if you're a freelancer selling a service. You will always have a deadline and some of your clients will treat you like an employee. They will expect you to perform at your absolute best level on their projects, which will seem like you're always being pushed to finish something.

In Conclusion:
if you're working online you don't really have to leave the house if you don't want to. Hell, you could even have healthy food delivered to your house and that would mean you don't have to regulate what's in your fridge How working online can keep you healthier Eating fruit is always better than a bowl of M&M's, but that's obvious. You will reduce your stress level which will also reduce your blood pressure at the same time. Working from home as an online marketer will always make you healthier if you have some self control. It's always up to you whether you want to be healthy or not, you're an adult so you can make these decisions on your own How working online can keep you healthier

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This is a great post Razzy and it is so true! You do end up being healthier working online that you would do going out to work. Going out to work usually results in you ending up eating something out as well which is never overly healthy plus you tend to have to sit around most of the day working rather than getting up and moving around. Being at home you can control what you eat and make what you eat healthier, you can also get up and walk about taking regular breaks throughout the day when working at home meaning you are more active which aids a healthy lifestyle mixed with healthy eating.

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I agree with this Razzy. Working from home definitely has more health benefits than working outside. You determine your work hours, you escape long traffic headaches, you get to eat healthy (office take always always a killer), and you generally are able to save more money. The only thing I would add is freelancers who work from home must ensure they have a form of exercise strategy. Whether its morning walks, jogs or swimming. Working from home means you spend a lot of time indoors and usually sitting down for long periods, so there's not a lot of movement involved.

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I definitely have to agree to this. Working at home means that you can work at your own pace without having someone on your back meaning less stress. Also, you do not have to rush to work and get stuck in the traffic jam. You will also have more time to exercise and it is true that there are less chances for you to catch those contagious diseases. When you work outside the home you will also have the tendency to spend more and also buy fast foods which are unhealthy.

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I agree with these points. However, there are also drawbacks associated with working online. You will have back and shoulder problems (because you are sitting at the computer all the time). You are likely to experience vision problem (since you stare on the computer all the time).
You may also gain weight because you are likely to snack too much.

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I am glad to learn about the benefits of working online. Being able to have a social life and maintain relationships while still having an online job is truly a blessing.

I also like the flexibility and being able to work at my own time.

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Oh, oh, I think this is an opposite of what I have in mind. I know that it is more comfortable and convenient when you are working at home instead of going to the office but with me, I don’t think it is healthier to be working online. I tend to eat a lot when I am at home and doing my freelancing that if I will go full time in my freelancing work then I may become obese. You have to agree that it’s nice to eat when you are in front of the computer.

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